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The ‘World’s Best Lobster Roll’… Is In Utah?

When one thinks of the quintessential lobster roll, more than likely their mind drifts east to New England, particularly Maine and Massachusetts. It’s a reaction as natural as associating gumbo with Louisiana or smoked brisket with Texas. But would you believe me if the winner of ‘World’s Best Lobster Roll’ at the inaugural Down East Lobster Roll Festival in Portland, Maine last year was awarded to a shop in Utah?

It’s a fact that surprised me initially, but after paying a visit to Freshies Lobster Co. in Park City, Utah, I became a believer.

Owners Ben and Lorin Smaha have roots in New England — Ben is from Maine and Lorin from New Hampshire — so they know a thing or two about a good lobster roll. So any doubters about the ‘World’s Best Lobster Roll’ coming out of landlocked Utah can refer to the trophy sitting pretty inside their first brick and mortar location on Prospector Avenue.

Experiencing a world class lobster roll is a great hook for first-timers, but Freshies has an ace up their sleeve to keep them coming back for more: Lobster on everything. Yes, for an additional amount of $4 per ounce, you can throw sweet, succulent lobster on any of their menu items. So that means, the juicy crustacean can crown their New England Chowdah, their Caprese Salad, or even their Nono Dog.

The thought of getting lobster wasted seems all the more real once you start applying this to more unconventional candidates like their Blueberry BBQ Chicken Sandwich or Rustic Tomato Stew, creating a realization that is all at once eureka and euphoria for all lobster lovers. It’s no wonder the lines at Freshies Lobster Co. rival the likes at Park City’s ski lifts during peak season.

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American Airlines Serves Blogger What May Be The Worst ‘Lobster Roll’ Ever

I know that airline food isn’t exactly the best in the world, but this is just ridiculous.

Travel blogger Ben Schlappig was recently served what he claims to be “the worst meal I’ve ever been offered in a premium cabin” while traveling business class on an American Airlines flight between Los Angeles and New York. Schlappig had noticed that the business class menu offered a lobster roll and decided to pre-order it to try it out for himself. As you can see in the photo above, what he got was definitely NOT a lobster roll.

Here’s what the whole dish looked like when presented to him:

The inside of the sandwich was mainly just tiny bits of lobster and hardly classified as a lobster sandwich, let alone a lobster roll. Schlappig described the taste as “like they took soggy pieces of bread and then spread butter with tiny particles of lobster on it.” Deeply disappointed in his airline meal experience, Schlappig wrote about it on his blog. Following some serious media attention he got as a result, American Airlines reached out and informed him that he had actually been served the first class meal of a lobster grilled cheese with tomato soup.

That ended up just confusing Schlappig even further, as his flight attendant had confirmed to him multiple times that he had been served a “lobster roll.” She eventually admitted to serving him the first-class meal, but still described it as a lobster roll, which this sandwich was anything but.

Still, even if this was supposed to be a “first-class meal,” American Airlines needs to seriously step up their game. As Schlappig concludes: “That this is actually a dish that American serves in three cabin first class, for which they try to charge $2,500+ one-way for a five hour flight? A lobster grilled cheese sounds delicious to me, but this was disgusting.”


Somebody Made a Ramen Lobster Roll, Because Nothing Makes Sense Anymore


The ramen burger shouldn’t have worked. Same goes for ramen poutine or bacon ramen sushi rolls, and yet somehow the latter two still snaked their way into internet infamy just within the last week alone. And now we find that a ramen lobster roll recipe has existed since September of last year? It’s official, folks. There is truly no escaping the rame-fications of ramen-mania. (Not sorry.)

To construct the buttery mash-up, Taiwanese-American blogger Joy of The Cooking of Joy cooked some instant noodles with egg, let them chill in the fridge, then pan fried and molded them into a taco shape. The lobster salad consisted of a pound and half of chopped lobster meat, toasted sesame oil, and kewpie (Japanese mayonnaise).

The result? A welcome submission to the ongoing Frankenramen craze. Although, would it be too much to ask for something sweet for a change? Ramen donuts, someone make it happen.


Luke's Lobster Roll

This makes my mouth water just looking at it! I knew New York was famous for their pizza, but for seafood? Well this sandwich will definitely put them on the map for sure! This perfectly cooked lobster roll is from Luke’s Lobsters in the east side of New York. If you guys are ever in New York and are fed up with their pizza, branch out and roll through Luke’s Lobsters!


Craving: Lobster Roll

Lobster. It looks beautiful, it tastes beautiful. Accompanied with crispy, yet delicate bread, a light sauce of your choosing, you can get to a food coma in 0 to 15 seconds. (PicThx AldenteBlog)