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Here’s Exactly Where To Find McDonald’s Limited Edition Big Mac Sauce Bottles


Yesterday, we discovered McDonald’s major reveal for Jan. 26. The fast food chain will be releasing 10,000 limited-edition bottles of Big Mac Sauce to select McDonald’s locations in the United States.

Because 10,000 just isn’t that much, avid Mac Sauce fans will have to plan ahead to ensure they get their hands on one of the limited bottles.

After all, there’s definitely one less now that McDonald’s sent us one of those bottles:

McDonald’s created an iMessage app that highlights the nearest McDonald’s where the limited edition bottle will be available.


Patrons will have to show up at the restaurant and share this secret code with the employee:

There’s a Big Mac for that.

If you’re nowhere near one of the participating locations, McDonald’s will be giving away a few bottles through social media promotions on their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

The bottles will be available on a” first come, first serve” basis while supplies last. We recommend checking your nearest McDonald’s hours ahead of tomorrow’s launch to get an idea when to arrive, since McDonald’s hours vary across the country.

Best of luck to everyone trying tomorrow. Make sure to buss a move if you want that Mac Sauce.

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Believe It Or Not, There Are More Museums In The US Than McDonald’s & Starbucks COMBINED


It seems there’s a McDonald’s and a Starbucks around every corner in the United States. Who would have thought, however, that there would be more museums in America than the combined number of McDonald’s and Starbucks locations.

According to the Washington Post, there are a total of 35,000 museums in the country. Using data released from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the museums eclipse the total of McDonald’s (14,000) and Starbucks (11,000).

Sure, not all of them are as popular as the World History Museums or even the new Broad that just opened in Downtown LA. Rather, a majority of these are described as “mom-and-pop” locations.

LA County alone has 681 museums.

Makes us wonder how much culture we’re missing out on while we wait for our 3pm Sausage McMuffin.

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Here’s Why This Carl’s Jr. Had People Lining Out The Door For Hours


We usually take the availability of major fast food locations for granted here in the United Staetes. A good perspective is when Carl’s Jr. opened its first-ever location in Japan. RocketNews 24 reports that the line went out the door of the popular fast food location.

Located in Tokyo’s Akihabara district, the Carl’s location had more than 70 people lining out the door for four hours just to get their hands on some burgers.


Some of the more popular items were the various Thickburgers the chain is known for. This includes the Western, Hawaiian Teriyaki, Lettuce Wrap, Guacamole Bacon and the Mushroom Thickburger.

Kind of makes us want to visit our local Carl’s Jr. and just appreciate how empty it is.

Photos: Rocket News 24