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Lotteria Releases Chocolate and Honey Mustard Burger for Valentine’s Day


For pairing with their chocolate dipping sauce fries, Japanese fast food chain Lotteria is launching the totally eyebrow-raising but kinda-sorta incredible-sounding “Chocolate and Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken” burger, starting February 6.

According to the press release, the burger features a grilled chicken thigh patty, daubed with Lotte-Ghana milk chocolate sauce and spicy French and grain mustard with honey. We’re hoping it tastes something like a sweeter mole poblano, though we wouldn’t be totally mad at a burger that just tastes like chocolate. ‘Tis the season, after all.

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Lotteria Gets Valentine-Themed Menu, Including Chocolate French Fry Dipping Sauce and Mini Pie


It’s already been decided that fried, salty potatoes go great with the sweet and savory. If you need evidence, please refer to Lay’s Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips. Now, Japanese fast food chain Lotteria will be serving up their own bit of dessert decadence with their line of chocolate-themed items debuting today, January 9th.

The limited-time additions feature their Ghana brand of chocolate made by parent company Lotte and include a mini chocolate pie, a chocolate shake and the return of their French fries paired with chocolate dipping sauce. The pie features a chocolate shell filled with chocolate cream, while the French fry dipping sauce comes in a petite tart cup you can eat once all your fries are gone.

The salty sweet snacks are available through mid-February, which just so happens to fall around Valentine’s Day. Eh, eh?


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Japan Now Has French Fries with Chocolate Dipping Sauce


Everyone has their french fry condiment preference. From ketchup to mustard to vinegar to mayo (oof, no thanks), there are tons of ways to slather your fries. Now, we’ve come across the most genius, tastiest, why-didn’t-we-think-of-that version — CHOCOLATE DIPPING SAUCE.

Japanese fast food chain Lotteria is rolling out these “Dipping Fries” January 9th, and they’ll stick around until late February. It’s the perfect salty + sweet combination, featuring Lotte Confectionary’s Ghana-brand milk chocolate. In other words, these fries are going to be ballersauce (yah, that just happened).

Chocolate-ready dipping Fries will only set you back about $3.30, but is it even possible to put a price on french fry bliss?

Your move, McDonald’s.

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This Burger Topped with Bacon Cubes is an Architectural Wonder


Lotteria, the Japanese fast food chain that brought you the phenomenal Everything Burger, offers yet another fast food wonder: the Bacon Cube Deluxe Cheese Burger.

Available starting November 29th for $4.90, the limited-time item features a beef patty topped with hulking bacon cubes smothered in truffle sauce. Yes, we realize these are just pancetta cubes on steroids and probably make the burger itself tricky to eat. However, we can’t hear you past the sound of behemoth pork bits falling from the sky and landing on a juicy beef patty. Sounds glorious, doesn’t it? Now shut up, sit down, and enjoy that bacon beauty.

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Japan’s Lotteria Gives New Meaning to “Everything” Burger


Leave it to Japan to take an American classic to the next level.

First there was Ramen Burger but that was nothing compared to this “Everything Burger”. Created by the chefs over at Lotteria this Japanese eatery’s burger is topped with literally everything under the sea, on the land and in the garden.

Real Lotteria Burger

Nestled between two buns is a variety of sauces, veggies, egg, fried shrimp patty, cheeseburger, rib patty, pickles, teriyaki sauce, mayo and what I hope is bacon or some sort of ham.

Like most fast food creations this sandwich looked a lot tastier on the poster than in real life but according to bloggers over at RocketNews24 it’s actually pretty tasty. Hey, someone had to be brave enough to try it.

Technically only available in secret this burger is yours for 1130 japanese yen, or about $11, all you have to do is ask.

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This ‘Ring’ Flavored Milkshake Proves Horror Apparently Tastes like Lemons and Chocolate


Most people don’t usually lick the creepy long-haired monster girl crawling out of their TVs so they can figure out what she tastes like. And then there’s Japan.

Because nothing screams (look ma, I made a funny) “summer refreshment” like the country’s most terrifying export, Japanese burger chain Lotteria has partnered with Japan’s Ministry of the Environment to promote its new ‘Ring’-inspired milkshake, modeled after the always petrifying Sadako herself.


Sure, the blue-dyed lemonade-flavored base and drizzled chocolate “hair” probably aren’t enough to kill you within a week, but they might be a little hard to suck down without imagining them tasting like a mix of sewer water and death. Kinda makes you wish you just never watched that stupid video in the first place, huh?

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Take My Money: Ramen Burger with a Fried Noodle Patty


Birthed from a collaboration between fast food chain Lotteria and Japanese restaurant Menya Musashi, this ramen burger is the height of Cup Noodles innovation. Named the “Menya Musashi Ramen Burger,” the burger features a pork cutlet and mayo atop a lightly fried patty of noodles served between two buns. The meal costs a mere 634 yen (US$6.30) and  includes a bowl of “katsuo dashi” soup, a broth made from dried bonito flakes.

I can just imagine the satisfaction you’d get from biting into the sweet mayo and tender pork cutlet, followed by the slight crunch of fried ramen. While the limited time only burger rolls out May 20, you won’t be able to try it unless you live in Japan. If you do, mail us some pretty please.

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