These Guys Turn 6 Random Ingredients Into Pancakes [WATCH]

The dudes from Good Mythical Morning pose a timeless question: Will It Pancake?

In one of their latest videos they sit down and see if various breakfast foods things will work as a pancake.

Some of the items they combine with the fried breakfast cakes include Fruity Pebbles Cereal, Bagels and Lox, Toothpaste (don’t eat toothpaste), cheeseburgers, bone (marrow) and guinea pig testicles. As you can see the ingredients take a pretty hard left turn.

However, the two sit down and eat every single item in the name of breakfast science. Check it out as they pancake things.

Packaged Food

So Everything Bagel-Flavored Pasta Exists


We’re guessing this was probably invented on a Monday, probably by some sorry suited sap who wasted his morning sitting outside eating a bagel instead of thinking of new pasta flavors and who, when it came to his turn during the weekly ideation session, probably looked down to see his poppy, sesame, garlic, onion, and salt-laden tie and shouted out the first thing he could think of: “How about an everything bagel flavor?”

And thus evil genius was born.

Granted, it’s a little less portable than what we’re used to and cream cheese and caper pasta sauce might not even taste good, but at least it looks really hipster – that’s the important thing.

Everything Bagel Fusili $8 @ New York Mouth

H/T + Picthx Cool Material

Food Trucks

Kogi BBQ Truck Reveals a Smoked Salmon Lox Burrito

Kogi BBQ truck continues their new menu offerings, this week announcing a Smoked Salmon Lox Burrito as a featured item on their truck for the immediate future. The burrito, highlighted by smoked salmon lox, is rounded out with cream, soft scrambled eggs, onions, and chili salsa.

The burrito is priced out at $7.00, and is currently available on any of the brand’s 5 roaming trucks. The schedule is always on their website.

What y’all think? Lox on a burrito?