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This Twist On Loco Moco Puts The Iconic Hawaiian Dish In Burger Form

One of the most iconic Hawaiian dishes out there, the Loco Moco, just got turned into a breakfast burger.

For those unfamiliar, loco moco is a beloved Hawaiian meal consisting of beef patties, eggs, and gravy served over rice. At the Broken Yolk Cafe, they took the juicy burger patty, eggs, and gravy and incorporated them into a breakfast sandwich.

The Loco Moco Breakfast Burger comes loaded with crispy hash browns, caramelized onions, a burger patty, two sunny side up eggs, bacon, a generous drizzle of gravy, and green onions, all loaded inside of KING’S HAWAIIAN rolls.

This innovative twist on loco moco is just one of the several offerings Broken Yolk will have available for Hawaiian Foods Week. Also on their menu will be a Hot Lava Bloody Mary, made with KING’S HAWAIIAN Big Island Lava sauce and garnished with a SPAM slider.

Broken Yolk will also have an Island Bene(dict) made with SPAM, their famous Tiki Toast, and a Pineapple Coconut Mimosa all available as part of the limited-time lineup starting June 1.

Photos by Pete Pham

Created in partnership with King’s Hawaiian

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Coachella Favorite ‘Sumo Dogs’ Is Topping Franks With Loco Moco

My favorite Hawaiian dish of all time has to be the loco moco. This gluttonous combo of burger patties, gravy, and fried eggs over rice and mac salad is the perfect drunk food for me and leaves you feeling full and content.

If I find myself at a festival like Coachella or Bottlerock, or even if I’m just cruising by Koreatown and need an on-the-go fix of this Hawaiian staple, I’ve now got Sumo Dogs to cover me there.

Popularized at the Coachella music festival, this street food fusion joint is topping frankfurters with unbelievable combos, none of which is as epic as the Loco Moco Dog. The sausage, which can be vegan, pork, or American wagyu beef, subs in for the burger in the traditional dish and is topped with a healthy amount of Hayashi beef gravy flavored with ketchup, soy, and mushrooms. The dog is completed with more mushrooms, ginger, furikake, and a sunny-side-up egg to complete the entire loco experience.

If you want to go even crazier and bring the heat, you can also order this badass “Angry Style,” which enrages the hot dog with the spicy additions of jalapenos, spicy mayo, crispy onions, and togarashi (a Japanese spice made with seven different peppers).

Sure, this hot dog isn’t gonna leave you looking all nice and clean at the end with all the sauce action going on. But it will definitely give you a taste of Hawaii, street food style.