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Produce Company Debuts ‘Avocado Light’ With 30% Less Fat And We’re Confused

The pervasiveness of the ever popular avocado can be found on a daily basis. We mix them into guac, smash them onto toast, utilize them as burger buns, and do just about everything else imaginable to them. They’re also touted as a great source of monounsaturated fat and help support cardiovascular health. However, the latest innovation around avocados, Avocado Light, aims to cut that total fat amount drastically.

avocado light
Photo: Pixabay

Spanish produce company Eurobanan has invented the Avocado Light product under their Isla Bonita brand. The new avocado variant, which is naturally cultivated in tropical areas of Central and South America, contains 30% less fat than other avocados, but retains all of its other nutritional benefits. It’s presented as a lower-fat option for those who want less overall fat in their diets.

However, it’s curious as to why someone would cultivate a fruit that gets high praise for its natural fat content. Sure, avocado is tossed on everything with abandon, but is that enough to merit a lower-fat option? California Avocados are recommended at only 1/3rd of one for a serving, and many people definitely consume more than that in a sitting, so that could be a possible reason.

Regardless, if you’re interested in trying Avocado Light, you’ll have to wait for a little bit. The fruit will officially debut in Madrid on October 18th, although it has started appearing in Spanish supermarkets and specialty stores already. There’s no current plans to bring the new avocado product overseas, but knowing our love for all things involving this fruit (well, nearly all), there will definitely be a demand for it.