Mac and Cheese Pancakes Might Be The Greatest Breakfast Food Ever


Pancakes have never looked this good.

Sure, there’s bacon pancakes or even those boring chocolate chip studded cakes but have you ever seen a more beautiful creation than the mashup between two classic dishes coming together to become something amazing? Not like this you haven’t.

Created by Misc. Kitchen these Macaroni and Cheese pancakes bring a new twist to a traditional breakfast without going too far out of the breakfast box and into the world of “wtf were you thinking”. Not like a breakfast sandwich on a donut or waffle taco, now those are pretty damn weird.

Since we’re already making pancakes filled with pasta why not throw some bacon in there to get a real party started?

No word on whether it’s socially appropriate to top a stack of these with maple syrup, but if you’re making these chances are you’re gonna do whatever the hell you want with them either way. Might we suggest some Sriracha?

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The Burgerrito is Exactly What it Sounds Like


Food inception is a fairly recent culinary craze that’s got us drooling all over. From Oreo Cookie breaded deep-fried ice cream to Pie Cakes, it’s all deliciously satisfying. But it’s not all sweet stuff, as Food In My Beard‘s Dan proves with his monstrous Burgerrito.


As if burritos aren’t filling enough, this monster creation packs in all the essentials of a burger inside the classic Mexican dish — caramelized onions + rice and beans, a burger patty, Chihuahua cheese, lots of chipotle sauce and guac, all topped with tomato-lettuce salsa and wrapped inside a tortilla. Let that bad boy sink in.

Feast your eyes upon lunchtime perfection.

Picthx The Food In My Beard


Science Says Eating Lunch at Your Desk Makes You Sad, Stressed, and Boring


We’ve all been victims of the dreaded desk lunch: a sad salad, wilted sandwich, or microwave meal eaten mindlessly while staring at a screen.  The lunch break is disappearing and we’re none too pleased about it, especially as a recent study has shown that going out to eat, preferably with a group, resulted in higher relaxation and potentially increased creativity and connection to others.  And yes, the opposite is true for when you take your “break” at your computer to drool over clothes on Pinterest that you’ll never buy.


The German study, published in PLOS ONE, explores the consequences of meal contexts on emotional and cognitive well-being. The 32 subjects were split into two groups, one, which ate alone, and one which ate a leisurely meal in a restaurant with others. After the meals, the researchers tested the subjects for semantic memory and their ability to process emotions in others.  Subjects also filled out questionnaires ranking their mood. The researchers found that more positive moods were reported by the subjects in the social lunch condition.  They also had less cognitive control, which is linked to better perceptual processing, recognition of emotions in others, and creativity.

Don’t end up like  the 65 % of poor saps who eat lunch alone at their desks or don’t eat at all.  When you’re trying to convince your boss that you need a lunch break, tell them it’s been shown that having extra relaxation time can boost your productivity. People with established and socially engaging lunch breaks are clearly getting the better end of the deal.


Need some inspiration? Check out Not Sad Desk Lunch for some ideas of what to make when you do finally take that hour.

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Awesome Dad Creates Fantastical Paper Lunch Bag Art

brown bag art

In the words of Lemongrab, “UNACCEPTABLEEEE!”

It’s totally unacceptable that these lunch bags aren’t available for everyday use. How cool would you have felt as a kid walking into the cafeteria with a lunch bag decked out with your favorite cartoon character? No, not those bulky plastic kinds the “cool” kids had, I’m talking brown bagging it like a boss.


Atlanta-based videogame developer and father, Derek Benson uses oil pastels and sharpies to create these one-of-a-kind lunch bags for his kids. Benson started the  household tradition back in 2008 and even made a tumblr to chronicle his work.

Most parents just leave an embarrassing note taped to their kids’ sandwich but this dad is setting the bar pretty high.  Plus, I’ve got to admit that I’d totally rock these bags at the office.

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Mac n’ Cheese, Fried Chicken & Mashed Potato-Stuffed Burrito [HOT ON INSTAGRAM]


Our latest Hot on Instagram gem comes from @taylorcorner. Apparently, the man is a culinary genius and comes up with the most magnificent dishes during his lunch break.

The “KFC bowl inspired burrito” pictured above is stuffed with “[m]ac’n’cheese, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and corn.” Taylor, we’re seething with jealousy over here. Please tell us you have leftovers sitting in your fridge, never mind that it’s probably weeks old by now. We aren’t picky.

Tag #FOODBEAST in all your food photos. If it’s sexy enough, it just might make our next feature.


‘Sad Desk Lunch’ Reminds Us Why We Still Order Food To-Go

sad lunch

Yes, Monday’s come and gone but tomorrow you’ll be back. Back in your poorly-lit cubicle, eating your leftover “pasta” from a crack-stained piece of Tupperware and trying to remember if that’s the way Alfredo is supposed to taste. But that’s only if you don’t read this article and turn your entire life around right this second. Hurry, there’s no time to waste.

The following photos were compiled by the Sad Desk Lunch tumblr blog, supposedly to remind 9-to-5ers everywhere that almost everyone else is just as miserable as they are. Behold. Bask in your shared culinary blues. Vow never to disrespect your mouth, your office fridge or your stomach so terribly ever again.


“Yogurt: the official food of women across New York City”



“Jesus effing christ, what is this? (I mean, it’s turkey bacon, ginger beer and a Jolly Rancher, obvi) but…”



“It’s five o’clock somewhere, right?”



“Half-eaten fish / Three days old / Sat all morning / In a fridge with mold / Brussel sprouts taste / like oily mush / At least this couch / Is kinda plush”



“A light desk lunch.”



“Any wholesome element of my roasted butternut squash soup was nuked to death in the microwave.”



“Unmicrowaved burrito.”



“My co-worker calls it Paleo. We call it sad in a bag.”



“‘Should be listed on the menu as A Lot of Top Ramen Noodles and Neon Orange Broth for $6.50 instead of Beef Ramen Soup.’

Mmmm.. nothing says love like a 300% markup.”



“Things that look depressing: blatant leftovers; cuttlefish pasta in plastic container that when microwaved will certainly give you cancer.”



“No spoons at the office? Improvise.”





So tomorrow when all your coworkers are complaining about how they’re having the mac and plastic cheese again, will you be there to listen? No, you’ll be down the street, noshing on some good, warm Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos, because somehow spending your precious paycheck is much less depressing than leftovers.

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Pizza Pancakes Are Stacks of Fluffy Savory Wonder

pizza pancakes

We imagine these Pizza Pancakes are fluffy bites of savory wonder. Conjured by Stephanie Parker of Plain Chicken, the breakfast for dinner/lunch recipe was Parker’s way to “keep dinner from getting boring.”

Oh, how we absolutely agree. While Parker’s original recipe calls for pepperoni, sausage and mushrooms, we suggest taking it up a notch and throwing in chunks of candied bacon, pulled pork and smoked Gouda.

With a side of OJ to keep things healthy.

Get Plain Chicken’s recipe here.

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Don’t Worry, These Adorable Pork Bun Piggies Won’t Squeal When You Bite Them


I imagine these pig-shaped pork buns are only difficult to eat until you’ve taken the first bite, averting your eyes to avoid the pleading gaze of these little guys. Can’t you just hear them, all steamy and sad, crying at you? “No, don’t eat me! I’m like Wilber, via Charlotte’s Web! I am Babe! I am Gordy!” (Other people watched Gordy, right?)

And then you eat them anyway, and it’s like, “LOL never mind.”

Of course, Redditor Poptarter who posted these pork piglets online says they’re available at Chef’s Gallery, Town Hall. In Sydney, Australia.

Dang, really bro? Australia, bro?

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