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KIND Snacks Announces Year-Round KIND PRIDE Bars Along With Continued Support For LGBTQ+ Youth

Photo: KIND Snacks

June is Pride Month, a time to recognize and honor the historical contributions of LGBTQ+ individuals worldwide. Continuing their support of LGBTQ+ communities this month and beyond, KIND is now offering KIND PRIDE bars all year long. 

The bars are made with creamy milk chocolate, hearty peanuts and are topped with a chocolate and peanut butter drizzle. The packaging dons the symbolically significant rainbow colors of LGBTQ+ pride.

To help raise awareness and advocacy, KIND is donating $125,000 to New York City’s Ali Forney Center, the nation’s largest non-profit organization aiding homeless LGBTQ+ youth. $25,000 of the donation will go specifically to helping LGBTQ+ youth in Florida. A staggering and disheartening fact is that 40% of America’s 4.2 million homeless youth identify as LGBTQ+. 

The partnership between KIND and Ali Forney Center is going five years strong with plans to continue providing vital support to homeless LGBTQ+ youth. KIND PRIDE bars can be found locally or ordered online.

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OREO Launches First Official Pride Pack

Pride month is almost here and OREO is celebrating early with the debut of its first official retail Pride pack. Back together for a third year partnership, OREO and PFLAG National — the largest organization for LGBTQ+ people, their parents and families, and allies — joined forces to create a colorful limited edition pack of OREO cookies, with purpose.

The OREO Pride limited edition cookie pack reinforces the importance of active allyship by transforming the cookie pack exterior into a decorated canvas full of authentic words of love for the LGBTQ+ community sourced from real, lifelong allies.

“We’re proud to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and encourage active allyship today and every day, and excited to introduce the OREO brand’s first official Pride pack, made in collaboration with our friends at PFLAG National,” said Olympia Portale, Marketing Director at OREO. “Words of love are needed now more than ever. This pack is our love letter to the LGBTQ+ community and we hope that allies everywhere take advantage of the open space to write their own messages of support and share with family and friends.”

The pack was intentionally designed to be written on and meant to be gifted to your loved ones. The most unique feature yet, the classic OREO cookies each boldly feature a “PROUD” embossment on the chocolate basecake. 

Starting May 11th, the limited edition cookies will be available for pre-sale online at and the cookies will also be available at retailers nationwide starting May 18th, while supplies last. 

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OREO Releases Packs Of Rainbow Cookies For LGBTQ+ History Month

Photo courtesy of OREO

OREO is continuing its history of showing love and support to LGBTQ+ communities for LGBTQ+ History Month by releasing a limited-edition pack of rainbow OREOs.

The packages feature 7 different creme fillings to mark the colors of the Pride flag. You won’t be able to find them in stores, however, as OREO is giving them out for free to celebrate and reward acts of allyship for the LGBTQ+ community.

For this giveaway, OREO is teaming up with PFLAG National, a nationwide organization for parents, family, allies, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. All folks have to do to enter to win is post a photo representing what allyship means to them on Instagram or Twitter. You also have to tag the OREO brand and use the hashtags #ProudParent and #giveaway to take part.

Only 10,000 packages of the unique OREOs will be available, and OREO has no plans to put them in stores. This is similar to past campaigns, including a 2019 set of “Pronoun Packs” of OREOs that were also distributed for free during Pride month.

OREO has received hate for such campaigns in the past, and continues to do so for their newest one. (Seriously, the homophobia in some tweets responding to their above video are disturbing.)

The rainbow cookie giveaway, however, represents a heartwarming to show allyship without attempting to profit off of it.

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The Struggle Of Alcohol Brands Supporting, Yet Targeting The LGBT Community

Photo by Absolut/Illustrated by Sam Brosnan

Whenever a brand gets involved in a social movement, one of the first things you should wonder is if there is any shred of genuine interest, or are they just taking advantage of the moment.

In 2017, Pepsi got dragged when it chose supermodel Kendall Jenner to lead its Black Lives Matter-inspired commercial, and more recently Gillette caused quite a stir with its toxic masculinity-fueled commercial.

With LGBT Pride Month approaching this June, we’re already starting to see brands commit to LGBT products and promotions, and at least in Los Angeles, Pride Days are becoming a mainstay in professional sports, whether at Dodger Stadium or Banc of California Stadium, where the Los Angeles Football Club plays.

It’s great to see strides are being made to celebrate the LGBT community and maintain a culture of acceptance that wasn’t always there. The added awareness has become somewhat of a double-edged sword, however, and no brand is a better example of a cultural tug-of-war in this situation than Absolut Vodka.

Since at least 2012, Absolut Vodka has been very busy with their Pride campaigns, and just this week they announced their colorful Pride-inspired bottle would not only be available for Pride Month, but now permanently.

Absolut has had to tread carefully, however, as alcoholism has been a tragic subject in the LGBT community.

According to Alcohol Rehab Guide, “Up to 25 percent of the general LGBTQ community has moderate alcohol dependency, compared to 5 to 10 percent of the general population.”

You can imagine the struggle of having such a huge brand wanting to support a movement, but at the same time having to deal with that kind of heartbreaking statistic.

To further get a feel for this issue, Foodbeast designer Sam Brosnan, who identifies as part of the LGBT community, affirmed that “brand ties to the community helps increase exposure to LGBT issues,” but at the same time conjure deserved concern that an alcohol brand is specifically targeting a community that is at an elevated risk for substance abuse.

From the moment Absolut publicly advocated for LGBT rights, to even now, the spirit brand has been questioned for their motives.

As the close-knit community has grown, so has the commercialization of it.

Obviously, sponsorship is critical in festivals, particularly Pride Festivals that often host hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of guests globally. As with festivals of any kind, food and drinks are standard, and it helps when brands like Absolut or even Skyy Vodka provide support.

Skyy Vodka said it has supported LGBT rights for decades, being particularly vocal over the last five years in its support for gay marriage.  They’ve been known for teaming up with groups such as Freedom For All Americans, and even partnered with the LGBT-based Amazon Prime TV show, “Transparent.”

Absolut at least seems genuine in its support, not only releasing Pride-inspired bottles over the years, but actually reaching out to the Pride flag’s designer, Gilbert Baker, for help.

From there, they’ve partnered with the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, collaborated in LGBT charity auctions, and in a unique promotion earlier this year released a bottle literally made from the extracted ink of hate signs and placards from protests around the world.

While the relationship between brand and social movement might always be a little torn, on the surface, Absolut seems to be bringing more good energy than bad.

So when you see that rainbow bottle in the liquor aisle, just know there is a lot of history and thought that has stemmed from it. In the end, it’ll be up to you to decide if it is worthy of being the drink you chug during your next celebration.