Worst Shots Ever: The Liquid Steak Shot That Made Me Hate Steak

I recently attended my cousin’s 21st birthday, and this little asshole casserole was being fed froofy ass shots like a Buttery Nipple and a Redheaded Slut, and he was loving it. I stepped in to rock that little slut’s face off with some manly man shots, and that’s when I realized that the only two shitty shots I knew were the Gorilla Fart and the Four Horsemen. Right in that moment is when I decided to travel from bar to bar, trying to learn what exactly were…

The Worst Shots Ever

After downing that AWFUL shot at DOGZ, Haley and I headed over to Shannon’s Bayshore for our next shot. In less than a week, Shannon’s will be celebrating its 21st birthday. Curious to see how they’re gonna live it up. There, our bartender Gina presented us with what she calls Liquid Steak. If you’re a fan of steak, you’re gonna want to get as far away as possible from this shot. It’ll probably ruin it for you.

Check out this week’s episode of Worst Shots.


These Guys Froze Gummies In Liquid Nitrogen And Threw Them Off A Roof

The guys over at Vat19 had a few gallons of liquid nitrogen to spare. What’d they do with it? The  YouTubers took everyday food items and their gummy counterparts and froze them in some liquid nitrogen.

Both items are dropped from the roof of their building to see what would happen. Sure, there’s some science behind it, but these dudes are just doing it for the eye candy.

Everyone loves watching things shatter.

Some of the items dropped in liquid nitrogen were peppers, pizza and a glass bottle of Coke. Their gummy versions (gummy peppers, gummy pizza and gummy Coke) were also frozen soon after.

Check out the video to see if the actual food item shattered more than a gummy when chucked from a great height.

Cover Photo: Vat19


Slanted Mug is Designed to Fit Between Your Thighs


I live a dangerous life.  I like to drink my tea on the couch, usually curled up around or with a cat, and my mug often gets placed precariously on my lap, the arm of the couch, or on the cat (poor thing).  I’m always worried about spilling, but usually too comfy to do anything about it.  Thank goodness someone invented the “Lap Mug.”

The lap mug is “designed around the body rather than the table” and has a unique wedge design that allows it to fit perfectly between your legs.  Plus, the slanted mugs can be placed on a countertop at a slight angle, meaning you don’t have to awkwardly hold them while pouring coffee.

However, after thinking about this critically for a bit, I have one important question.  How do I prevent my legs from burning with the hot mug now between them? I want to love you lap mug, but I don’t know if I can.

Thelermont Hupton Lap Mug, $16 @room2046


Calories of Alcoholic Drinks Displayed as Calories of Food

BuzzFeed-Drinks-Food-VideoBet you thought you were being virtuous with that healthy glass of anti-oxidant filled red wine. Well think again. You can thank a horrifying, if entertaining, video that lets you know how many liquid calories you’re really consuming, and then compares those numbers to their food equivalents.


The video, entitled “How Much Food Do You Drink” has some pretty interesting stats.  A Manhattan is equal to a slice of pizza, but a vodka soda will only set you back 10 pretzels.  Unfortunately for me, a margarita is equal to a Taco Bell Taco, which seeing as I usually eat tacos with my tequila, probably isn’t doing much good for my waistline.  I should probably stick with a Bloody Mary, which is equivalent to a stalk of broccoli.

Do you see your favorite drink in the video? How do you feel about your liquid calorie intake revealed? Watch the video, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

H/T Buzzfeed


Stainless Steel Carabineer Coffee Mug


‘No matter where you are or where you’re going, you don’t want to miss the opportunity for coffee should it arise. Ceramic cups are for old ladies and stuffy Brits. Real coffee drinkers only carry a sturdy Stainless Steel Carabineer Mug that hooks on their belt loop and comes with them on every adventure’. (Thx Coolmaterial)