Tea-Scented Toilet Paper Ain’t Your Average Cup of Tea

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 1.04.07 PM

So, apparently, Japan is, like, all about the bathroom comfort. Understandable, really. Did you know the average person can spend up to three years of their lives on the toilet? That’s a lot of time to feel uncomfortable/bored/smelly. So, Japan is just way ahead of the game, with their heated seats and washlets. And while they may not be the first to think up scented toilet paper, tea-scented toilet paper is probably a pretty niche thing. It inspires thoughts of brewing sodden lumps of TeaP(aper) in the toilet. The whole thing is just screaming for puns.

The point is this: Starting April 1, two different tea-scented TPs by Nisshinbo Paper Products will hit the shelves in Japan — pink for Southern Countries Tea Time, blue for English Tea Time. Now you’ll be able to chill on the toilet and contemplate brewing tea while doing your business. Because who doesn’t want that?

Although, after a quick internet sweep for these fragrant tissues, we weren’t able to find any official deets in terms of pricing/online purchasing. So while the validity of the product remains questionable, we’re crossing our fingers that thousands will be enjoying impromptu tea seshes on the loo come April.

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