New York Rangers Themed Cronut Available For One Day Only

rangers cronut

In honor of the Stanley Cup Finals, Dominique Ansel will debut a limited edition New York Rangers themed Cronut. The special Cronut will be topped with a red, white, and blue glaze and will be available Monday, June 9.

If a rare Cronut isn’t enticing enough to get you into that infamous line Ansel is sweetening the deal by having former New York Rangers Adam Graves, Glenn Anderson, and Ron Duguay at the bakery signing autographs and chatting with fans. If that doesn’t get some die hard Rangers fans out there I don’t know what will. The Cronuts will be available at 7:30AM so get there early since Ansel is only offering these Cronuts for one day only.

PS. If we’re doing themed pastries to pay homage to our home teams why don’t we have an LA Kings themed sweet?

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Ben & Jerry’s Debuting ‘Margarita Pie’ Ice Cream in SF This Weekend


Fans of Ben & Jerry’s old limited batch flavor Key Lime should be excited about this newer, boozier rendition. Hellooo, summer body.

Debuting at the Chipotle Cultivate Festival this Saturday in San Francisco, “Margarita Pie” will feature lime ice cream swirled with tequila marshmallow and chunky crumbs of shortbread crust. Sadly, samples of the exclusive flavor will only be offered to the first 1,000 visitors to the Ben & Jerry’s tent. There’s nothing to stop you from making a float version at home though.

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UNICORN SPOTTED: Taco Bell Dr Pepper Vanilla Float Slushie


Dr Pepper hasn’t released a new flavor since the 2000s. Sigh, those were the days, amiright? Cherry, Vanilla, and Chocolate soda were fantastic, but the flavors are getting harder and harder to find.

Luckily, a few birdies told us that a new flavor, Dr Pepper Vanilla Float, hits shelves in mid-May.  Welp, it’s May, and the flavor has been spotted, not as a soda, but as a slushier, icier concoction.

Impulsive Buy reader Sldy spotted the Dr Pepper Vanilla Float Freeze at a Taco Bell in St. Louis, Missouri. While we’re not sure if this is a limited-time offer, we’re certainly going to be on the lookout for food unicorn at Taco Bells in our area.

Have any of you tried one? Have you tasted the sweet vanilla-ness of a new Dr Pepper flavor? Is it, at least, marginally better than Dr Pepper Ten? Let us know in the comments below.

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Old Bay Seasoned Beer Will Spice up Your Summer


Just when we thought beer had gone too far being brewed with brains and beard hair, Old Bay Brand Seasoning has decided they too want in on the beer game. Flying Dog Brewery has created a specialty ale commemmorating the seasoning’s 75th anniversary by brewing up the spice into some spirits.

Dead Rise OLD BAY Summer Ale will highlight the indelible character of OLD BAY through bright and refreshing citrus hop character and a crisp, tart finish.

Brewers perfected the recipe over six months in order to fully incorporate the signature flavors of the seasoning. Though the idea seems odd it’s not unusual to see Old Bay used in drinks, such as Bloody Marys, to get that salty, savory, spicy kick.

Dead Rise OLD BAY Summer Ale will hit store shelves in Maryland, DC, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and North Carolina starting on Memorial Day. The limited edition brew will only be available through Labor Day.

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Krispy Kreme’s New Pie Donuts Remind Us Why the Universe is Good


There’s always something to be said for classics, such as a plain donut or good old-fashioned pie. And while it’s impossible to outdo these perfect desserts, Krispy Kreme does a noble attempt at trying with their latest limited edition dreams: Key Lime Pie and Caramel Dutch Apple Pie Donuts.

Key Lime Pie offers a blend of key lime and custard filling and comes topped with key lime icing and graham crumbles. The Caramel Dutch Apple Pie features a chunky cinnamon apple filling and gets slathered in caramel icing and a dollop of mo’ cinnamon apple filling. Both flavors get an additional topping of crunchy pie crust bits — because everyone knows the crust is the best part.

Krispy Kreme’s new pie donuts are available from now until May 18, so you can forget about that pre-summer diet.

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Wingstop Turns up the Heat With New Chili Lime Wings

chili lim

After pulling their popular Mango Habenero wings off the menu Wingstop has debuted a new limited edition flavor to customers. The new Chili Lime flavor is described as “smooth, fiery chilies with a burst of tangy lime”. The announcement on Wingstop’s Facebook page had some customers drooling over their keyboards while others called foul and demanded the return of their beloved Mango Habenero wings.

According to Presdient and CEO Charles Morrison, Chili Lime scored higher in taste tests than Mango Habenero which he says will solidify Wingstop’s latest flavor as a fan favorite. The company is also promoting the #ChiliLime hash tag to encourage customers to show their wing love.

Just like the Mango Habenero wings before them the Chili Lime wings are only available for a limited time.

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Raspberry Lychee is February’s Cronut of the Month


February is a week away which means a cronut shake up is about to go down at Dominique Ansel’s bakery. The genius behind the breakfast hybrid usually features a unique cronut flavor that changes each month, this week he announced February’s cronut of the month would be Raspberry Lychee.

Adorned and filled with pink ingredients, which Ansel says is his favorite color, the cronut is filled with raspberry confiture and lychee ganache. The cronut is then topped with a simple glaze made up of lemon juice and freeze dried raspberry bits before finally being dusted with lemon zest sugar.

Given the pink on pink action, we’re betting a good amount of New Yorkers will be gifted with some of these limited time cronuts for Valentine’s Day. Because nothing says “I love you” like standing out in the snow for hours to pick up some cronuts.

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Packaged Food

The Latest Unnecessary Oreo Flavor: Lemon


Isn’t lemon, like, an old person flavor?

For reasons still incomprehensible to us, Oreo continues to release blasé after blasé special-edition cookies, the latest of which reminds us vaguely of weekend trips to grandma’s house and being forced to watch her cats. Impulsive Buy reports the new Lemon Oreos may be similar to Oreo’s previous limited edition “Lemon Twist” cookies, though presumably with at least 50% more lemony-fresh flavor. At least.

Ahem, anyone for a spot of afternoon tea?

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