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Starbucks Sells Stacks of PANCAKES In London

Photo: Elie Ayrouth

When it comes to breakfast, Starbucks usually does well in a pinch. So far we’ve seen bagels, doughnuts, breakfast sandwiches, and sous vide egg bites. No matter the type of morning craving, we usually find something to fill our tummies with inside the display case.

It turns out across the pond, patrons are actually getting pancakes.

Sour Patch aficionado Elie Ayrouth recently visited London where he discovered that Starbucks locations in the UK sell buttermilk pancakes.

The international coffee chain offers pancakes in stacks of three, served with your choice of a honey and maple sauce or a berry compote. While it doesn’t sound like Starbucks is flipping flapjacks in the back of the house, they do toast the pancakes once a customer places an order.

Wonder how they taste?

Below is Elie’s pancake review, detailed expressly through emotion.

My review of #starbucks #london #pancakes, exclusively through pictures.

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This leaves us wondering what other sweet breakfast items Starbucks locations offer internationally. If it’s anything like Taco Bell’s international menu, we’d be very excited to find out.

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This Brewery Offers You A Shot To Get Paid For Drinking Booze

If you’ve ever wished you could drink on the job, there’s an opening for a position that not only lets you do so, but you actually get paid for it.

Meantime Brewing Co. is looking for someone to test their new beer products and join a panel that reviews the drinks.

You won’t just be getting wasted on a couch while watching the Raider game though, as you have to be able to detect differences in each beer, be well-versed in alcohol terms and vocabulary, and have “an understanding of global consumer markets.”

You do have as good of a shot as anyone, however, since all you have to do is write a 30-word post on their Linkedin job listing, use the hashtag #pickmemeantime, and have that strong resume ready.

This is literally a dream job, even if it is part-time, so if getting paid to drink beer in Europe sounds like your cup of tea, get on this ASAP.

Hit-Or-Miss Restaurants Tastemade/Snapchat

12 Restaurants Around the World to Try Before You Die

While most people travel to see the wonders of the world, we go mostly for the food. After all, it’s a pretty great way to experience the culture of an unfamiliar land. But since this world is so large and diverse, it’s hard to decide where to focus your culinary efforts, especially when abroad. Since we always have your back, here’s our list of restaurants around the world you (and your stomach) need to visit.

Osteria del Matto // Spoleto, Italy

Inviting entry to Osteria del Matto in Spoleto. #osteriadelmatto #spoleto #umbria #italy #marcyandmom

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Hidden in the hills of Spoleto, Italy is a tiny restaurant called Osteria del Matto, which translates to something along the lines of “restaurant of the madman.” This is fitting, as there isn’t really a menu – the food served is just whatever the chef feels like making that day. Chances are this will involve several staple items founds in the Umbrian region, or fried ricotta cheese, because it’s just that delicious.

Cafe du Monde // New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


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Cafe du Monde is one of the OG beignet establishments in the Big Easy. Chances are you’ve heard of it, but if not, you need to get your behind to New Orleans, stat. These fluffy balls of fried dough doused with as much powdered sugar your little heart desires is a sight to be tasted and relished for all of eternity. You might have to wait in line for a bit, but it’s worth it – we promise.

The French Laundry // Yountville, California, USA

Happy National Truffle Day!🍄 #truffle #tortellini #cooking #food #betterthanchocolate

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Thomas Keller is one of the most influential chefs on the planet today, and The French Laundry is his primary brainchild. Located in Yountville, California in the midst of Napa Valley, this restaurant has more accolades than we can even recount in one sitting. This six-hour meal incorporating the most pristine produce California has to offer is something everyone should experience in their lifetime.  

Sukiyabashi Jiro // Tokyo, Japan

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When a restaurant is awarded three stars by the Michelin Guide, you know it’s pretty legit. In fact, former President Obama dined there and apparently said, “That’s some good sushi right there,” as he walked out. The main perks of dining at this restaurant are some of the most noteworthy sushi dishes on the planet, prepared by Chef Jiro. Yeah, that Chef Jiro from the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Need we say more?

Joe’s Kansas City BBQ // Kansas City, Kansas, USA

There seems to be an ongoing barbecue dispute throughout the United States, and it totally depends on where you’re from. North Carolina? You’re probably down for whole hog, smoked BBQ. Texas? You’re all about the brisket, hot link, and sauce. But no matter what kind of BBQ tickles your fancy, it’s hard to deny the luscious goodness of ribs and burnt ends from Joe’s Kansas City BBQ. Folks come from near and far for this crack in the form of meat, and we don’t blame them. As a matter of fact, everyone’s favorite globetrotting foodie authority, Anthony Bourdain, named Joe’s as one of the 13 places one needs to eat at before they die.

Le Jules Verne // Paris, France

#lejulesverne #paris French cuisine and views of Paris from the Eiffel Tower. #travelerreviews #заметки_путешественника

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There are plenty of incredible chefs that have come from France, but Alain Ducasse tops the list. For God’s sake, the man has 21 Michelin stars. He’s basically a saint. And one of Ducasse’s most stunning restaurants is Le Jules Verne, which is literally located on top of the Eiffel Tower. With the scenery and Ducasse’s food combined, an experience at this place will cost you at least $200, but it’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Fat Rice // Chicago, Illinois, USA

Finally got the namesake food here! So happy to share it with my friends!

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Run by Adrienne Lo and Abe Conlon, Fat Rice is a must-visit in the Windy City. The restaurant serves food native to the island of Macau, which is a happy fusion between Chinese and Portuguese flavors. Their signature dish is the Fat Rice, also called Arroz Gordo, featuring sofrito, chorizo, salted duck, char siu pork, curry chicken thighs, linguiça sausage, prawns, steamed clams, tea eggs, chicken fat-fried croutons, olives, and pickled chillies. Basically, you better come to this place hungry.

Thanasis // Athens, Greece

Athens is gorgeous and full of history, which means it can be a pretty touristy place. We all know touristy cities can get a bad rap for food, but this is Greece, so obviously this doesn’t hold true. Is there even such a thing as bad Greek food? With plenty of options to choose from in the city, it’s hard to narrow down the best, but we’ve found it in Thanasis. Make sure you order their signature dish, μερίδα κεπμαπ, which is basically a meaty and delicious kabob of your dreams.

Arepa Zone // Washington, D.C., USA

At Tastemade, we’re all aboard the food truck bandwagon and if there’s one city in the country that excels in this area, it’s our Nation’s Capitol. Arepa Zone is without a doubt, one of the finest road warriors, and with one bite of their delicious arepas, you’d be crazy not to agree. The truck (well, now they have a brick-and-mortar location in Union Market) serves the Venezuelan version of this famous street snack, which involves a griddled corn cake stuffed with chicken, beef or pork.

Abou el Sid // Cairo, Egypt

At this establishment, you can find traditional Egyptian cuisine, including various tajines, like veal and pearl onion, and molokheya stew with chicken, rabbit, or meatballs. If you’re feeling daring, Abou el Sid also sells stuffed pigeon. This place seems to have it all!

Pig & Khao // New York, New York, USA

There are tons of places worth visiting in New York City. It’s basically a culinary wonderland. And we could have pointed you in the direction of Katz’s Delicatessen or Le Bernardin, but we wanted to mix things up a bit. Pig & Khao, located in the Lower East Side, serves food that is a beautiful amalgam of some of our favorite Southeast Asian flavors, including Thai and Filipino. Once you take part in some of their staples like the Sizzling Sisig, Grilled Pork Jowl, or Pork Belly Adobo, you’ll thank us.

Strut & Cluck // London, United Kingdom

#onthetable: Yesterday’s lunch @strutandcluck was seriously impressive, I’d go back and order everything all over again. 🦃🍴

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Turkey is generally is a “bleh” protein because most people don’t really know how to prepare it. Strut & Cluck, located in the Spitalfields neighborhood of London, is an exception to this rule. This place produces delicious bird influenced by Eastern Mediterranean flavors, with menu items like juicy lettuce cups with smoky harissa and hand-pulled turkey shawarma with dates and pine nuts. Turns out all turkey needs is some good ‘ol TLC.

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Police Fine 5-Year Old Girl For Not Having A Permit For Her Lemonade Stand

The po-po is out here being so extra once again, abusing their power in the most absurd ways, like charging people with possession of Jolly Ranchers, Spaghetti-O’s, and more recently, a fine for having a lemonade stand.

On July 15th, several police officers in London pulled up to a 5-year old girl’s lemonade stand and proceeded to hand her a fine.   According to the little girl’s father, who took to The Telegraph to articulate the incident, the officers recited a lengthy legal statement to her in supplement to the fine of 150 British Pounds (equiv. ~$200) and frightening her to tears.

It’s pretty clear as day that the officers were just doing their job in accordance to the law, BUT was it necessary to scare a mere child into submission and fine her for doing what so many kids in America do without rebuke?  After all, it is summer and children need to find various ways to occupy their time.  And it’s in these moments that children learn valuable lessons and people skills that prepare them in life.

So why throttle these experiences with tactics that only scar their growth?

Global News has since reported that local officials will cancel the fine, and released a statement saying: “We are very sorry that this has happened. We expect our enforcement officers to show common sense, and to use their powers sensibly. This clearly did not happen.”

I get it, officers were just doing their job, but lacking the common decency to let a little girl have her lemonade stand is just outrageous.  Just let the kids be the kids, right?

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11 Of The Most Popular Brunch Dishes Around The World [Infographic]

Aside from breakfast, brunch is arguably the best meal of the day. In this heavenly in-between realm, you can walk the line between breakfast and lunch with a bevy of mouthwatering dishes and drinks to kick off your day.

Have you ever wondered, though, what brunch looked like around the world?

Last Minute, an online travel group, took a look at 11 brunch dishes from 11 major cities around the world and compiled them into a beautifully illustrated infographic.

The infographic features information about both a dish and a beverage to pair with it. A tip on dining etiquette is also provided for each city as well as a fun fact about the culture.

As we feed our brains with this cornucopia of culture, our stomaches are pissed off and ready for food.

Drinks News

Starbucks Comes After One-Man Coffee Vendor ‘Star Box’ Over Similar Name

A post shared by Jim Taylor (@jim_s_taylor) on

Starbucks recently issued a cease-and-desist to a coffee kiosk located outside of the London Underground after the coffee giant felt the stand’s name could potentially confuse customers and weaken the brand. The kiosk’s name? Star Box Coffee.

According to GrubStreet, a letter from the Seattle-based coffee company told owner Nasser Kamali to “adopt a different trading name.” One that didn’t begin with the word “Star.”

While the names sound pretty close, especially if you say Star Box ten times fast, Kamali claims that the the name came from the concept of Marxism. Kamali himself is an open socialist.

Even though Kamali says the company offered him £300 in the letter for “goodwill,” he decided not to accept the money on principle. He did, however, remove the “Star” from his branding as he believed he could never win a case against the behemoth coffee company.

Looks like the little guy lost in this case, but Kamali seems to be keeping his head up high and continuing his coffee business. It just goes under a different name now: Box Coffee.

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UPDATE: Passengers From The #BagelGate Train Fiasco Speak Out On YouTube

UPDATE:  On March 2, Twitter user DougieStew, a passenger on #BagelGate train, released a YouTube video breaking down the bagel-induced chaos.

The news of #BagelGate spread internationally overnight, generating dozens of theories trying to sort out what the hell exactly happened on that late night train in the United Kingdom on February 26.

Well, we can all thank Twitter user Lucy Bonner — UPDATE: her account that is now private — and her “Nanna” for giving her the very bagels that caused the entire #BagelGate saga. In her video (below) Ms. Bonner, gets some bagels from her Nanna, then ends up on the train. While on the train, she throws a bagel into a group of passengers, while yelling, “Did someone order a bagel?”

Ms. Lucy then places a bagel on the head of a gentleman sitting in front of her.

As she places the bagel on the poor chap’s head, she starts singing, “He’s got a bagel on ‘is ‘ead!!” Mocking the cadence of the famous Laurie London nursery rhyme He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands.

“Did Somebody order a bagel?!”

While Lucy has come clean about her role in this confusing international dust-up, people were still curious about where the bagels came from. However, she probably didn’t anticipate the firestorm that would follow.

While there might be a growing conspiracy, the circumstances behind #BagelGate are simple.

Most of us are aware, that if you live in any major city that relies heavily on a subway system or other forms of public transportation, it’s safe to assume that people occupying close quarters might get on each other’s nerves, and on occasion, physical altercations may arise.

Well, apparently, things are no different in London’s Underground metro system — especially when bagels are involved.

On the evening of Feb. 26, travelers found themselves laughing and singing hysterically, as other passengers, likeTwitter user Dougie Stew, began filming Lucy place bagels on her head and the kid in front of her.

“She’s got a bagel on ‘is ‘ead! She’s got a bagel on ‘er ‘ead,” the train passesngers shouted in unison.

However, not all passengers took a liking to the bagel buffoonery and a small scuffle broke out, with other passengers recording the chaos.

Soon after, the hashtag #BagelGate was born. The now viral bagel-based brouhaha shows a pair of women getting into a heated argument between rows, with one then quickly being subdued by other passengers.

Then we meet #BagelBoy. He’s actually sitting in front of Lucy — while she continually pulls out bagels and sets them on his head.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 2.13.10 PM

This poor lad was just minding his own business, but decided he would end the tomfoolery by throwing the bagels out of the window. Clearly he only made matters worse for himself.

He literally threw multiple bagels out of the window. C’mon, dawg.

Lucy just had so many bagels. Thanks, Nanna.

By trying to quell the chaos, the anti-bagel boy became the subject of the entire train’s ridicule, driving his contained annoyance into a jugular vein exposing rage. Things quickly calmed down as the British Transport Police were there to get everyone back in their seats.

@DougieStew, the Twitter user filming the other most watched perspective, explained to ViceUK that this internationally famous bagel battle was really just a spontaneous sequence of separate events, that just all stuck together — like bagel dough.

Thanks, Lucy. Even though your Nana’s bagels were not eaten, they still went to a good cause.


Disney Fans Will Nerd Out Over This Beauty And The Beast Inspired Cafe

There’s just something about bringing anything animated into real life that makes us overtly giddy like a little girl’s first time at Disneyland. In celebration of the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast hitting theaters real soon, the Town House cafe at Kensington Hotel is offering a limited time experience called “Tale As Old As Time.” Just one caveat: the cafe is in London.

Beauty and the Beast cafe

Photo by: Town House at Kensington Hotel

The afternoon tea experience has a lot of Disney pixie dust infused. The menu and ambiance is reminiscent of the classic movie, and has actual ceramic adaptations of Mrs. Pots and Chip that you can actually drink out of! Priced at 35 Euros (or 45 with champagne), with a great selection of eats, you’re sure to get your money’s worth.
Beauty and the Beast cafe

Photo by: Town House at Kensington Hotel

The response has been so overwhelming that reservations for the magical cafe has been booked up until the end of June. But…at least the cafe will be around until November, so you have some time to stack those airline miles up!

Beauty and the Beast cafe

Photo by: Town House at Kensington Hotel