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Put Your Appetite to Work on This XL Lobster Mac & Cheese

Barton G. is the type of restaurant that pushes the envelope when it comes to the extravagant. Plating and presentation here is a spectacle, where diners learn that ‘extra’ just might be an understatement when it comes to the flamboyant menu items at the restaurant.

A secret menu item at Barton G. that’s taking said envelope and ripping it into smithereens is the XL Lobster Mac N Cheese. A plussed up version of their already ostentatious Lobster Mac N Cheese, this hulking variety has the restaurant procuring a massive 5-6lb. lobster and stuffing it with cavatappi pasta swimming in an exquisite three cheese bechamel sauce. Even the lobster’s claws are brimming with the good stuff.

Remember that part about ‘extra’ being an understatement? Well, the XL Lobster Mac N Cheese doesn’t depend on its size alone as the selling point, because the quotient for opulence goes full tilt with a generous shaving of black truffles showered upon the lavish meal.

If you want a lobster mac that’s prepping for bulking season and has a black tie event to go to at the same time, the XL Lobster Mac N Cheese could be the move. Just know that it comes at market price and you must pre-order at least two business days in advance to allow Barton G. to source the live lobster.

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This XL Lobster is Stuffed With Truffle Mac N Cheese Throughout

Barton G. The Restaurant subscribes to the bigger is better mantra, as they’re well known for wildly over the top presentations of their menu offerings. Imagine a decadent dessert fashioned into a massive bar of gold or even a mini castle serving up your order of rack of lamb and you’ll get the vibe at Barton G.

One of Barton G.’s latest creations, however, relies on the actual food itself for the eye popping presentation, as an extra large, 5-6 pound lobster is used as the vessel filled to the brim with decadent truffle mac n cheese — even the lobster’s substantial claws are full of the cheesy goodness.

Dubbed the XL Lobster Truffle Mac N Cheese, it’s actually a secret menu item that has to be ordered at least two business days in advance to allow for the restaurant to procure a lobster that large. But the wait may be worth it, as the dish is a whole Maine Lobster stuffed with cavatappi pasta, three cheese lobster bechamel sauce, and black truffles served inside the whole lobster shell.

If you’re looking to eat some photogenic mac n cheese with your pinky way up, check out Barton G. The Restaurant locations in Los Angeles and Miami.


Stunning Surf & Turf Wellington Adds Lobster Tail To The Classic Dish

Photo courtesy of Michael Ponzio

The iconic Beef Wellington is a time-honored dish. You’ve got a stunning seared filet mignon that’s covered in prosciutto and duxelles and wrapped in a puff pastry.

Chicago-based chef Michael Ponzio, also known as @chefponzio, wanted to do something a little different over at his restaurant Union League Club of Chicago to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

That’s where he whipped up this exclusive Surf & Turf Wellington.

Made with the classic ingredients of a traditional Beef Wellington, the new creation features the addition of a 3-oz Lobster Tail.


While the Wellington was a New Year’s Eve exclusive, Chef Ponzio told us he sold at least 60 that evening, and the dish will absolutely make a comeback in the near future.

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A Super Rare Cotton Candy-Hued Lobster Just Caught in Maine

It’s not often that a ‘cotton candy’ lobster that has an iridescent hue reminiscent of a paint job on Pimp My Ride is spotted. And by not often, I’m talking in the odds of 1 in 100 million. But this past weekend, Bill Coppersmith, a regular lobsterman for Get Maine Lobster, struck the lobster lottery by catching the ultra elusive cotton candy lobster.

The dazzling and iridescent cotton candy lobster is the result of a genetic mutation that creates stunning colorings. Coppersmith decided to name the lobster Haddie, after his granddaughter.

As of this writing, Haddie is chillin’ in a tank at Get Maine Lobster, a direct-to-consumer seafood company based in Portland, Maine that supplies fresh and frozen lobster and seafood across the country — straight from the dock to consumers’ doors.

Instead of cooking Haddie, Get Maine Lobster is reaching out to local organizations and any interested aquariums to see if any would adopt her, ensuring she lives out her cotton candy-hued life in peace and comfort.

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New Maine Lobster Butter Sounds Perfect For Any Meal

Maine Lobster Butter is a first of its kind spread from and Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative and honestly, besides being blown away from the jump at how brilliant this mash up is, my first thought was bringing a tub of it to Red Lobster and slathering it on the glorious manna that is their Cheddar Bay biscuits.

But back to the lecture at hand, Maine Lobster Butter blends the sweet succulence of wild caught Maine lobster and premium butter, cheered on by hints of lemon, garlic and sherry. This next level butter, folks. Upper echelon spread ahead, act accordingly. And that absolutely would be to buy a lot of it here.


Slapfish x Nathan’s LOBSTER CHEESESTEAK Is The Surf n’ Turf Collab We Never Knew We Needed

Time and time again, Andrew Gruel’s Slapfish had proven to hit the spot when it came to satisfying those quick-service seafood cravings in creative ways. The chain is known best for putting a modern spin on traditional seafood, featuring sandwiches, burritos, rolls, and loaded fries.

Now, Chef Gruel has announced that one Slapfish location will collaborate with Original Nathan’s in creating a Lobster Cheesesteak.

Slapfish x Original Nathan’s Lobster Cheesesteak features a 1/2 lb of Pat LaFrieda’s premium quality Black Angus ribeye, 1/4 lb of fresh lobster meat with drawn butter, steak sauce, American cheese, caramelized onions, and chives on a Balthazar Baguette.

The new item will be available in two locations: Slapfish in Huntington Beach, CA, and Original Nathan’s in Coney Island, NY.


How To Make Super Garlicky CHILI OIL For Ice Cream

Arguably one of the best ingredients on the planet is the humble garlic. While simple looking enough, garlic packs such a rich and bold flavor that it stands among even the fanciest of ingredients. 

In this week’s Foodbeast Recipe Challenge, our team was tasked with creating a Stinky AF Garlic Recipe. 

One of the ballsiest takes was Foodbeast’s own Constantine Spyrou, who created an extra garlic-packed chili crisp that he doused over a scoop of ice cream. This unlikely combo became a trend in China, which ultimately became the inspiration for his contribution.

Check out how he pulled off his garlic recipe, along with this week’s STINKY AF garlic creations.

Other participants during the garlic challenge include Lasinya Aloo, AKA Indian garlic potatoes (@theglobalvegetarian), Garlic Fried Lobster Poutine inspired by Cantonese & Canadian cuisine (@hungry_jona), and Roasted Garlic Flatbread w/ Lobster & Garlic Confit (@mkubiesa).

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This Bottle Service Includes A MASSIVE 15 POUND Lobster

Bottle service at the club tends to be a rip off. Spending a quick $2000 only to have two measly bottles of alcohol and some sparklers show up is absolutely shameful. Luckily, Foodbeast is here to take a stand.

At Foodbeast’s upcoming noodles festival, Nood Beach, which takes place on September 1st in Huntington Beach, CA, bottle service is an all-encompassing affair. You can not only get bottles delivered to you and your friends’ table, but also a massive 15lb lobster.

Fif-teen. Just look at how big the claw is.

In case you’re still hungry, it’s served over a bed of luscious noodles, cherry tomatoes, and bok choy, all sauteed in garlic sauce. 

The service doesn’t skimp on the alcohol, either. The default can be Dom Pérignon – two bottles of it on ice – but ultimately, the choice is yours! It all has the same effect anyways, right?

If you’re interested, email for pricing here at Prices range depending on the package you choose. 

So, if you want to eat a 15 pound lobster, see a 15 pound lobster, or just be in the spiritual presence of a 15 pound lobster while you eat at one of the other 20+ noodles vendors, make sure to head out to Nood Beach in a couple weeks.