Man Uses Fortune Cookie’s Lucky Numbers To Play Lotto, Guess What Happens


We’ve all shoveled down a plate of delicious Chinese food at some point. Most meals are followed by a sweet little fortune cookie that works as a palette cleanser for your salty supper, but also heralds a whimsical fortune and lucky numbers. For one man, those lucky numbers won him $7 million.

According to the Sun Sentinel, Richard Dryer played the numbers provided by a fortune cookie he received at a Chinese restaurant he visited in North Carolina. Typically, Dryer would use the numbers on the Powerball Lottery which is played through multiple states.

However, this time Dryer decided to shake up his routine and play the smaller Florida state lottery… he crushed it. Dryer won the $10 million jackpot and took home a total of $7 million, against 1-in-23 million odds.

Whether Dryer decides to buy more Chinese food with his newfound fortune remains to be seen, though it looks like it’ll always hold a special place in his heart.

So who wants to guess what we’re having for lunch today?