Artist Leaves His Kids Adorably Drawn Art As Notes Inside Their Lunchbox

When you love to do something, you tend to it daily, and Andre Guerra of Bend, Oregon found a way to combine his love for art, with the love for his kids.

Inspired by grade-school lunchbox notes from his mother, Guerra decided to do something similar, but with an artistic twist, as he draws cartoon characters to place in his kids’ lunches, according to Viral Nova.

Guerra’s Instagram bio says, “I love to draw fun shit for my kids, creepy shit for myself, realism shit for my wife,” so while his feed is filled with an array of various art, his colorful lunchbox drawings (Mostly Super Mario related) stick out like a sore thumb of happiness.

Sometimes the drawings will be nothing more than just the cartoon, with a little signature that says, “love mom and dad. “But a lot of times he’ll incorporate nice little reminders, like, “Keepa sharp mind,” and “Always do your best.”

It’s obviously adorable, and these kids will have an amazing piece of art in their hands that they can appreciate for the rest of their lives.

Below, check out the cute notes Guerra has posted:

Humble Beginnings

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Mario Knows Best

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Frankenstein Isn’t Such A Monster

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Lunch-Invading Goomba

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Lunch is Awesome

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Shocking Lunch

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Child Accidentally Brings Vodka To School In Epic Lunchbox Fail

We’ve all had those days where we’re in a rush to get ready and make mistakes as a result.

This mistake ended up being a truly hilarious one.

In the rush to get ready to take her daughter to school, an unnamed mom for Queensland, Australia had her five-year-old daughter pick a frozen juice pouch to pack into her lunchbox for school. However, she forgot that there were also frozen pouches of Smirnoff-infused raspberry sorbet in the freezer. As luck would have it, the daughter ended up picking a pouch of the vodka dessert instead of actual juice.

According to the Daily Mail, the woman wrote a post on Facebook about the comical mishap, which she didn’t discover until the child’s teacher called her regarding the Smirnoff.

“Made for a very interesting phone call from the teacher. I apologised for not sending enough for the teachers and they just laughed, thankfully!”

At least the five-year-old didn’t end up consuming the alcohol-infused sorbet. Can you imagine having to deal with a child that’s high on sugar and buzzed on vodka? Yikes.


This Camera is Shaped Like a Juice Box


High-tech cameras are going retro. Camera geeks can “go old school” with these toy cameras that look like little juice boxes. Because sometimes twenty-something hipsters want to pretend they’re small children too. Not creepy.

The Juice Box camera works like a Lomo or Diana camera (you know, the retro cameras a la Urban Outfitters).  It uses 35 mm film and comes in whatever “flavor” suits your mood. There are many different options, but they mostly fall into one of two themes: French cartoons or Ikea-inspired Swiss minimalism.


A fun part of the camera features a nifty on/off button.  You turn the “straw” at the top of the box to reveal the lens, turn it back to close the lens, and can lock the camera so you don’t take photos without film (or when the camera’s tossing around in your lunchbox).


So foodie photographers, would you trade in your Instagrams for a hidden juice box?

Juice Box Camera @Fuuvi


How to fit two sandwiches in one lunchbox



Picthx reddit


Bento Box of Mason Jars Cleverly Separates Wet and Dry Foods


Not-so-secret hipster that I am, I love packing snacks in mason jars. Granola and yogurt, salad and dressing, and mixed nuts and applesauce, are a few of my favorite combos. But what always drove me nuts was ending up with soggy cereal, limp lettuce, and slimy peanuts as a result of everything mixing together.

Thankfully Cuppow has created the BNTO (pronounced ben-toh and named after the simple Japanese compartment boxes) which allows you to separate your wet ingredients from your dry.


Says Cuppow:

Canning jars are designed to store food safely and make an awesome lunchbox: they are easy to clean, cheap, and you can microwave them! The only problem is that sometimes the foods that taste the best together don’t travel well together. So we took inspiration from Japanese bento boxes and created a conveniently shaped insert that separates a canning jar into two compartments so you can mix or dip like a champ.

The reusable plastic cup nestles gently into a filled jar and is sealed with the jar’s cap. It only costs $7.99 and is available on cuppow.

H/T Core 77 + PicThx cuppow


Pimp Your Lunch With The Top 10 Holiday Bento Box Countdown

The end of the year means a lot of things: colder weather, time off school, seasonal coffee cups. More recently, it’s meant making ALL THE HOLIDAY-BASED BENTO BOXES, and these tiny, edible works of art are too good to pass up. Since you can’t really find them hanging in a gallery anywhere, we’ve decided to collect a few of our favorites here. Foodbeast presents the Holiday BentoBox  Countdown.

10. Rudolph, the PB&J reindeer. He’s got a very berry nose. (Get it?)


9. Christmas Ornaments. Way better than that storage box you have.


8. Frosty, the Bagelman.


 7. Starry Night. Oooh, pretty colors.


6. The Hanukkah Box. Like the song, but with more food.


5. Diwali Bento. The lunchbox of light.


4. Pilgrim Bento. The first Thanksgiving, 21st century style.


3. Dradle, Dradle, Dradle, we made you out of cheese.


2. Cornucopia: Thanksgiving-in-a-box.


1. Christmas Tree, how lovely is your broccoli.


Bonus! Happy New Year!


NES Lunchbox

While I’ve yet to catch this item at Hipster novelty and clothing shops in the United States just yet, they’re bound to take note of this amazing lunchbox sooner or later. Made by Etsy user SealCouch, this one-of-a-kind lunchbox was made out of a broken Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), making use of the unit’s shell, an interior lined with vinyl tape and a high quality suitcase handle. Best part about the unit? The front cartridge opening is still intact, allowing you to slip a sandwich or cookie in without having to unlatch the front.