‘Limeade’ Oreos Exist, Continuing OREO Brand’s Strange Descent Into Fruit-flavored Cookies


We’ve seen Watermelon Oreos, Fruit Punch Oreos, and now Limeade Oreos.

The limited edition flavor was spotted on shelves by The Impulsive Buy reader Sascha, and continues a summer-guided tradition for the Oreo cookie brand to release a fruit-driven cookie flavor. If reviews of previously released fruit flavors like Fruit Punch and Watermelon are any indication to the tastiness of this new flavor, the new Limeade Oreo might stand a tasty, fighting chance.

Feel free to chime in via the comments if you’ve tried this flavor, or spotted it at your local store — we’re interested to hear everyone’s thoughts.

Imagery via TheImpulsiveBuy


Mountain Dew Adds Limeade and Black Cherry to Kickstart Line


Last year, Mountain Dew launched their Kickstart line with two flavors: Orange Citrus and Fruit Punch. Now, the Pepsi Co. soda line is welcoming two new flavors to that family in the form of Energizing Limeade and Energizing Black Cherry.

The Kickstart drinks claim to use 5% real fruit juice and electrolytes in the beverage. Each 16 oz can clocks in at 80 calories with 92mg of caffeine for an extra boost. Although, may we suggest kicking it up a notch and creating these beverages in slushie form?

Limeade and Black Cherry Mountain Dew Kickstarters are now available nationwide at a retail price of $1.69.


Here’s How to Make A Cîroc Coconut Limeade


Before taking a “summer sesh” class at Mixology 101, I had never associated the word “savory” with boozy goodness. A few drinks into the class (the only way school should be taught, in my opinion), 101’s liquor-wielding profs taught us how to make a Cîroc Coconut Limeade.

The drink was as marvelous as it gets. The sweetness of the coconut and simple syrup was cut by the acidity of the lime, while the muddled basil provided an unexpected and bright aroma that ultimately created a savory flavor profile. Heavenly, I tell you.


Cîroc Coconut Limeade

  • 1.5 OZ.- CîROC COCONUT
  • ½- of one lime
  • .75 oz.- Simple Syrup
  • 6- Basil Leafs

Build: Cut lime and place half in a mixing tin. Add a handful of basil, then muddle. Add the remaining ingredients and shake over ice.

Double Strain: Into a chilled old fashion glass.

Garnish: With a sprig of basil.