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Betty White Credits Her Long Life to Vodka and Hot Dogs

Happy Birthday, Betty White!

Okay, let’s be real. If Betty White is throwing a birthday party, I would like to get my hands on an invite. After all, the 96-year-old Golden Girl credits vodka and hot dogs to her long, healthy life. Can you imagine how much of a blast it’ll be? Vodka and hot dogs? And “lots and lots of it.”

Now that I’m a quarter century, my eyes have been lingering longer on the eye creams and wrinkle-reducing masks at Sephora. The number of supplements I take every day is kind of frightening. The truth is, while I may not be an OC Housewife, searching left and right for the next Fountain of Youth, I too dread getting older.

Well, according to White, a little bit of booze and processed meat is the key.

Okay, that doesn’t mean everyone needs to go hard on multiple bottles of Grey Goose daily, but she may be onto something.

A study indicates people who drink moderately were over 20% less likely to die early of any cause.

White also adds an optimistic mindset leads to happier life.

“Enjoy life. Accentuate the positive, not the negative. It sounds so trite, but a lot of people will pick out something to complain about, rather than say, ‘Hey, that was great!’ It’s not hard to find great stuff if you look.”

True that, sister! Cheers to the true queen and happy birthday!

Now, who wants to come to my barbecue party this weekend? I’ll get the vodka and hot dogs ready!

I taught Cam everything he knows. #SuperBowl #SB50

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This is how my small child will eat his ice cream cone from here on out


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Why it’s important to read carefully


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Scientists Found the Most Efficient, Groundbreaking Way to Hold a Hamburger [WATCH]

Before today, I never knew I had a problem eating burgers.

I thought it was completely normal for a burger’s contents to spill out of the buns by the second bite. Apparently, according to science, there is an ideal way to hold a hamburger. In fact, researchers spent four months in a lab getting to the bottom of the first world’s most extravagant problem.

According to gaming blog Kotaku, a Japanese television show Honma Dekka!?  brought on three researchers, “experts in fluid mechanics, engineering, and dentistry–try to figure out the best way to hold and eat a large hamburger.”

The research was humorously thorough, apparently featuring a 3D scan of a hamburger that studied how the particles interacted together while holding a large hamburger:




The resulting data showed that the typical way of holding a burger often found the user inadvertently squeezing the contents out of the buns. Following multiple trials, it was concluded that there was one superior way of avoiding spillage:


Thumbs and pinkies on the bottom:


Middle three fingers on the top:


With the uniformly spread fingers applying just enough pressure on the burger, the contents won’t slip out as they normally would. The result?

No spillage:


You are now eating a burger the way science has deemed is the most efficient, perfect way possible. Thank you so much science!


[H/T Kotaku, Images via FujiTV]


Cake Mix + Waffle Iron = Best Food Hack Ever.


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What You Never Knew About ‘Biting Down’

“No one bites down on their food. They’re actually biting up.”

It was the most pretentious foodie fun fact I’d ever heard. It’s always fun recalling where you were the moment some ridiculous piece of information seemingly shatters your entire thought process and makes you question everything you believe in. I remember when I learned how to eat a cupcake properly, my mind was a wreck.

“Since your top jaw never moves, and your lower jaw is hinging up, the idea of biting down on something makes no sense. You’re actually biting up,” one of our staff writers, Dominique Zamora, told me one morning last week.


For the rest of the day, everyone in our office sat there trying to prove her wrong by showing her the control we thought we had of our upper jaw. Within a few moments of biting air, we realized that the person who coined the term “biting down” must have been standing upside down when he penned his flawed depiction of the human jaw.

The jaw is only chewing on food when it is moving upwards. 

My reality is ruined. My entire pre-25 year old life was built on the false premise that my upper row of teeth was moving down to crush all the food enemies I put in its path.

Learn something new every day…bite up on that!



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