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Long John Silver’s Just Became ALL YOU CAN EAT This Thanksgiving Week

Fans of Long John Silver’s fast-food style seafood spread will have something to give thanks for this week. The chain announced that during Thanksgiving week, they’ll be offering an All-You-Can-Eat special at participating locations in celebration of the food-filled holiday.

Starting now through Nov. 30, customers can dive into all the fish, chicken, and sides they can eat for about $7.99.

This includes hand-battered wild-caught Alaska Pollock, fried white-meat chicken tenders, fries, coleslaw, and LJS’s famous hush puppies.

Not going to lie, I’d go just for endless hush puppies alone.

Long John Silver’s AYCE special will be from 11am through 7pm until the end of the month. Not all locations will honor this deal, however, so best check this store locator to find out exactly which ones you can hit to get your fried seafood fix.

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The Top 10 Fast Food Seafood Items Across The USA, Ranked

Fast food seafood has gotten a bad rap over the years, and it’s easy to understand why. Nobody ever put respect on fish’s name, leaving their sole pescatarian option to be overcooked, mushy, and not too pleasant.

Times have changed, though, and with that, the quality of the industry’s fishy fare has shot up. Whether it be whole fish filets or irresistible pieces of shrimp, there’s a lot more being offered than before. The fish sandwich may still dominate, but it’s gone from being overlooked to getting a ton of attention.

These are the best of what fast food seafood has to offer, from timeless fish sandwiches to seafood staples that could dominate for years to come.

When making this list, only items from major fast food chains were looked at and ranked on quality, popularity, and flavor. There will be some big names not on this list (sorry, Ronald), but that’s just indicative of how some newer chains have risen to the challenge and created seafood items that are just… well, better.

10) Tuna Pie, Jollibee


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The fried chicken icon of the Philippines is no one-trick pony, as its entire menu is straight fire. When it comes to seafood, it’s a little harder to find at the Bee, but this Lenten LTO is the best they have to offer. While the fact that it’s basically canned tuna in a cream sauce makes it less appealing, you have to appreciate its zesty, peppery flavor, and flaky pastry crust.

9) North Atlantic Cod Sandwich, Culver’s


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To make it on this list as a standard fish sandwich, you need to get some basics right: a crispy exterior, intriguing fillings, and a well-cooked piece of fish. Culver’s hits on all of those marks, with the mixture of shredded cheese and lettuce and a light amount of tartar sauce (McDonald’s, take note) accentuating the flavors of the cod. It does need a bit more seasoning, however.

8) Fish Slider, White Castle


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The phrase “simple is better” definitely applies to White Castle’s Contribution to the fast food fish game. They don’t church theirs up with tartar sauce or lettuce, using just a slice of American cheese to top their Alaskan pollock. While the fish choice itself is “meh,” given how ubiquitous and overcooked pollock tends to be, their flavor is extraordinary given the slider’s size.

7) Cajun Fish Sandwich, Arby’s


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Arby’s would be a lot higher on this list, to be honest, if they had decided to bring back the Nashville Hot Fish Sandwich from the LTO grave. That version had a ton of kick and was a tasty contribution to the fast food game. Sure, the Cajun remoulade on this version has some zest and punch, and gives the massive filet of pollock an extra hit of flavor. It’s no Nashville Hot, though.

6) Shrimp Po’ Boy, Popeyes

Popeyes knows how to do fried shrimp proper. They’re coated with the same seasoning as Popeyes’ top-notch fried chicken, elevating the crustaceans to a new level of flavor. Add in the fact that you get a pretty generous amount per baguette-sized sandwich, and you have a satiating meal of seafood that does more than most fish sandwiches in the game even attempt to do.

5) North Pacific Cod Sandwich, Wendy’s

Who does the generic fish sandwich the best? That answer, as said by several others in the past, has to be Wendy’s. It’s something about the punchiness of their tartar sauce, how the cod is cooked decently, and how the fish has the right crunch. It’s more of a quality thing than a “we put other stuff on it” that makes their variant as good as it is. Of course, it is just your standard fish sandwich, and while it’s a damn good version of it, there’s other things out there that showcase seafood better.

4) Jumbo Shrimp Tacos, Del Taco


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Del Taco’s take on the Baja-style seafood taco is surprisingly solid. The shrimp are coated with just the right amount of seasoning, and the crisp lettuce and tomato offset it perfectly in terms of contrasting textures. The white sauce and fresh lime on top elevate this option into the top 5, because they provide the acidic punch and creamy consistency of tartar sauce with just a fraction of its heaviness. This is my personal go-to option for a seafood snack during the Lent season.

3) 2 Cod, 6 Shrimp Platter, Long John Silver’s


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Those looking to treat themselves to a seafood feast need to track this down. Being one of two fast food seafood specialists in the country, Long John Silver’s knows how to give cod the appropriate TLC, keeping it crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. The seasoning is a little too close to KFC’s, but few can compete with their batter, or the size of this platter.

2) Giant Fish Sandwich, Captain D’s


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In the duel of the fast food seafood specialists, Captain D’s is the people’s choice. Folks regard it as better because of its taste, and this Giant Fish Sandwich shows it off best. The fish pieces themselves are massive in terms of both length and flavor, and an appropriate amount of tartar sauce helps make this one of the most decadent sandwiches you can get in fast food. It’s better than its fishy rival and arguably the best fast food seafood item out there… save for one that honestly, nobody even comes close to touching.

1) Honey Walnut Shrimp, Panda Express


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Cue the Thanos snap. Seriously, watching the rest of the fast food seafood game compare to Panda’s signature shrimp is like watching the Avengers trying to KO Marvel’s Mad Titan at the end of Infinity War. How can one compete with its sweet, savory flavor, balanced with the crunch and slight bitterness of walnuts? Nobody has been able to create something within reach yet, so until the fast food seafood universe gets its own Captain Marvel, Honey Walnut Shrimp will tower over anything else that tries to one-up it.


Long John Silver’s Giving Away Mo’ Free Fish & Fries


Who: Long John Silver’s

What: Free Fish & Fries, in celebration of LJS’ 45 years of business. Pretty much for folks who missed the last giveaway a month ago. Just walk in, grab a plate of free fish and fries and enjoy them. One free combo per person.

When: Saturday, Aug. 2 from 11am to 3pm.

Where: All participating locations



Free Fish & Fries at Long John Silver’s on June 28

Free Fish and Fries

Who: Long John Silver’s
What: Free Fish & Fries: one crispy fish filet and order of natural cut fries per customer (cod and catfish not included)
Where: Participating Long John Silver’s locations, find your nearest location here
When: Saturday, June 28 from 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

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19 Fast Food Chains and What They Should Honestly Be Called

1. Carl’s Jr. : Home of the $7 Six Dollar Burger

2. El Pollo Loco: Pronounced “Po-yo” not “Polo”

3. Chick-fil-A: Did you want some? Sorry, we’re closed

4. In-N-Out: Ugh, #monkeystyle

5. Jack in the Box: The place that magically appears whenever you’re drunk and stoned at 3 am



6. McDonald’s: Ba Da Ba Ba Ba

7. Burger King: There’s no McDonald’s around here

8. Taco Bell: The DLT is delicious they said. It’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten they said. Now your toilet hates you

9. Del Taco: There’s no Taco Bell around here


10. KFC: Our mascot is secretly Santa Claus

11. Long John Silvers: Because fried fish nuggets sound a lot healthier than fried chicken nuggets

12. Starbucks: $6 Coffee Milkshakes

13. Subway: Edible Yoga Mats



14. Arby’s: Post-workout meal for bros

15. Panda Express: Orange Chicken and Friends

16. Wendy’s: Makers of chili crack

17. White Castle: The only reason to leave the West Coast

18. Popeye’s: The Cajun KFC

19. Chipotle: Free-Range Taco Bell

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Buttery Deep-Fried Lobster Bites Return to Long John Silver’s


After stepping out of the limelight back in 2009, Norway Lobster Bites are returning to Long John Silver’s menu. Made from 100% Norway lobster tail, the meat is hand-shelled, breaded and deep fried so it has a buttery crunch. While the lobster bites contain no additives or preservatives, they’re still deep-fried. Although, let’s be real: no one goes to Long John Silver’s to eat healthy.

Served at participating Long John Silver’s locations, customers can order the shooter portion for $1.99 or a larger snack box for $3.99 with prices varying depending on location.

Picthx Long John Silver’s


14 Fast Food Seafoods to Help You Survive the 40 Days of Lent


Around February and March every year, fast food menu boards become inundated (okay, maybe just splashed) with foods which would have no business being there if it weren’t for Catholics. Not to say deep-fried fish sticks, nuggets, and patties can’t be delicious; just that, when seen alongside sizzling slabs of charbroiled beef, they might not be most people’s first choice. Oh, but then Lent rolls around, and reminds us all that man cannot live on burgers alone, that we should do unto fish as we would unto burgers, and . . . any other awful biblical misappropriations you can think of.

So we’ve compiled this quick rundown of the seafood options offered by your favorite fast food chains either yearlong, or especially during Lent. New items are starred.




Reel Big Fillet
Alaskan white fish, tartar sauce, and iceberg lettuce on a toasted sesame bun


Burger King


Premium Alaskan Fish Sandwich
Panko-breaded white Alaskan pollock, topped with tartar sauce, lettuce, and pickles on an artisan-style bun


 Carl’s Jr.

carls2RS carls1RS

Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish Sandwich and Taco
*Notably not deep fried. Charbroiled Atlantic cod filet, lettuce, tomatoes, and tartar sauce between two sesame honey wheat buns. The taco version features Santa Fe sauce, shredded jack and cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, and salsa on a flour tortilla.


Del Taco


Crispy Shrimp Taco and Burrito
Golden fried shrimp, cabbage, pico de gallo, and “secret sauce” wrapped in either a taco or burrito tortilla. The burrito comes with lime rice.

The menu’s regular beer-battered fish tacos are also available.


Jack in the Box


Fish Sandwich
Fish filet topped with shredded lettuce and tartar sauce


 **Long John Silver’s


Dippin’ Fish Strips
Available in a snack box of five with dipping sauce like McDonald’s fish McBites

The rest of LJS’s Lent-friendly menu is also available.




The old Lenten standby; available for only $1 on Fridays


**Panda Express


Golden Szechuan Fish
Lightly battered North Pacific cod tossed with sugar peas, red bell peppers and Szechuan sauce




Seafood Mardi Gras
Cajun fish, popcorn shrimp, butterfly shrimp, and seafood po’boys, all fried in Popeye’s spicy, Southern-style breading




Lobster and Seafood Sub
51% real lobster salad topped with white sauce and iceberg lettuce




The Original Fish Taco
Beer-battered Alaskan pollock, topped with white sauce, salsa and cabbage




North Pacific Cod Fillet
Panko-breaded cod topped with tartar sauce and lettuce


White Castle


Clam Strips, Fish and Shrimp Nibblers, and Fish Sliders
All coated in savory and crispy breading




UnDer the Sea Trio
Deep fried Alaskan pollock in hot dog, burrito, or  good ol’ fashioned fish and chips form.


Guy Breaks Up with Long John Silver’s in Hilarious Twitter Fight, Right Before Valentine’s

Graphic Pete Made

Breaking up two weeks before Valentine’s Day can be pretty depressing. The idea of breaking up with a restaurant chain, however, is pretty hilarious. Hunter Roberts loves his trips to Long John Silver’s. The problem is he can only make a few trips a year because of all the deep-fried goodness.

In response, Long John Silver’s attempted to see more of Hunter by mentioning their new “healthy” options. The chain took to Twitter to try and woo Roberts back. Roberts wasn’t having any of it. The rest of the conversation is history.



And to make matters worse, Roberts decided to twist the knife even further and move on to the nearest redhead he could find.

Twitter Second Half

Maybe one day they’ll find each other again.

Picthx @HunterStandUp