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New FOODBEAST Spots Find Parallels Between Low-Cal Ice Cream And Taboos

FOODBEAST recently created a few spots that lean into “first time” taboo moments we can all relate to. Ice cream itself may be considered taboo amongst healthy snack enthusiasts, so for Halo Top‘s low-calorie ice cream to be the punchline of a new series was quite fitting. Halo Top is seemingly and unanimously co-signed by the Internet as a darling of the health food category, with GQ even calling it a “Magical, Healthy Ice Cream.”

We are all familiar with the trepidation that comes along with indulging in our favorite vices however, there’s nothing more liberating than being able to overcome some type of underlying hesitation and stepping outside of your comfort zone to experience something new.   

As these sketches ride the familiarity and wonder of certain coming-of-age experiences, be on the look out for the plot twists…

The First Timer

There’s nothing more memorable than a first-time experience. The pulse-racing anxiety, coupled with the exhilarating fear of the unknown, can lead to a rollercoaster of emotions. In this sketch, the shaken and nervous first-timer (Noah Grossman), gains enough courage to try it for himself. Alas, with the help of his “friend” (Madeleine Byrne), he discovers his first magical moment with Halo Top.    


The Rotation
There’s a first time for everything, still regardless of the lack of experience, there’s a societal understanding about the unwritten laws of social expectations one must live up to, and never mess up. After a first time experience, the social and interpersonal anxieties are still present — it’s an awkward phase, where it’s new, but most comfortable in a group setting. The rotation sketch places the viewer in a familiar first-person perspective, as four friends indulge with some Halo Top in privacy — all while adhering to the standard rule of scoop, scoop, pass.

Featuring: Fernanda Romero, Armen Martirosyan, Danielle Dallas, James Boyd


Partaking at your own leisure is ‘me time’ to the fullest. However, for newbies, a little guidance can go a long way. Who’s the plug for proper satisfaction? It doesn’t matter, just as long as they’re not a professional lingerer.  

Featuring: Michael Davis, Megan Batoon

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This Cannabis Infused Chocolate Shell Will Make Your Ice Cream Magical

For those looking to expand their horizons with canna-cooking adventures, always make sure there’s room for dessert. Case in point: we’re giving you a recipe for a magical, cannabis-infused chocolate sauce.

This is not just any cannabis-infused chocolate sauce, though. This is MAGIC — MARIJUANA MAGIC. This is the kind of miraculous chocolate sauce that hardens into a delicate shell upon contact with your stone cold fave: ICE CREAM.

We picked up Halo Top Ice Cream (that delicious low-cal, high-protein ice cream that has fewer calories in a whole pint than there are in one single cheeseburger) — to bring you this recipe and assist in your half-baked cannabis-cooking endeavors. We hope you give it a shot, a hit, or whatever you want to call it. Just don’t forget the sprinkles.

Remember, everyone’s cannabis tolerance varies. FOODBEAST recommends consuming  medicated edibles with oversight and caution. You can always eat more — not less! 

What you’ll need:
– crockpot

– baking sheet

– oven

– cheesecloth

– cannabis grinder

– 2 mixing bowls (one for chocolate, one for the canna-oil)


7-14 grams of cannabis

2 cups coconut oil

1 cup melted chocolate

¾ cannaoil (you’re making this along the way)

Grind up 7-14 grams of cannabis on a baking sheet, bake for 30 minutes at 240 degrees. Transfer it into your crockpot.

Add 2 cups of coconut oil into your crockpot. Cook on low for 6-8 hours. Once done cooking, strain your coconut oil and cannabis mixture with cheesecloth, making sure to remove any extra plant material from the liquid. This is your canna-oil.

In a separate bowl, melt enough chocolate for 1 cup size.  Mix 1 cup of melted chocolate with ¾ cup of cannaoil. Whisk thoroughly.   

Use 3 scoops of Halo Top Ice Cream, and slowly pour chocolate canna-oil mixture over the top of ice cream.  Once the chocolate cools, it will create a hard shell. Top with anything you like from sprinkles, cherries, whipped cream or fruit.

Created in partnership with Halo Top Creamery


Sonic Serving Hand-Crafted Low-Calorie Soda


We have to admit, Sonic does make some pretty good sodas. So it completely makes sense that the fast food chain would expand on that strength with a new set of hand-crafted sodas. Called Sonic Splash Hand-Crafted Sodas, they are said to be made-to-order and low in calories. Should pair nicely with the multiple bags of corn dogs we usually order.

Brand Eating reports that they were in testing stages last year, but have now become a permanent addition to the menu. The flavors so far include Raspberry, Peach and Blackberry-Pineapple. Sonic’s drink menu also features flavors like Sunshine Berry (a combination of peach, strawberry and lemon) and Hawaiian Wave (combining mango syrup with lime and pineapple).

The drinks are made with carbonated water, sugar-free syrup and fresh fruit. Because it’s Sonic, everything is also customizable.

H/T Brand Eating

Fast Food

Taco Bell to Offer Low Cal Items on New Cantina Power Menu

cantina taco bell

The words “fast food” and “low calorie” don’t usually go together, however Taco Bell is hoping to change that with their new Cantina Power Menu. The fast food giant is looking to attract health-nuts, or at the very least fast-food junkies who might be on a diet, with their new lighter menu options.

Taco Bell already offers fresher, bolder items on their Cantina Bell Menu, considering how similar these items are to the new Cantina Power menu, it is very possible that the fast food chain revamped its recipes to create more diet friendly alternatives.

The new menu boast over 20 grams of protein and all clock in under 500 calories. The high-protein, low calorie entrees includes bowls and burritos packed with guacamole, lettuce, pico de gallo, and your choice of white-meat chicken or steak.

Taco Bell will also begin testing a Power Breakfast concept as soon as August. Testing will start in Omaha, Nebraska, similar to the Cantina Power Menu the Power Breakfast menu includes breakfast burritos, bowls, and even Greek yogurt.

The new Cantina Power Menu launches on July 18, but before your new Taco Bell diet starts why not get your fill of quesaritos?

H/T + PicThx First We Feast


Dr Pepper Ten Gets Five New 10-Cal Buddies Manly Enough For the Ladies

So, you know those Dr Pepper Ten commercials where (ladies, go ‘head and ignore this. I’m not talking to you, because Dr Pepper Ten is for men only) the cool dude in the cool car (or whatever it is, I don’t know, I’m just a girl) talks about how manly each of the 10 calories in Dr Pepper Ten is?

Those were great, right? Doesn’t matter–get ready for five more.

Starting next month, 7-Up, RC Cola, A&W Root Beer, Sunkist, and Canada Dry will all be getting their very own “Ten” versions, courtesy of parent company, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. The original, Dr Pepper Ten, was apparently successful in its marketing to men too manly to bother with the taste (or girly stigma) of diet soda. However, as it turns out, men aren’t the only ones who like things that taste good. So Dr Pepper is gearing these new drinks towards men and women, meaning those of us without a Y chromosome will be carrying our low-calorie, but not-diet drinks with us from the kitchen to the poll booths… later on.



According to HuffPo (and the beverage aisles at most grocery stores), Dr Pepper is just one soda company trying to make a comeback. Both Coca-Cola Co. and PepsiCo Inc. have been working on a “healthier” soda, trying to reverse the decline in soda consumption that’s been going on (unbeknownst to me, at least) since ’98. One method? Sodas like Dr Pepper Ten – aka the “mid-calorie” soda.

The newbies are slated to hit shelves in January, with an overhaul of those super-manly commercials coming in March under the campaign “Get Both.” What can you look forward to in these new commercials? Pickup trucks… painted hot pink. Cooking shows… with football players. Cats… that bark.

With drinks like these, who needs diet fads? Watch commercials and laugh the calories right off!

via HuffPo/ photo courtesy of FastCompany