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Find The Most Iconic Los Angeles Pizza In This Dope Video Guide

The City of Angels has one of the most amazing foodie scenes in the country, and its pizza game is no exception. To get an idea of what some of the more iconic Los Angeles pizza spots are, Munchies’ The Pizza Show and host Frank Pinello travel from Beverly Hills to Downtown LA as they explore some of the best pies the city has to offer.

Pinello’s pizza tour has him eat through traditional pizzas as well as more upscale twists. That’s because Los Angeles has a pizza culture that is incredibly diverse. He goes from eating Neapolitan-style pies at Sotto to fancy caviar-topped renditions at Spago. There’s New York style at Prime Pizza and Delicious Pizza, while topping and diet diversity are easily possible at Pizzanista! And of course, there’s local legends like Casa Bianca that are a must-try while in the City of Angels.

The real showstopper of Pinello’s LA pizza journey, however, is visiting LA’s biggest contribution to national pizza culture. I’m talking about California Pizza Kitchen, the chain from Beverly Hills that put barbecued chicken pizza on the map. Pinello sits down with the owners and listens to their story while experiencing how this iconic Los Angeles pizza gets made.

Los Angeles may not be as famous for its pizza like New York or Chicago is, but Munchies’ episode shows us just how delicious it can be. Don’t sleep on LA when it comes to the pizza game, that’s for sure.