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An Entire Lobster Head Is Sticking Out Of This Restaurant’s Lobster Pot Pie

There’s no stronger confirmation that you’re eating meat than having your meal stare you straight in the face.

Such is the case with this Lobster Pot Pie from Castaway, a hilltop steakhouse and brunch destination in Burbank, California. Chef Perry Pollaci’s newest brunch creation comes with a lobster’s head peeking out of the pie crust, letting you know that you’re about to tuck into a decadent crustacean feast.

Like the presentation, Pollaci’s pot pie comes with a few other surprises as well. The pot pie is actually inspired by Thai curry, which is incorporated into the sauce using a curry paste, coconut milk, white wine, green apple, potatoes, and mirepoix. If you manage to make your way past the lobster’s gaze, you’ll also find a second hole in the pie crust nesting a poached egg, waiting for you to bust it open and let its oozy yolk run all over the lobster meat.

Photo: Reach Guinto // Foodbeast

The dish’s appearance may shock and avert those not 100% down with seeing their food looking right back at them. However, it’s definitely a conversation piece for the whole table, and whoever does order it will be rewarded with a luxurious brunch served with a unique Thai twist.