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15 Things You Should Eat Before Sex If You Want To Last


The Weeknd’s new album Beauty Behind the Madness drops today, significantly increasing the baby-making potential for anyone who has a listen. How best to prepare? Looking and feeling at the top of your physical game doesn’t come easy, but keeping a few key meals and ingredients in mind during the day can keep your stamina in the bedroom, when that time comes, at its peak.



Start with that all-important meal in the morning.

  • Eggs are the go-to, B-vitamin protein that’ll ease stress levels and make you focus on what you’re doing.
  • Caffeinated coffee wakes your sorry ass up, and even makes you “regular”.
  • No time? Slather heart-healthy peanut butter on multi-grain toast.
  • Even oatmeal’s amino acids will help relax the muscles around blood vessels near your man parts. This results in increased blood flow.



Lunch hour should be your biggest meal, so do double duty and have a steak salad.

  • Slow-digesting, lean meats and vitamin-packed leafy greens are a killer combination for stored energy.
  • Add nature’s butter with the good kind of fat: avocado. Your libido will thank you later.
  • If you crave starchy foods, substitute boring white rice for the muscle-strengthening grain called quinoa.
  • Switch out soda for unsweetened tea; it stimulates the brain and cleanses your system with catechin antioxidants.

Late Afternoon


That afternoon slump will have you craving empty carbs.

  • Use that hunger to fuel up on nutrient-dense dried fruit and nuts.
  • Bananas contain fiber and natural sugars, giving quick energy when you need it most.
  • Even a bottle of green juice will pack in those vegetables and fruit with little effort.




At night, if you give a damn about what the other person thinks (smells?), avoid garlicky foods or anything that’ll give you gas.

  • Fatty acids found in salmon trigger arousal by raising dopamine levels.
  • Pair it with green beans, which will keep your blood oxygen-rich and flowing easily.
  • Eating fried foods will weigh you down and upset a stomach, and the last thing you want is indigestion.
  • For dessert, figs, red grapes and even watermelon will provide that final boost of stamina.

We can’t prevent you from drinking, so down lots of water beforehand to flush out toxins. Rule of thumbs involve keeping the number of drinks down to keep performance high. One drink for a buzz, too many will deflate your loins sooner than expected.

And turn up that music; ain’t nothing better than not feeling your face while you’re doing the nasty.


Four Reasons Why Drinking Beer Makes Men Better at Sex


Dr. Kat Van Kirk, a clinical sexologist and marriage therapist, wants men to know just how much drinking beer can help with performance in the bedroom.

Van Kirk, who recently published “The Married Sex Solution: A Realistic Guide to Saving Your Sex Life,” reviewed multiple studies to reveal four ways men can benefit from drinking beer when they most need it, according to AskMen.

Lasting Longer in Bed

Beers contain a compound that has been proven to make men last longer in bed. Phytoestrogens, plant compounds found in beer that are known as dietary estrogens, overload the body and are proven to delay orgasms.

Easier, More Frequent Erections

Darker beer, which contain more iron than light beer, helps to get you in the mood by increasing red blood cells and overall circulation to the penis, making erections not only easier to get, but more frequent.

Increased Stamina, Healthier Heart

Van Kirk also reviewed a study conducted by Italian researchers at Fondazione di Ricerca e Cura that suggests that daily beer drinkers have more stamina than non-drinkers. The study found that one pint a day makes you 31% less likely to have heart disease, heart attacks or strokes, meaning you have a healthier heart for all that exercise.

No Worries About Upset Stomach During Sex

Dark beer drinkers won’t have to worry about an upset stomach either since beer contains probiotics and B vitamins which adds to a healthy digestive system. Van Kirk explained:

“This means it can help fortify your overall health and be better on your stomach so you won’t feel sluggish during sex.”

And now here’s the cherry on top — there is an actual beer designed to enhance your performance in the bedroom, according to Van Kirk. It’s called “50 Shades of Green” and is bottled by Innis & Gunn. She explained:

“The company uses ginseng, ginkgo biloba and damiana to achieve increased sexual desire, blood flow and nerve stimulation.”


Written by NextShark