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Watch This Live Crayfish Rip Off Its Own Arm To Escape A Boiling Hot Pot

Start cooking live shellfish, and chances are they’ll do everything possible to get out of that situation. It’s not that often, though, when a crustacean gets away with its life.

One determined crayfish, went the extra mile to ensure it wouldn’t become dinner. As captured by the above Facebook video, it had managed to avoid joining the rest of its brethren in a fiery hotpot. Part of one of its claws was stuck inside, however, and rather than try to yank it out, the shellfish chose to rip out its entire arm instead. The claw may have been cooked, but at least the crayfish got away from the pot with its life.

Those watching this live crayfish escape may think it was all for naught, since he was still on a dinner table afterward. Upon seeing the gallant act, however, the diner who would’ve feasted upon this crayfish had compassion upon it. According to Nextshark, he took the little guy home, where he currently resides in an aquarium.

For those wondering, the one-armed crustacean won’t stay that way forever. Turns out that crayfish can lose their claws and grow them back several times over. So the price this brave fellow paid to escape being devoured isn’t one he’ll have to bear for the rest of his life.