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Here’s Absolutely Everything You Can’t Eat If You Boycott Pepsi

People got a little pissed at Pepsi’s Diet Woke commercial, where Kendall Jenner brought about world peace with nothing more than a sexy walk and a can of Pepsi.

While boycotting Kendall Jenner is easy, things get a little more complicated should you decide to boycott Pepsi.

PepsiCo’s reach is pretty deep and they own products that you probably wouldn’t even think were associated with the brand.

Let’s start with the big names such as Pepsi-Cola, Lay’s, Tropicana, Quaker, and Gatorade. All of these brands are global and household names that are all owned by PepsiCo.

Let’s dig into Yum Brands, which isn’t owned by Pepsi, but has a lifetime contract to carry Pepsi products. That’s why every time you walk into KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut or Long John Silver’s, they are exclusive Pepsi drink slangers.

Then they have the “Good for You” division, with brands that they deem healthier alternatives. These brands consist of several favorites such as Kevita, Naked Juice, Sabra Hummus, Aquafina, and Sunbites.

Then we get a little deeper with the “Better for You” PepsiCo division, with healthy-ish brands such as SoBe, Stacy’s Peta Chips, Alvalle Juice, Grain Waves Chips, and Propel Water.

The “Fun for You” division has a lot of notable names such as Cheetos, Doritos, Mtn Dew, Fritos, Tostitos, and the most unlikely item of all, the Starbucks Ready-to-Go beverages.

That’s a lot of brands to memorize. Even if you tried your hardest, you’d probably accidentally eat or drink something Pepsi related. It’s not impossible though, and if that commercial really pissed you off, give it a shot, player.


Michael Symon On Sweet Potatoes Being Your Thanksgiving Centerpiece


While turkeys have dominated Thanksgiving dinner tables for centuries, the upward trend of plant-based food options gives way for main courses that don’t necessarily come from a farm.

We talked to Chef Michael Symon thanks to Lipton’s Bright Bite Recipes, and asked what vegetarian centerpiece can formidably replace the turkey from your Thanksgiving dinner. His reply was that the versatility of a sweet potato makes it the best option.

“I still think it’s hard to beat the sweet potato,” Symon said. “You can do a bunch of different things with it. It can definitively sync as the centerpiece with a lot of other things around it.”

Now, if you’re familiar with the American Iron Chef and host of The Chew, you know he’s big on BBQ and burgers, so we’re not dealing with someone who’s pushing a vegan agenda, or trying to convince you to become vegetarian. Aside from being a proven chef who can adapt to any cooking style, a big reason he’s had an interest in plant-based options is that his wife Liz Shanahan is vegan. So you better believe he whips up an amazing Thanksgiving meal that she’ll love, too.

“I have to have a lot of vegetable options on the table because of Liz,” Symon said about his Thanksgiving meal at home. “This year I’m planning on doing sweet potatoes that I boil first, then slice into disks, then pan fry until they’re super crispy.”

So one of the main goodies on the chef’s table will be those Crispy Sweet Potatoes with Brown Butter and Sage.

And if that’s something you think you’d like to add to your dinner table, here’s his recipe, courtesy of The Chew:

3-4 sweet potatoes (2 1/2 pounds)
1 tablespoon olive oil
4 tablespoons unsalted butter
1/2 cup sage leaves (roughly torn, divided)
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper (to taste)

Pure maple syrup
Sour cream

  1. Place the sweet potatoes in a large pot of salted water and bring to a boil. Cook partially covered until the potatoes are fork tender, about 20 minutes. Drain and let cool completely. Slice the potatoes into 1-inch thick slices and set aside.
  2. Preheat a large cast iron skillet with olive oil over medium-high heat. Add the potatoes in an even layer and smash down with the back of a wooden spoon or spatula. Flip the potatoes and continue to brown on the other side, about 5 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Remove to a plate and repeat with remaining potatoes.
  3. After cooking all of the potatoes, add the butter and allow to cook until light brown and nutty, about 4 minutes. Add sage leaves during the last 30 seconds of cooking. Drizzle the butter sauce over the potatoes and serve with maple syrup and sour cream.
  4. Tip: Be sure that the potatoes are very dry before browning in the cast iron skillet to ensure that a deep golden crust forms.

If you still don’t believe that there are many uses for sweet potato aside from pie, you can work with recipes for things like sweet potato fettuccine, scalloped sweet potato stacks, and even some sweet potato gratin.


If you’re like me and are tired of turkey, sweet potato seems to be a suitable alternate route, according to Michael Symon, and I totally believe it.

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This UK-Inspired Earl Grey Cocktail Is Perfect For Springtime And Tea Time

The Spring season has finally transitioned from “right around the corner” to “OH SHIIIIIT it’s SPRING! SPRING BREAK 2016 NO REGRETS!! #CanItBeSUMMERyet?!?”

No, it cannot be summer yet. We’re too busy enjoying la primavera to even think about el verano—flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, butterflies are butterflying, and bees are buzzing. You deserve a buzz of your own, too.

Enter: the FOGGY LONDON, a hot tea cocktail that mixes classic Earl Grey tea with gin, vanilla simple syrup, steamed milk, and lavender. The gin will cleanse your soul better than any “spring cleaning” sesh would, while the rest of the ingredients are reminiscent of springtime themes like refreshment and lightness.

And at the end of the day, The Foggy London makes for a solid cocktail without leaving your belly feeling too solid. Enjoy it by yourself, with your mom, or with your mom’s mom during afternoon tea time (depending how tight you are with Granny).


Photo by Marc Kharrat

The Foggy London

6-oz. Earl Grey tea

1-2-oz. Gin

1-oz. Vanilla simple syrup

Steamed or very hot milk

Lavender sprigs

1.   Brew Earl Grey tea with milk and let it steep for 4-8 minutes.

2.   Combine all of the above ingredients with 2 sprigs of lavender and mix well. Garnish with lavender. 

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3 Boozy Hot Toddy Ideas From Around The World

Tea is like denim—classic, universally appreciated, and won’t go out of style anytime soon due to its versatilitea. And, in addition to its various cultural significances and many health benefits, tea is straight-up delicious.

It’s delicious, and fun to experiment with, too. Just by adding a bit of spice here, a pinch of sweetness there—and if you’re 21+, a swig of the good stuff—you can easily create a truly unique drink. Obviously we’re enamored with the idea of a tea cocktail, given our history as self-proclaimed ‘alcohol auteurs,’ so we conceptualized three to share with our fellow tea lovers (call it hospitalitea). We looked to a few of the top tea-drinking countries in the world for inspiration.

To put a twist on the iconic “London Fog,” we combine earl grey with gin, vanilla and lavender to create a drinkable homage to the UK. India sparked an idea of uniting spicy chai with sweet condensed milk and dark rum to yield a Masala Chai Toddy. And you can’t have a conversation about tea without mentioning Japan; known for their use of green teas in both everyday and traditional senses, we paired it with sake, lemon juice, and ginger to build the “Gurīnmashīn.”

However you may take your cup of tea, just be sure that it’s qualitea…and that’s exactly what you’ll get with these toddy recipes.

Masala Chai Toddy

6 oz Lipton Enticing Chai tea

1 oz condensed milk

1 oz dark or Indian rum

Green cardamom pods

Cinnamon sticks (for garnish)

1)   Brew Chai tea with crushed cardamom and let steep for 4-8 minutes.

2)   Add the condensed milk, followed by the dark rum. Mix well.

3)   Using a fine sieve strain the liquid into a glass. Garnish with cinnamon sticks and crushed cardamom.

The Foggy London

6 oz Earl Grey tea

1-2 oz gin

1 oz  vanilla simple syrup

Steamed or very hot milk

Lavender sprigs

1)   Brew Earl Grey tea with milk and let it steep for 4-8 minutes.

2)   Combine all of the above ingredients, with 2 sprigs of lavender, and mix well. Garnish with lavender.


Photo by Marc Kharrat


6 oz Green tea

1-2 oz sake

½ oz simple syrup

Lemon juice

Ground ginger

Mint sprigs (for garnish)

1)   Brew Green tea with ginger. Let it steep 4-8 minutes.

2)   Add simple syrup, a few teaspoons of lemon juice, and sake.

3)   Combine the above with the tea in a glass, and mix well. Garnish with mint sprigs.


Photo by Marc Kharrat

Created in partnership with Lipton

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Here’s How To Make A Boozy, Masala Chai Toddy

It’s all over—the holidays have been celebrated, the games have been played, and red carpets have been rolled up (for the most part). We’re officially entering that dark part of winter when the weather sucks and everyone’s down with a sickness; the only light at the end of the tunnel is knowing sweet spring is close enough to taste.

But, we can’t taste it just yet, so until we can, let’s try and keep spirits cheery by making the most of the season… aka, drink up! A little boost from a Masala Chai Toddy should do the trick. With a rich blend of aromatic spices and black tea, a touch of sweetness from condensed milk, and a few splashes of dark rum (for good health), it’s the perfect pick-me-up for this kind of spell.

Luckily the recipe is so easy a snowman could do it. Lipton’s Enticing Chai already contains many of the essential spices and herbs that make a Masala Chai—black tea, cinnamon, allspice, ginger, black pepper, and cloves. Simply brew and mix well with the milk, rum, and some crushed cardamom, and you’ll see yourself warming up in no time.


Photo by Marc Kharrat

Masala Chai Toddy

6 oz Lipton Enticing Chai tea

1 oz condensed milk

1 oz dark or Indian rum

Green cardamom pods

Cinnamon sticks (for garnish)

1) Brew Chai tea with crushed cardamom and let steep for 4-8 minutes.

2) Add the condensed milk, followed by the dark rum. Mix well.

3) Using a fine sieve strain the liquid into a glass. Garnish with cinnamon sticks and crushed cardamom.

Created in partnership with Lipton


8 Unconventional Ways to Stay Awake, Including Seaweed Salad and Gummi Bears

Did you know that two bars of dark chocolate could give you a caffeine fix equivalent to a cup of coffee? How about Seaweed Salad supporting your mood and boosting your energy level? Even Lipton tea offers an uplifting new tea in its lineup.

As we’re still adjusting to the end of Daylight Savings Time, we needed a few more ways to keep our energy up considering the days are getting shorter. As our bodies head into auto-pilot as a way to power through an extra hour, we’ve compiled a list of 8 unconventional items to help you stay awake and energized during the day:


1. Dark Chocolate


Growing up, I hated dark chocolate, I never understood the point of its existence. The bitterness was underwhelming and my first memories of it led me to believe that it was a defective version of its superior milk chocolate brethren. I’ve since grown accustomed to its bittersweet, milk-less flavor profile. reminds us that Caffeine is found naturally in cocoa beans, thus you’ll get a bit of stimulant from any chocolate, the darker the chocolate, the higher the caffeine content. For example, Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate Bar has 31 milligrams, almost equivalent to the caffeine found in a can of coke.


2. Seaweed Salad


Next time you go to a Japanese restaurant for lunch, you might want to opt for a seaweed salad over those deep-fried California rolls in order to avoid a food coma.

According to, seaweed is packed with iodine, a chemical that keeps your thyroid hormone levels in check, which in turn helps regulate your weight, energy level, and mood. If for some reason you can’t get behind the seaweed, the fish should help you rack up those iodine points as well. But seriously, that seaweed salad tho.


3. Cereal


I’m a huge cereal fan, so finding a cereal easy on the ingredients that actually tastes good, but has some energy benefits is something I’ll flock to. Bear Naked has a pretty decent variety called Fit, and it comes in Almond Crisp and Autumn Blend flavors.

The Almond Crisp is the one you’ll want for that good energy. Every serving will net you 6g of protein, fiber and whole grains, and all the sugar comes from stuff you’ll feel slightly less shitty about (evaporated cane juice crystals, brown rice syrup).

If you’re feeling froggy, you can grab a $71.32 stock of it on Amazon, enough to fill a tub and take a few laps in.



4. Lipton Natural Energy Tea


Tea has caffeine and comes in many varieties with various health benefits, but in the arena of energy, we’ll want to focus on Black Tea. Black tea, made with fermented tea leaves, has the highest caffeine content amidst Green, White, Ooolong and Pu-erh teas (WebMD has a great breakdown of all of them, but don’t stay there too long… because that site is depressing).

New Lipton Natural Energy Tea is a great go-to option that contains just the right amount of caffeine for a boost to help you make the most out of every day. This bold new tea naturally contains 75 mg of caffeine and 20 mg of L-theanine, an amino acid found almost exclusively in tea. Having a cup right when that mid-morning lull hits can help ensure that you stay energized and focused.

If you’re the type that likes to get your kicks from natural sources, then Lipton Natural Energy Tea will give you that fix.



5. Caffeinated Hot Sauce


It’s the middle of the work week and you’ve been oggling the walls of your cubicle for a good majority of the day. You’re looking for a boost but that sad egg salad you packed isn’t going to cut it. Luckily, caffeinated hot sauce exists. Doublekick packs a sweet ginger flavor and 12 mg of caffeine per tsp.

Now pour that goodness on and wake up.



6. Jelly Beans



Everyone’s favorite jelly bean manufacturer, Jelly Belly, produces a line of Extreme Sports Beans. Available in Extreme Cherry, Watermelon and Pomegranate flavor, each serving of beans contains 50mg of caffeine, electrolytes, carbs (yes, JellyBelly is a carb, just like butter) and vitamins B & C.


7. Bacon Maple-Flavored Waffles


I haven’t been eating as many waffles for breakfast recently, mainly because after the 4th or 5th plate I’m usually making my preparations for a mid-morning coma. The small team operating under the moniker Wired Waffles produces a line of caffeinated-flavored waffles and an accompanying caffeinated maple syrup.

Here’s the kicker, each Wired Waffle packs a whopping 200mg of caffeine (compare to 95mg in a normal cup coffee), a few different vitamins (A & B6) and an ingredient list that isn’t too guilt-inducing.



8. Energy Gummi Bears


As you might tell from the multiple gummy appearances on this list, I have an affinity for edibles that tend to stick between my teeth and make my dentists cringe. These Energy Gummi Bears contain guarana, vitamin B, vitamin C, taurine, and co-enzyme Q-10, which basically means a single baggy will resemble the energy of an entire energy drink.

Now all I’ve got to do is close my eyes and just pretend they’re Sour Patch Kids.


Lipton Iced Tea Scented Pens, Because Sharpies Just Ain’t Gonna Cut It


Some smells just make you feel good. Freshly baked cookies, cooking garlic, that one dish your mom used to make. For me, popping open a can of Lipton Brisk Iced Tea instantly reminds me of grandma, so while I’d hate to see her lovingly-stern face show up anywhere near my college classroom, thinking about lemon tea and extra cash would probably make those Powerpoints go by faster.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its Sarasa Clip pens, Japanese stationary company Zebra has partnered with Lipton tea to create this line of tea-scented ball point pens. Available individually or in packs of five, each of the 10 pens in the line represents a different Japanese Lipton tea flavor, including Black, Grape, Vanilla Au Lait, Muscat, Lemon, Milk Tea, Peach, Valencia Orange, Apple, and Caramel au Lait, according to Rocket News.

We’ve long graduated from sniffing Sharpies or those weird scented highlighters. It’s high-time we started daydreaming in style. Iced tea pens = classy AF.

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