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Irish People Try Fried Chicken From Around The World [WATCH]

There are few foods in the world that could best fried chicken. If clogged arteries weren’t an issue, we could honestly enjoy fried chicken for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Over at Facts, a lucky panel of Irish lads and lasses got to do what I’ve been dreaming of my entire adult life: try different kinds of fried chicken from around the world.

Dishes featured include Buttermilk Fried Chicken from the United States, Lollipop Chicken from India, Chicken Karaage from Japan, and Peppered Chicken from Nigeria.

Before biting into the crispy cuts of poultry, the group doesn’t actually know where the fried chicken comes from or what type it is. They’re gifted with the experience of trying completely new fried chicken fare utterly blind.

Check out the video to see what they thought of these variations of the iconic dish.


Lick Breakfast with Bacon, Donut and Waffle-Flavored Lollipops


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whomever ‘they’ may be referring to, I’m pretty sure they did not have bacon or doughnut-flavored lollipops in mind when trying to relay the importance of starting one’s day with a healthy nutritious meal.

For those who think ‘cooking’ an Eggo waffle is too much of a draining and time-consuming task, these new breakfast lollipops from ThinkGeek are designed to help every human fulfill the goal of getting some breakfast into their belly without having to exert the effort of chewing. Ugh.

The full breakfast lollipop set contains 2 bacon, 1 doughnut, and 1 waffle lollipop. According to the site, “The bacon tastes like bacon; the donut tastes like coconut (with strawberry frosting); and the waffle tastes like delicious maple syrup”. Hello breakfast replacement!


We’re Gonna Get to the Bottom of This….


Packaged Food

Candy Grillz Comes in Watermelon and Sour Apple Flavors

Grillz Candy

When I was younger (read: last week), I’d create homemade grillz with aluminum foil by molding a strip to my teeth. This was due to that fact that I couldn’t afford the real deal or silver varieties. Assuming a majority of you are in the same boat (no sweet diamond-crusted mouthpiece for us), there’s a tastier version in the form of Grillz Candy.

Grillz Candy

Pop one of these suckers in, and you get a two-for-one deal — an impressively glittery smile and a lollipop that comes in watermelon, strawberry, peach and sour apple flavors. At $4 a pop, this bling is something even Nelly would envy! Maybe.

Candy Grillz, $4 @Fred Flare

Picthx Fred Flare


This Is What Erotic, BDSM Lollipops Look Like


In case you didn’t think lollipops were phallic enough already, Moscow-based creative agency FIRMA recently dreamt up a series of concept lollipops themed after, what else, sex toys.


From the anal bead, cherry-flavored “Toys,” to the mace-shaped, blackberry-flavored “BDSM,” these sexy Chupa Chups are definitely not your childhood suckers, though we can imagine the sticky situations that could arise if little Johnny or Sally ever got their hands on one.

“Mommy, why would anyone want a lollipop that hurts your mouth with all those spiky things?”

“For reasons, Sally, for reasons.”


Still, you’ve got to wonder who came up with the candy that comes with two extra lollipops attached, dirty-minded or not. Luckily, FIRMA recently launched its five-year-old project—under the brand name “Sucker”— into the Russian market this past May, with global sales reportedly in the works.


The Sucker slogan says they’re meant for “adult girls and boys, who have no shame.” Now, that’s something we can totally get behind.

H/T + PicThx Design Taxi

Packaged Food

Blue Cheese Lollipops, For Grown-Up Sweet Tooths


I don’t know about you, but I outgrew your standard lollipop flavors back in my middle school days. Wild cherry? Meh. Grape? What am I, six? Strawberry? Pass.

So, what’s a grown-up sugarholic to do?

Upgrade with this Blue Cheese Lollipop, brought you by the same people behind the Sriracha lollipop. The creators call this flavor “the mind-blowingest” of all their bizarre combinations, which is already saying something. They also say it started out as a joke, until someone realized it’s kind of the norm for fancy restaurants to mix sharp blue cheeses and sweet flavors, like honey.

So, basically, you should buy a box, and impress/weird out all your friends.

Box of four, $10 @Lollyphile

H/T That’s Nerdalicious + PicThx Lollyphile


Minty Underpants, Butter and Thumb-Flavored Lollipops

Archie McPhee is the go-to place for campy confections, toys, accessories and all things bacon. They recently came out with the perfect stocking stuffers: one-of-a-kind lollipops shaped as different objects, each complete with their own theme, name and flavor. Adding to their collection of novelty lollipops is the Underpants Sucker, which (thankfully) tastes “minty fresh,” the too-realistic Thumb Sucker and the Shark Attack Sucker with the vicious head of a shark accompanied by a delightful blueberry taste. Oh, and make sure to check out the Butter Sucker that tastes like, well, butter.

Each cost $3.50, with the exception of the Googly Eyes which cost $8.00 because it comes in a pair of two and, as they point out, may be bigger than your stomach. Please don’t make anyone open a day on the Advent Calendar unless they get one of these.

via laughing squid


Medicine Lollipop

The trouble with children’s medicine is that it’s boring and tastes terrible. And while there really isn’t anything that can be done for the taste that hasn’t already been done, you can jazz up how you treat your kid’s cough. By using a lollipop mold that can be found on Amazon, medicine can now be made into lollipops!

Now all you have to do is figure out a way to make sure they finish the whole thing!

Would definitely consult a physician, pharmacist, doctor or someone of knowledge before altering the state of your medicine though. Still a novel thought, but, be safe!

[via: SwissMiss]