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Foodbeast’s Audience-Powered Kitchen League To Debut on Amazon’s CROWN Channel

Foodbeast’s Kitchen League has been making noise and causing quite a ruckus in the live streaming segment of food and beverage by presenting a one-of-a-kind cooking competition that gives tremendous power to the audience.

The live cooking competition turns up the heat to unprecedented levels by giving all the control to the viewers in causing sabotages to the Kitchen League competitors as they race to whip up never before seen dishes in a mad dash that’s all parts of mayhem and all kinds of kitchen hijinks.

So think chefs and home cooks trying to put the finishing touches on their soufflé while blindfolded or being forced to dice all their veggies with the use of just one hand. Yup, that’s the kind of dust Kitchen League has been kicking up while live-streaming regularly on Twitch.

The thirst within the food and drink live streaming community for a communal and fun way to connect with each other has led to Kitchen League, the unruly and much cooler cousin of every televised cooking competition, making its debut on AMAZON’s Crown channel, a destination that features the best in gaming and pop culture through original live shows and programming.

Kicking things off is a three part, special King of the Hill-style battle between Kitchen League veterans Josh Elkin and The Hunger Service, and newcomer to the competition, RedVacktor.

Starting Wednesday, December 9th, RedVacktor will step into the Kitchen League for the first time to try and take it to Elkin and The Hunger Service, who will follow in the coming weeks on December 16th and December 23rd, respectively. The chef with the highest tally score comes out on top and gains all the Kitchen League glory.

To catch all the action in this unique tournament, make sure to tune in to the following:

CROWN Channel
Foodbeast Channel

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This Petite Pro Eater Crushed 642 Shrimp In A Single Sitting

There was a summer where I ate about 30 pieces of shrimp over the course of a barbecue. While 12-year-old Pete was pretty proud of this accomplishment, 30 shrimp become dwarfed when compared to a legendary professional eater such as Molly Schuyler.

In a recent live stream event held at the San Pedro Fish Market Grille in Rolling Hills, CA, Schuyler managed to devour more than 600 shrimp in a single sitting.

The feat was broadcast live on Twitch in honor of National Shrimp Day last week. Schuyler was given an hour to see exactly how many shrimp she could handle from the viral seafood restaurant chain.

With about a minute to spare, she was able to knock out exactly 642 pieces of shrimp as she cleared two platters filled to the brim. We won’t know for sure how many more she would have bested in that final minute had there been more shrimp on the table, but her entry in the shrimp-eating book of records is a legendary one.

Schuyler, a seasoned professional, is no stranger to vast quantities of food. In another recent live stream, she crushed 360 chicken nuggets from Burger King in a single session — the equivalent of 11.5 pounds, dipping sauce not included.

Anyone looking to challenge Molly or compete in future Foodbeast Challenger League events, be sure to hit us up!

Those who missed the stream can watch it in its entirety here.

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Twitch Star OMGitsfirefoxx Talks Garlic Noodles & Becoming The Most Followed Female Livestreamer

How did one of the most watched females on Twitch get to the top, and how can she help Foodbeast create their own Livestream? Well, on our recurring interview show Just Warmin’ Up, our host Elie Ayrouth gets to learn exactly that! Enter: Sonja Reid.

Everything we do at FOODBEAST is through the lens of food. This gives us the opportunity to interact with amazing people that AREN’T necessarily in the “food industry.” In this sense, food becomes a unifying factor that connects everyone regardless of what they do for a living.

With that said, we’re excited to continue our FOODBEAST video series, Just Warmin’ Up, in collaboration with Nissin Cup Noodles®. This series spotlights young, up-and-coming entertainers and entrepreneurs riding their own wave to success.

In this episode, we meet Sonja Reid, AKA OMGITSFIREFOXX, who is currently the #1 female broadcaster on the popular live streaming and gaming site, Twitch.  

With an additional following of more than 1 million between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, along with appearances on film and television paired with millions of livestream views on Twitch, it’s safe to say the livestreaming side of the Internet already knows who Sonja is.

With a commanding 779K Twitch followers, it’s no wonder why she’s already made the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list. At this point it seems that the sky’s the limit for Sonja.  

It’s pretty inspiring to see someone follow their hobby and be able to make a career from it. Considering her track record, Sonja is clearly open to challenges.

As is customary in our JWU show, our guest often takes us on a journey following the interview. This time, FOODBEAST Editor-in-Chief, Elie Ayrouth and Sonja decide to compete in a special role reversal challenge that requires Sonja to act as Elie for a day as EIC, while Elie takes a seat in Sonja’s chair to host a livestream in front of her Twitch followers.  

“You eat food for a living, how hard can that be?” she scoffed as Elie explained the premise of the challenge.

Sonja jumped into the editor role with ease, approving story pitches and using her newfound power to instruct the FOODBEAST editorial staff on how to deliver some livestream challenge ideas.

Needless to say, Sonja did her best to find ways to torture Elie and essentially beat him at his own game.

Learn more about Sonja and life as a popular Twitch livestreamer in our latest episode of Just Warmin’ Up.

Created in partnership with Original Cup Noodles

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Novice Female Competitive Eater Takes On In-N-Out 50×50 Challenge Like A Pro

It’s no secret the world of competitive eating has been dominated by male competitors for years. While female juggarnauts like Miki Sudo and Sonya Thomas are ranked within Major League Eating’s top 10, there are only 13 female competitors in MLE’s Top 50.

However, that will soon change, as a new and unknown female competitor is calmly eating her way through massive eating challenges on YouTube, and is set on breathing new life into the role of women in the realm of competitive eating.

Her name is Raina Huang, and she’s hungry. To demonstrate her talents, Huang recently completed the In-N-Out 50×50 Challenge — in less than 40 minutes.

On November 2, more than 80,000 people tuned-in on FOODBEAST’s Facebook page to witness history via livestream.

A few weeks ago, Huang created a name for herself by dominating the competition during the Pabst Blue Ribbon Pizza Eating Challenge at Oozefest 3. There Huang ate 16 slices of pizza in 10-minutes to take the W.

For the most part, Raina Huang, a resident of Walnut, Calif., is an unknown. She recently started a YouTube channel to showcase herself casually eating her way through massive 8-pound burritos and 6.5-pound sushi challenges. Her modest demeanor and shy persona are slightly deceiving characteristics, but once she starts eating — it’s all business.

In order to prepare her body for these challenges, Huang claims her training consists of lots of cardio, and says she also drinks a gallon of water, everyday, in less than five minutes.

It’s quite a sight to witness this miraculously gluttonous task in person. In total, the 50×50 challenge took the novice competitive eater less than 40-minutes to not just complete, but dominate.

Photo/Evan Lancaster

However, this 50×50 In-N-Out Challenge isn’t a first. In 2016, well-known professional eater Naader “Freak Eating” Reda attempted the challenge live on a FOODBEAST livestream, but came up short, consuming a respectable and then world record, 40 patties.

For Huang’s effort, she started off quickly, devouring multiple patties at a time. Unlike her counter-part Freak Eating, she didn’t use any sauce or ketchup. From sitting, standing, and even jumping at times, Huang was determined to break Freak Eating’s 40×40 record.

In the midst of the insane gastrointestinal task at hand, and another story for another time, is the fact that before now, ordering an In-N-Out’s 50×50 has proved near impossible.

On November 2, FOODBEAST proved that Southern California’s most well-known burger chain is capable of churning out a 50×50 upon request.

While a $63 In-N-Out 50×50 is impressive on its own, what’s more impressive is watching YouTuber Raina Huang set a world record by eating THE ENTIRE THING.

Huang’s tactic of going condiment-free might have been the smartest move. Freak Eating continuously dunked his portions into ketchup, but he had to tap out at 40.

However, as Huang mowed through the majority of the burger, she began to complain about the saltiness. Perhaps Freak Eating’s ketchup tactic backfired, adding more sodium to the equation, draining his mouth of much needed saliva to help break down massive amounts of meat.

Either way, it’s safe to say that there have been some long-standing heavyweights in the competitive eating world. Now, the industry should be ready to add Huang’s name to the ranks of household names like Joey Chestnutt, Matt Stonie, and Naader “Freak Eating” Reda.

It’s not everyday someone becomes the world record holder for eating a In-N-Out 50×50, so someone better call The Guinness Book of World Records, because Huang deserves a trophy.

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Our Latest Livestream Had You Create Some Gross Burritos For Us To Eat [Livestream]

Sometimes, things get out of hand, turning funny scenarios into hilarious stories.

That’s what happened on our latest livestream, when we asked all of you guys to help Foodbeasts Elie and Rudy come up with customized burritos for each other.

The catch? Each time a burrito was made, a different set of ingredients were brought out and whoever would eat the burrito was blindfolded and had to listen to extremely loud music. This prevented the designated eater from seeing and hearing what the ingredients at disposal were for the burrito.

Viewers then pitched their best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) combination of five ingredients for Elie to use in Rudy’s burrito and vice versa. Of course, with unconventional ingredients like wasabi paste, Nutella, cheesecake-flavored yogurt, and Sour Patch Kids available on top of regular burrito ingredients like guacamole and beans, the combinations that were selected for the burritos were definitely not on the tasty side.

The result is what could be arguably be one of our funniest livestreams ever, so enjoy seeing how ruthless your combined efforts can be in conceiving some stomach churning burritos.

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Feedback: The Top User Comments Of The Week [Sept. 9]

Welcome back to our Foodbeast “Feedback” series! This week you had us ROFL from the comments you left on our Facebook page. To reward our awesome readers — and commenters — we’re showcasing this week’s top picks!

Y’all lost your mind when it came to the McChicken lover last week. This week, some of you were upset at people expressing hate for Chipotle, and others were super-hyped about Durex’s eggplant flavored condoms.

We appreciate that you read our stories and leave us your advice, opinions, and some of the most savage commentary on the web.

Here’s what made the cut this week. Think you can make next week’s list?


STORY: Former Chipotle Fans Share The Exact Moment They Started Hating It  

Wherever this so-called “snarky Internet” is located, please show me the way! I’ll just be with the other non-Internet bloggers.



Story: Watch This Guy Set The World Record For Most McNuggets Eaten

This was an awesome challenge to watch. However, those of you that said you wanted to try it, we advise leaving this challenge to the professionals.


STORY: Restaurants Ring In Pumpkin Spice Season With Their Newest Offerings

I guess some people aren’t down with Pumpkin spice. Who knew? To each their own.

Story: Couple Arrested For Performing A ‘Hand Job’ In A Crowded Mexican Restaurant [WATCH]

Thanks for reminding us it’s important to always use the correct terminology when discussing lewd public acts.


Facebook LiveStream: K-Town Spicy Challenge

We love when viewers tune in to watch our live events. It’s even better when they cheer us on in honor of one of our heroes, Harambe.


Story: Durex Trolls Everyone With Eggplant-Flavored Condoms Nobody Asked For

You would think Durex would have picked more enticing flavors, but these are pretty good suggestions.



Story: Danny Trejo Says Burger King’s Whopperrito Isn’t Helping Obesity

I can’t tell if this dude’s a fan of the Whopperrito or Danny Trejo. Maybe both.

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For Today Only, Denny’s Is Giving Away Free Breakfast Apparel


Who: Denny’s

What: The diner chain will be giving away swag from their online store. Items include coffee mugs, T-shirts, skateboards, bacon scarves, socks, leggings, and other cool apparel and novelty items.

After the event, Denny’s will post a link on the page where winners can claim their prizes. As you can see from the image above, breakfast lovers will not want to miss out on this giveaway.

Where: You can find the livestream on the Denny’s Facebook page.

When: August 16, 2016 at 2pm and 6pm EST.


YouTube’s Co-founder Just Created An App That Livestreams Food


At SXSW, two of YouTube’s founding fathers unveiled an app that may change the way we look at food. Called Nom, the app is capable of live streaming cooking, USA Today reports.

Through Nom, users can post videos of the dishes they’re currently cooking or from the restaurants they visit. Viewers can also send photos, GIFs and videos to the creators themselves with their thoughts on the featured dish.

Steve Chen (YouTube’s co-founder) and Vijay Karunamurthy (YouTube’s former lead engineer) were the developing minds behind the app. Nom was partially inspired by meal breaks in the Google Venture dining hall where chefs would share recipes with one another.

The point was to create a platform for chefs to work with one another and inspire each other.

Nom has already received $4.7 million in funding and a pretty impressive team of culinary masterminds.