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Limes Can Burn You While Making Margaritas Outdoors, Here’s How To Prevent It

With summer in full swing, there’s plenty of margaritas and other citrus-flavored foods and drinks to go around. If you’re preparing these at home, however, we’ve got a cautionary tale for you.

It turns out that in lit conditions, limes and other citrus fruits, along with mango, celery, and some other produce, can cause a skin condition known as phytophotodermatitis that’s actually pretty gnarly. All it takes is some form of sunlight or other ultraviolet light to react with oils on the skins of these plants to cause this reaction. The result is some eczema-like rash spots that itch and can last for up to three days.

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to avoid, according to a dermatologist interviewed by Consumerist. Using gloves to avoid direct contact with the limes and other fruits, washing any skin that’s touched the produce with soap and water before light exposure, or wearing sunscreen to lower sunlight exposure are all effective methods.

If you do get burned, there’s no need to panic. Cool wet cloths and nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory medicines or topical creams can be used to treat the rash areas. If it ends up covering more than 30% of your body though, you’d probably want to stop by the hospital.

Hopefully these tips help reduce some of the skin pain you’ll be getting throughout the summer. Regular sunburns on their own are bad enough, so it would totally suck to get some phytophotodermatitis on top of that.


Transform Your Lime Into a Spray Bottle with The ‘Stem’ Attachment

stem citrus juicer

You’re out with your friends, and they’ve dared you to do the stuntman shot. Sniff the salt, check. Down the tequila, check. Squeeze lime juice in your eye . . . D’oh! The damn lime just won’t give up any juice!

Now you can quit yer complaining about having to wash, slice, squeeze and juice citrus, thanks to this handy reusable gadget called Stem. Just stab your next fruit victim with the serrated end of the plastic tube, push deep into its squishy innards, and spray away!

Stem can also be used for spraying onto fresh-cut produce to protect them from browning, to create beach-bum highlights in your golden locks without ever leaving the couch, or as a pick-me-up perfume when you’ve gone one too many days without showering.

Stem $5 @ Quirky


This is Admittedly the Most Gorgeous Way to Squeeze a Lemon


From the World of Uber-Expensive, Ultimately Useless, But Really Convenient Gadgets (Williams-Sonoma for short) comes the Press Art lemon and lime squeezer.


Imagine this: You’re hosting your annual $4500 a plate dinner for Socially Challenged Purebred Poodles. The food is hot and pricey and fancy. You can tell because it’s the type of stuff that has at least three names and always tastes better with fresh squeezed lemon. Like, really fresh squeezed. Of course, you want your guests to feel involved, so you give everyone their own lemon slices and let them at it. Unfortunately  your men have diamond cufflinks, and your ladies are wearing Bedazzled silk gloves, so juicing a lemon the standard way is a no go.


Enter Press Art and their admittedly gorgeous citrus squeezers. Made of acid-impervious, BPA-free, “almost unbreakable” Copolyester, the little plastic doohickey is dishwasher safe, and comes with a built-in spout for easy juice distribution. Plus, it makes your lemons 50 percent more efficient, so you’re saving money in the (really) long run. The spout also makes it easy to pour lime juice directly into your Corona, meaning it’s an all-around winner in my book. Other features include the potential for personalized engravings and the fact that it’s made in France. France.


Press Art Lemon & Lime Squeezer $8.95 – $12.95 for one or a set of 2 for $15.99 @Amazon


Do Want: Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots


It’s officially summer in winter here in Orange County at 81 degrees Fahrenheit. As we bemusedly shed our coats, the Foodbeast staff couldn’t help but drool over these Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots from Michelle over at That’s so Michelle. The sugar and lime garnish just screams lets-all-lounge-under-the-sun in intoxicated sugary bliss. All that’s missing is a petite umbrella for that extra oomph.

Once again, the lovely lady who brought us Cherry Pie Jello Shots and Gingerbread Man Jello Shots shows us that you can add booze to just about anything. Hey, we are definitely not mad at that.

Peep the recipe here.

H/T + PicThx That’s so Michelle