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Pringles Launches New Quesadilla Flavor, Just For A Little While


If you’re one to collect every Pringles limited-edition flavor every time a new one comes out, get ready for a cheesy new one. The brand released a Cheesy Quesadilla flavor.

The snack is based off the popular dish of cheese between tortillas and grilled on a frying pan. It features not only just cheese flavors, but also hints of tomatoes, sour cream and spices.

You can only get the Pringles only at Walgreens locations throughout the month of May. A can will cost you about $1.69.

Gonna go grab a can and see if it’s any good for ourselves. Stay tuned.

Fast Food

Philly’s Best Adds Cheesy New Cordon Bleu Sandwich


If you’re craving some Philly Cheesesteaks in the West Coast, Philly’s Best is as good a place as any to get a quick fix. The West Coast sandwich chain specializes in making the popular East Coast sandwich for Californians. With 21 locations, the restaurant chain added a brand new sandwich to their lineup.

That sandwich is the Philly Chicken Cordon Bleu, based off of the popular meat and cheese dish.

The Philly Chicken Cordon Bleu is made with a thinly-sliced piece of chicken and Boar’s Head ham that’s chopped into chunks and topped with melted White American Cheese and served on a soft Amoroso roll.


We stopped by a local Philly’s Best to get some intimate shots of the new sandwich and, y’know, try it.

Wasn’t bad at all.

You can get the sandwich for $8.49, depending on the location. The Cordon Bleu will be available at all Philly’s Best locations until May 31.

Packaged Food

Airheads Candy Adds New Birthday Cake Flavor Because…You Guessed It


Airheads is celebrating their 30th birthday and they’re throwing a cake party. The taffy-like candy has been around for three decades and, in celebration of this, is releasing a limited-edition Birthday Cake flavor.

Customers can also win themselves some free birthday swag, including cash, by entering here.

You can find the Birthday Cake Airheads at participating retailers in both a pack of six or a pack of ten.

Our personal favorite was always the white mystery flavor. You just never know with that one…

Fast Food

Little Caesars Makes Dreams Come True By Bringing Back Bacon-Wrapped Crust


Last year, Little Caesars broke many diets by introducing their bacon-wrapped deep dish pizza to their menus. Now, the pizza chain is bringing back their infamous dish.

The three-foot-something pizza is features bacon wrapped around the crust. It’s also topped with bits of bacon along with pepperoni.

You can get you hands on an order for about $12. The Hot-n-Ready is usually available between 4pm to 8pm, or you can order ahead for one throughout the day. According to Brand Eating, this little slice of heaven will only be available through the month of February.

Might need to grab a few of these this weekend.


You Can Now Make HELLO KITTY SPAM MUSUBI At Home With This Adorable Kit


A while back, we discovered that a hotel in Los Angeles served special Hello Kitty Musubi on its room service menu. While hardcore fans might’ve dropped everything to get their hands on the novelty dish, it’s no longer necessary. SPAM is now giving folks a chance to make the dish themselves.

The canned food brand is offering Hello Kitty SPAM Musubi kits for a limited time on their website. What was once only available at select events (Hello Kitty conventions), can now be purchased for $15 through SPAM’s online store.

SPAM Musubi is typically made with a slice of grilled SPAM on top of rice and wrapped in seaweed (nori). With the kit, you can add Hello Kitty’s iconic face, whiskers and bright red bow to your dish.

It kit should make for a great holiday gift, though you might want to get a jump before Christmas gets here.


The ‘Pepsi Perfect’ Limited Release Totally Tanked, Here’s How They’re Making Up For It

Pepsi Perfect Bottle

Photo: Peter Pham

For weeks, Pepsi has been hyping the release of Pepsi Perfect on Back to the Future Day as the beverage was first featured in the time-traveling classic film Back to the Future Part II.

The soda company announced that fans will be able to get their hands on a bottle on Oct. 21, 2015 (the same date Marty and the Doc traveled to the future). However, with a premature release and limited instructions on where to actually buy the product, fans were left angry and confused as they clicked the refresh button profusely on their browsers only to discover that all the bottles had sold out early.

Pepsi Tweet 01

The next morning, Pepsi issued a tweet that there would still be a few bottles left for sale that day. Within an hour or so of the tweet, the bottles quietly went live on Amazon and sold out in the first minute.

Pepsi Tweet 02

Now Pepsi is giving themselves a shot at redemption.

Thanks to the righteous anger of diehard Back to the Future fans, Pepsi decided to start making more bottles.

The beverage company announced new orders for Pepsi Perfect will be taken on Nov. 3 at 9am EST. That’s 6am PST.

At least this time, they’re going into specifics. They even have a link to where fans can buy the bottles.

Pepsi Tweet 03

Thanks, Pepsi.


Fast Food

Burger King’s New Sriracha Cheeseburger Is Extra Long And Extra Spicy

BK Sriracha Cheeseburger Long

Burger King’s been making slighter longer burgers for a minute now. While not quite a hoagie, the burgers boast about double the girth of a typical Burger King sandwich. The newest in that line is the Extra Long Sriracha Cheeseburger.

The burger has two beef patties that’s topped with a spicy Sriracha-flavored sauce, GrubGrade reports. It also features melted American cheese, iceberg lettuce, white onion slices and served on a hoagie bun.

Patrons can get the burger as part of the 2 for $5 Mix & Match deal that burger king offers for select menu items. The Extra Long Sriracha Cheeseburger will only be available for a limited time at participating Burger King locations.