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Naked Chicken Chips Are Taco Bell’s Newest Must Have

A few months ago, Taco Bell debuted the Naked Chicken Chalupa — a taco shell made entirely of crispy, marinated white-meat chicken. That limited time menu item was one of Taco Bell’s most successful products ever – and proved that the world was not ready to say goodbye to Naked Chicken.

On May 11, fried chicken lovers and Taco Bell fans can rejoice once again, as Taco Bell introduces Naked Chicken Chips, a basket of golden brown, crispy, triangular bite size, slices of fried chicken, complete with dippable Nacho Cheese Sauce that delivers a mouth-watering twist on the classic chips-and- dip combo.

These chips are begging to be customized and hacked into delicious creations.

As with every newly introduced Taco Bell item, buzz is already swirling around the web, as food bloggers and influencers have found out where Naked Chicken Chips are being tested — and posting mouthwatering images that have the internet salivating.

Still, if history serves us correctly, we should already know that no matter how successful the launch of the Naked Chicken Chips actually are, this item won’t be hanging around Taco Bell menus for long, so get them while you can. BRB, heading to the nearest Taco Bell.

Created in partnership with Taco Bell

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Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccinos Exist and They Look Like Pure Magic

Less than a week after the infamous “Pink Drink” made its way off the secret menu, Starbucks is blowing fans’ minds with the introduction of Unicorn Frappuccinos.

The unicorn food trend isn’t exactly new. From hot chocolate to grilled cheese, the edible rainbow movement has only continued to grow in 2017. With all the other specialty frappuccinos the coffee giant has offered, it’s kind of surprising they didn’t jump on the unicorn bandwagon sooner.

Rumblings about this whimsical drink started as most internet rumors do, with a Reddit post. After trolling Instagram, Twitter, and through confirmations from Starbucks Partners, it was confirmed that unlike an actual unicorn, this drink is indeed real.

It seems that ‘bucks lovers are having a hard time agreeing on the taste of this limited edition drink, which is probably because the official name of this fantastical frapp is “The Flavor Changing Unicorn Frappuccino.” Most reviews of the magical drink liken the taste to tropical Skittles. According to Starbucks Barista, @TheChubbyBandit, the frappuccino is made with “a mango creme frappuccino with a couple of pink powder scoops, sour blue syrup drizzle, and whipped cream sprinkled with blue and pink powder.”

Through the power of social media, perhaps this Insta-worthy Unicorn Frapp could follow in the Pink Drink’s footsteps to secure its own spot on the Starbucks Official Menu. Until then, be sure to grab your Unicorn Frappuccino from April 19-23.

Hit-Or-Miss Sweets

Krispy Kreme Is Now Serving A REESE’S Peanut Butter-Filled Doughnut

If you love Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups, then you might want to sit down for what’s coming next.

For a limited time, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in Australia is serving up the official REESE’S Peanut Butter Doughnut. It’s a Krispy Kreme Doughnut filled with REESE’S Peanut Butter sauce, topped with Krispy Kreme’s Choc Icing and REESE’S Peanut Butter chocolate chips.


This doughnut is the definition of every peanut butter lovers dream.

The partnership between REESE’S and Krispy Kreme was announced on Aug. 23, via a Krispy Kreme Doughnut Australia live stream on Facebook.

In addition to the REESE’S Peanut Butter Doughnut, there’s also a REESE’S Peanut Butter Milkshake! Made with REESE’S Peanut Butter, fresh milk, chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup, blended in Krispy Kreme’s traditional milkshake mixer.

We were so excited to learn about the REESE’S line-up at Krispy Kreme, that we couldn’t wait to get our hands on a box. However, multiple Southern California stores told us that the REESE’S Peanut Butter products will only be available for a limited time in the ‘land down under.’

In fact, Krispy Kreme Australia’s website claims that this specialty doughnut will only be available until October 3, 2016.

Although, if Krispy Kreme were to change its mind about distributing the REESE’S Peanut Butter Doughnut in the U.S., we’d definitely be the first in line.


Burger King Is Releasing Mac N’ Cheetos And It’s Already Breaking The Internet

Update: Burger King has announced that Mac N’ Cheetos will be officially released at participating locations for a limited time starting  June 27, 2016. 

Burger King has been introducing all types of new menu items lately. Grilled hot dogs recently found a home at the BK Lounge, last week we showed you exactly what a Whopperito, the combination of a Whopper and a burrito, looked like, but nothing prepared us what The King released today.

Mac N’ Cheetos.

mac n cheetos 3

There’s nothing quite like a giant Cheeto Puff, stuffed with warm macaroni and cheese. Burger King was silent about the drop for this menu item, and it was rumored that Southern California was the only market where BK was testing the Mac N’ Cheetos. Luckily, our local Burger King in Santa Ana, Calif., had them on deck.

This combination of snack foods is straight out of a Tym Bussanich wet dream. Even though the Mac N’ Cheetos are available at Burger King for a limited time, we can’t wait to see the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos version of this cheesy combination.

Photo by Isai Rocha of Foodbeast

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Popeyes Has Deep-Fried Spiced Pumpkin ‘N Cream Cheese Pies


We’re about halfway through this fall season which means there’s only a limited amount of time left to enjoy all the pumpkin things. Popeyes knows what’s what with their new Spiced Pumpkin ‘N Cream Cheese Pies.

The pies might remind of you some other famous handheld pies also available in pumpkin, but don’t be fooled. These pies are deep-fried, not baked, because that’s how to do things proper in the south. These Hot Pocket dessert-looking pies are filled with cream cheese and spiced pumpkin filling, nestled in a crispy, flaky pie crust. Drool.

Available for a buck, these pies won’t break the bank, but they won’t be available for long, so check your local Popeyes while you have time.

H/T + PicThx Brand Eating


Wendy’s Porks Up Menu With New Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Fries

wendys pork

Wendy’s is looking to switch up your average fast food fare by adding pulled pork to their menu. While the chain is known for carrying more premium items than their drive-thru counterparts, such as their pretzel bun sandwiches, pulled pork does seem like an odd choice for a burger chain.

The new items include a pulled pork sandwich and pulled pork cheeseburger, both of which are topped with slaw and nestled on a toasted brioche bun. What could possibly pair better with these sandwiches than pulled pork cheese fries: natural cut fries topped with cheddar cheese sauce, tangy pulled pork, and diced red onion. Wendy’s new line up also includes your choice of three different barbecue sauces: smoky, sweet, or spicy.

Before you start imagining the tapeworm you could possibly catch at a fast food restaurant serving pork, you should know Wendy’s is pretty serious about their barbecue game. The chain smokes their pork between 8-12 hours and adds your choice of sauce to your sandwich once it’s prepared, meaning you don’t end up with a sandwich drowning in sauce that’s been sitting in a prep table all day.

Wendy’s new pulled pork menu is only available for a limited time.

H/T + PicThx First We Feast


Shake Shack Partners With Doughnut Plant for Limited Edition Concrete

Staple Concrete

Shake Shack is partnering up yet again with another New York hot spot to create a new concrete to appease the masses. This time, the East Coast burger chain has joined forces with Doughnut Plant along with creative consultancy, Staple Designs, to “serve up a collaborative blend of fashion and flavor”.

The new Staple Concrete features chunks of Black Sesame cake doughnuts from Doughnut Plant blended with Shake Shack’s famous frozen custard and swirled with raspberry jam. As sweet as it is genius, the new dessert can only be found in select Shake Shack locations: Madison Square Park, Battery Park City, Downtown Brooklyn, DUMBO Brooklyn, Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn, Theater District, Upper East Side and Upper West.

On the fashion side of things, Shake Shack also collaborated with Staple Designs to launch a product capsule featuring a limited edition t-shirt and sunglasses. If you’re a die hard Shake Shack fan who wants the world to know just how deep your love is, head on over to Staple Design’s shop to peep the merch.

The Staple Concrete is available for $4.30 for a single or $6.55 for a double and is only available through September 21.

H/T Shake Shack + PicThx Gothamist

Packaged Food

FINALLY: Oreo Unveils Pumpkin Spice Oreos


We all knew they were inevitable, but we are a bit surprised they took so long.

Immediately following squashed rumors of a new pumpkin spice-flavored condom from Durex, Oreo has officially unveiled some very real packages of Pumpkin Spice-flavored sandwich cookies. Like most special Oreo flavors, these guys come on the brand’s golden vanilla cookies, this time filled with a deep orange, actually kind of pretty-looking, pumpkin spice creme.

According to TIME, the treats taste “like fall,” “like a Yankee Candle,” or like “chai lattes” — or pretty much exactly like other pumpkin spice flavored thing out there. At some point you gotta wonder whether pumpkin fans even eat anything else during fall, or if it’s just cinnamon and nutmeg breath all the time.

In any case, whee, here’s another pumpkin thing, available starting September 24. Enjoy, ya freaks.