Now You Can ‘Eat’ Bacon, Mango, Cotton Candy, or Chocolate-Flavored Mists


Just, NO, okay?

In an awful waste of scientific ingenuity, someone decided to create an “Edible Mist Machine” that lets you enjoy vaporized flavor hits without the hassle of calories, chewing, or actually, you know, ingesting anything. Like an e-cig essentially, but without even the nicotine to help you feel better about it.

Designed by Charlie Harry of Lick Me I’m Delicious — the same guy who created the glow-in-the-dark and Viagra ice creams — this space age-y invention is capable of producing over 200 flavors in mist form, “from mango to chocolate, apple pie to smoked bacon.” For just shy of $10,000 in the States, you can use it for food-themed parties (dumb), or maybe in shopping malls to convince people to go to the food court (evil, but also dumb).

Either way, we’ll still happily enjoy our real bacon, thanks.

H/T Geekosystem + Pithx Lick Me I’m Delicious


A-List Celebrity Commissions Viagra Ice Cream, Of Course


There’s a big difference between thinking about eating Viagra ice cream and actually commissioning someone to make it. Except, I guess, if you’re a celebrity.

Recently, “award-winning food inventor” Charlie Harry Francis (who previously brought us glow-in-the-dark jellyfish ice cream) was enlisted to invent a bright blue Viagra-laced ice cream for an unnamed A-lister’s party. He dubbed the champagne-flavored treat “Arousal,” and infused each scoop with 25 mg of the erectile dysfunction pill, which is basically “…the same about in the lowest dose of the drug,” HuffPo reports.


Though the celebrity’s identity remains confidential, Francis was assured he or she was “very happy with the end result.” Based on the super-subtle promo image below, hell, we believe it. Talk about your blue balls.