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Guy Casually Orders From McDonald’s Kiosk While A Fight Breaks Out Around Him

There are times when crazy occurrences get in the way of your dining experience, as the managers and employees get distracted and can’t exactly take your order on-demand. Well this video is evidence that McDonald’s ordering kiosk puts the power in your hands, no matter what, even if something outlandish like a fight breaks out around you.

Reddit user TonyMoll successfully put in an order at a Liverpool, UK McDonald’s, even though chaos erupted around him, with chokeholds being placed and frantic managers trying to control the situation.

Usually something like that means you have to wait for the bullsh*t to settle before you can place your order, but TonyMoll was not to be deterred.

He recorded the fight breaking out around him, but continued on to order his Mayo Chicken sandwich.

Unfortunately, because the people were swearing in the video, the sound was removed by Reddit, so we don’t even know what pissed off the customers so much.

While Tony recorded this kind of comically, it does remind us of the usefulness of kiosks, and how you don’t have to wait around on humans to put in your order.

In particular, self-serve kiosks like this take away the anxiety of having the cashier blankly stare you down, as you’re surveying the menu, while they silently judge you for not knowing what to order by now. They also ensure that the order is put in correctly, because you have full control.

And of course, as the crazy fight video showed, you don’t have to wait around while the employee’s taking care of something in the back or trying to input a complicated order or stopping a fight from getting out of control.

You can literally put in your order, wait for the dust to settle, grab your burger, and bounce.

Thank you, McDonald’s kiosk. You’re the real MVP.


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