The Best Way To Organize Your Fridge To Keep Food Fresh

If you just stack anything wherever it fits, you’re probably not fully utilizing your fridge’s potential for freshness, as there’s actually fridge organization tips that will keep your food fresher, longer.

Everyone has their own methods, but these tips seem to make the most sense for most US fridges.

Some of these you probably already know — like obviously the veggie drawer — but others might not have thought of  keeping cooked food in the middle of the fridge.

Check out the tips and organize accordingly to keep your food ultra fresh. Or don’t. Live your life:


Top Shelf

Milk and other dairy products should be stored on the top shelf, in the back where the fridge temperature is most consistent. Same goes for salad dressings and jams.


Top Door

With the door being opened and closed a lot, it can be one of the warmest parts of the fridge. Butter and soft cheeses like brie, or goat cheese can go on the top of the door without going bad.

Middle Shelf

If you’re refrigerating leftovers, or any cooked food, it’s best to keep them in the middle shelf. This also goes for any open canned food. You could probably sneak in your eggs in the middle shelf here.


Middle Door

Let’s not forget this part of the door, as the middle should belong to your condiments and pickles.

Meat Drawer

Deli meats. Period.

Bottom Shelf

The bottom shelf is reserved for uncooked meats, such as seafood and poultry. Wrap it up in plastic, or foil and make sure nothing’s dripping out.


Crisper Drawers

You probably already knew this one, as most of the drawers have pictures of fruit and veggies, letting you know that, duh, you use it for fruits and veggies. The drawers allow air to flow around the food, and keep them fresh.


Bottom Door

Last and not least, bottled products go on the bottom door compartment. Considering the way it’s built, you probably instinctively did that anyway, because that’s where they fit best.

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Hit-Or-Miss Video

10 DIY Food Hacks That Will Make You Look Like A Boss

Unless you’re a famous chef like Gordon Ramsay or Bobby Flay, you probably have yet to master the culinary skills needed to reach chef superstardom.

In that case, HouseHold Hacker, a YouTube channel dedicated to posting, “quick & simple” do-it-yourself life hacks has you covered. HouseHold Hacker recently posted a 10-item crash course on simple food hacks that will help you work your way into the culinary hall of fame — if such a thing existed. Check out the video below.

We think these guys are onto something. These hacks are insanely easy and will leave you thinking, “why didn’t I think of that?”

Not only will some of these hacks save your food, but it will keep you from forkin’ out mad dough at the grocery store when your lettuce and basil go bad. Additionally, HouseHold Hacker shows us some really clever ways to use frozen butter and how to make homemade “frozen yogurt.” Where you at, Yougurtland?

Currently, Household Hacker’s channel has more than 3 million subscribers, so it’s safe to say we’re not the only ones taking notes.

Happy hacking!


This Onion Cutting Hack Will Save A Lot Of Tears

If you don’t know the proper technique to cut an onion, one of a couple things could happen. You could either have uneven pieces that look pretty wack, or you can have an eyeful of tears.

DavHax found a quick way to get that onion chopped as easily as possible. All you need is a hair pick and a sharp knife to chop your onions with.

Carefully stick the hair pick into the onion. Cut along the slits so that the onion is held together. Then, once you have even slices, rotate the pick 90 degrees and give your onions a finer chop.

Your fingers will be nowhere near the blade.


14 Thanksgiving Kitchen Tricks to Get You to the Table Faster

Whether this is your first Thanksgiving dinner or your 30th, we dug up some sweet tips to help you in the kitchen this Thursday.

Have a wine glass handy to calm your nerves use as a dough-cutter for biscuits.



No one likes a dry turkey. Keep your feathered friend edible by cooling it with ice packs before you cook it.



Make your mashed potatoes as fluffy as fresh snow with by adding a little baking powder to them.



Using a lot of potatoes this year? Wash them off in your dishwasher (just don’t actually use soap).



Swirl some scrunched-up aluminum foil to get a roasting rack in seconds.




Use just about any (sanitary) item to spruce up your pie crust designs.


Put your lemons in the microwave for 10-15 seconds to get more juice out of them. This works best if you’ve refrigerated them first.



If you ditched the expensive ham this year, try wrapping your turkey in cheap bacon.


Blend your gravy to ensure it’s lump-free.


Prep your vegetables and spices at least a day in advance.



Grate cold or frozen butter for easier pie and biscuit baking.



Make stuffing hors d’oeuvres in a muffin pan.



Free up your cooktop and nuke your potatoes in the microwave before you mash.



It’s cold outside! Let your potted dishes stay warm in a crockpot on its lowest setting.


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How to Cut 11 Cherry Tomatoes at the Same Damn Time [Hack]


This trick has been floating around the Internet for a while, but we decided to resurrect it for those of you missing out. If you’ve ever wanted to know how you can cut multiple petite food items in half without tediously cutting them one at a time, pay attention to the video below.

It ‘s simple. All you have to do is put a handful of cherry tomatoes on one plate or lid, put another plate or lid on top, and then slide your knife between the middle opening between the two lids. And voila – this cuts all your tomatoes at once.

The only problem is that if you’re really lazy, you now have to wash a knife AND two plates, which will probably take you the same amount of time as cutting each tomato individually. Curses.

H/T That’sNerdalicious


Two Bowls. One Microwave.


Life hack alert.

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This Hoodie Popcorn Holder is for Lazy, Innovative People


Another entry from the world of WTF Life Hacks, here’s the most efficient, environmentally friendly, hygienically-questionable method of snacking on popcorn while at the computer, knitting, reading, or anything else that involves too much work with your hands to waste time with a bowl. Simple reverse your hoodie, hope it’s clean (wash your hair, kids!), empty a bag of popcorn into the hood itself, and duck your head whenever you need a midday pick-me-up.

You guys. It’s only 2013. If we keep going, we can make dishes and plates a complete thing of the past. Viva la Revolución!

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Making Ramen with a Keurig Machine Makes Kitchens Obsolete


This is one of those “duh” things redundant technology has brought us, like warming pizza boxes on seat warmers in your car, or brushing your teeth with your tongue. A Keurig coffee maker, like an electric kettle, or a regular kettle, or a microwave, or a few hours in the sun, heats water for your insta-ish-coffee. So, naturally, when you leave out the coffee part, you’ve got hot water for just about anything you could imagine. Ramen, in this case, which already comes in a cup.

Pop the top, tuck it under the spout, and hit the button for a ready-made cup of Ramen from you Keurig. Because doing that mess on the stove is so 2001.

H/T + PicThx That’s Nerdalicious