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31 Clever Ways To Use A Lemon [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ah, the majestic lemon. The citrus fruit has been around for millennia, used to keep foods fresh and alcoholic beverages garnished.

While the perfect way to accompany most dishes, the mighty lemon goes beyond a simple garnish. In fact, there’s actually a ton of different ways you can use the lemon in your day-to-day life.

OnStride created a pretty nifty infographic that showcases 31 different uses for the bright-yellow fruit. Utilities highlighted include cleaning cutting boards, shining copper, killing weeds, and keeping your avocados fresh.

Check out the beautifully illustrated infographic below to see all the ways to make the most out of that lemon just chilling in your fridge.

If you end up trying all 31 of these unique uses, finish your day by squeezing a few leftover lemons and making a nice cold glass of lemonade for yourself.

Hey, you’ve earned it.

Courtesy of: OnStride Financial
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10 DIY Food Hacks That Will Make You Look Like A Boss

Unless you’re a famous chef like Gordon Ramsay or Bobby Flay, you probably have yet to master the culinary skills needed to reach chef superstardom.

In that case, HouseHold Hacker, a YouTube channel dedicated to posting, “quick & simple” do-it-yourself life hacks has you covered. HouseHold Hacker recently posted a 10-item crash course on simple food hacks that will help you work your way into the culinary hall of fame — if such a thing existed. Check out the video below.

We think these guys are onto something. These hacks are insanely easy and will leave you thinking, “why didn’t I think of that?”

Not only will some of these hacks save your food, but it will keep you from forkin’ out mad dough at the grocery store when your lettuce and basil go bad. Additionally, HouseHold Hacker shows us some really clever ways to use frozen butter and how to make homemade “frozen yogurt.” Where you at, Yougurtland?

Currently, Household Hacker’s channel has more than 3 million subscribers, so it’s safe to say we’re not the only ones taking notes.

Happy hacking!


Transform Your Lime Into a Spray Bottle with The ‘Stem’ Attachment

stem citrus juicer

You’re out with your friends, and they’ve dared you to do the stuntman shot. Sniff the salt, check. Down the tequila, check. Squeeze lime juice in your eye . . . D’oh! The damn lime just won’t give up any juice!

Now you can quit yer complaining about having to wash, slice, squeeze and juice citrus, thanks to this handy reusable gadget called Stem. Just stab your next fruit victim with the serrated end of the plastic tube, push deep into its squishy innards, and spray away!

Stem can also be used for spraying onto fresh-cut produce to protect them from browning, to create beach-bum highlights in your golden locks without ever leaving the couch, or as a pick-me-up perfume when you’ve gone one too many days without showering.

Stem $5 @ Quirky


This is Admittedly the Most Gorgeous Way to Squeeze a Lemon


From the World of Uber-Expensive, Ultimately Useless, But Really Convenient Gadgets (Williams-Sonoma for short) comes the Press Art lemon and lime squeezer.


Imagine this: You’re hosting your annual $4500 a plate dinner for Socially Challenged Purebred Poodles. The food is hot and pricey and fancy. You can tell because it’s the type of stuff that has at least three names and always tastes better with fresh squeezed lemon. Like, really fresh squeezed. Of course, you want your guests to feel involved, so you give everyone their own lemon slices and let them at it. Unfortunately  your men have diamond cufflinks, and your ladies are wearing Bedazzled silk gloves, so juicing a lemon the standard way is a no go.


Enter Press Art and their admittedly gorgeous citrus squeezers. Made of acid-impervious, BPA-free, “almost unbreakable” Copolyester, the little plastic doohickey is dishwasher safe, and comes with a built-in spout for easy juice distribution. Plus, it makes your lemons 50 percent more efficient, so you’re saving money in the (really) long run. The spout also makes it easy to pour lime juice directly into your Corona, meaning it’s an all-around winner in my book. Other features include the potential for personalized engravings and the fact that it’s made in France. France.


Press Art Lemon & Lime Squeezer $8.95 – $12.95 for one or a set of 2 for $15.99 @Amazon


Grocery Store Turns Burglary Footage Into a Hilarious Commercial [Video]


What do you do when life gives you lemons? You make lemonade. Add vodka. Make a crude electrical battery. Free sh*t is awesome. You make a TV ad. At least, that’s what Kent Pfrimmer, owner of  Kent’s Meats and Groceries in Redding, California, decided to do. The initial video of the attempted burglary became an internet sensation thanks to Reddit and brought the grocery store a wave of publicity.

Naturally, Pfrimmer decided to turn the footage of the unsuccessful break-in into a hilarious commercial. Watch below as a man dressed in pajamas, loafers and stockings (so chic!) attempts to hurl a rock through a window and as pastrami sandwiches get face time. It gets no better.

H/T Neatorama


Watch These Babies Eating Things For the Very First Time

Babies are cute. Babies eating things are cute. Watching them experience flavors for the first time ever? Priceless cute. Here are a few of the winning videos from around the web that showcase babies…experiencing foods for the first time:


Babies Eating Ice Cream for the First Time,

Unadulterated happiness abounds:

A Baby Eating Yogurt for the First Time,

Trying to be polite and mask her disgust:

A Baby Eating Cotton Candy for the First Time,

Looking at her dad, thinking, “the f*ck was that?”:

A Baby Eating a Jalapeno for the First Time,

Getting exactly what she asked for:

And the Coup-de-Grâce, Babies Eating Lemons for the First Time,

 Convinced their parents have invented a new form of torture, smiling anyway:


Goat Cheese & Chive Guacamole

Gaby Dalkin never disappoints when it comes to savory recipes. If you’re looking for a great way to spice up those guacamole dishes, this is the recipe for you! Utilizing bacon avacados, lemons, chives, goat cheese, sea salt and pepper, we are blessed with this amazing looking guacamole dip. Crack open your favorite bag of tortilla chips and go to town!


Craving: Lemonade


Since the entire southern part of California is melting from this heat wave we’re in, what could cool me off better than a fresh, cold glass of lemonade. Luckily I have some in my fridge right now, otherwise I’d have to venture out into the suns death rays and go buy some.