DIY Koozie Turns Your Freezie into a Lightsaber

Light Saber Popsicles

Popsicles are a summer staple, but the push-up kind can cause frozen fingers, fast. Cue the summer’s most adorable Star Wars accessory — lightsaber freezies.

Crafter Dearest Debi has taken her yarn skills to the next level with these miniature crocheted hilts so that your freezies instantly transform into cutesy lightsabers. According to her tutorial, this project is pretty easy to complete, even if you’re a rookie in the crochet game.

The best part is these tiny popsicle koozies can be used year round (maybe)! Custom finger warmers in the winter, perhaps? Anything can be considered cool, so long as it transforms into a lightsaber.

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Make Your Own Lightsaber Wedding Cake Cutter


So you’ve managed to find someone as adorably geeky as yourself, congratulations. But as any geek knows, it isn’t merely enough to have Star Wars-themed wedding invitations. Disney Princess bridesmaids’ dresses are childplay. A TARDIS cake? Pah, amateur!

What you two need to really show your devotion (to each other and to your fandoms) is a cake knife with a lightsaber hilt. Obviously.


Three years ago, a Mr. Luke and Mrs. Suzanne had a fun little wedding at the Jim Henson studios in Hollywood. Along with the requisite Muppets, Luke injected some extra play into the nuptials by transforming the cake knife into Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber. Detailed instructions can be found over at Offbeat Bride.

But don’t feel limited by your utter lack of Star Wars knowledge (millennials and younger, I’m looking at you). With a little glue and pixie dust, you can probably turn your trusty shiv into Harry’s wand, a PS4 controller, a Star Trek phaser. I’m for one am very much looking forward to chopping sh*t up with a Sonic Screwdriver. Ah, love.

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Check Out These Sweet Star Wars LED Lightsaber Popsicle Makers, Broda

In a 2008 episode of How I Met Your Mother entitled “The Fight,” Jason Segel’s character makes the fine prediction that  “three to five years” from then, he would be cutting his Thanksgiving turkey with a lightsaber. If you, like me, are too antsy to wait another year though, these Star Wars LED Lightsaber Popsicle Makers from ThinkGeek get the whole experience of eating with Old Green pretty damn close.

Originally envisioned as an April Fool’s joke, this “Saber-lickin’ good!” ice pop mold pack features a set of four lightsaber hilts, two Lukes and two Vaders, each with an inserted LED that lets you light up the “blade” in red or green.  Just pour in your favorite liquid, pop on the hilt and in four hours throw away all self-consciousness and stage your very own epic light saber battle (sound effects, sadly, not included.)

A couple other caveats: because the LEDs are battery powered, the hilts are not machine-washable, and unless you plan on making popsicles out of plain sugar water, chances are the color of the LEDs will get lost anyway beneath the filter of whatever orange or purple or Yoda-colored juice you put in the mold.

But if you are just looking for some geektastic decoration or happen to actually like sugar water, have at it. The Star Wars Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker will be available around November, all four for $35 (or less than $10 each).

Oppa Gungan style.

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Obi Wan Cornobi: Lightsaber + Corn On The Cob

Shed Simove is a self proclaimed “Ideas Man,” a serial entrepreneur who’s garnered the prestige of several awards and accolades in response to his work, all of which are readily viewable on his website. In his FOODBEAST coverage debut, Shed has created the CORNOBI, a corn holder fashioned after a lightsaber handle.

His inspiration behind the Star Wars themed corn holder was to come up for a way to get kids to eat healthier. The tagline for the product:

“The fork is strong in this one” …

Shed is currently seeking partners that work in the food utensil and corn farming industries to help him bring this idea to life on a more massive scale. He may want to touch base with LucasFilm, Ltd., especially if he wants to refer to it as a Corn Lightsaber, which is arguably more badass than Cornobi.