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Kickback This Fall With CBD LEMONADE


The other day, I walked into a grocery store and saw an entire rack of CBD products being sold, from topical creams to essential oils. Even after months of being legal here in California, it’s still odd to see such open consumption of a marijuana-based product. But CBD is everywhere now, being marketed as the magic extraction that provides the stress relief of weed without the high. It’s sold in every way possible– coffee, food, you name it. Hell, even Neiman Marcus sells overly expensive, bug-sized CBD products. Now, it’s being sold in a lemonade, as LA-based Kickback recently dropped a CBD lemonade.

Their new drink comes in three flavors, Mellow Mango, Strawberry Sunshine, and the ever-descriptive Lemony Lemon, that can all be purchased from

Now, the thing with CBD products now-a-days is that it’s easy to get caught up in the linguistics of the branding and end up not getting quite what you bargained for. 

According to the wrapper on the Mellow Mango, each bottle contains “5mg of Broad Spectrum Nano CBD” and is also infused with the terpene myrcene, which is a different chemical extract of marijuana. Due to Kickback’s “proprietary extraction method,” their CBD, when combined with myrcene, creates an effect five times that of “regular CBD.” So, by their calculations, each bottle contains what “feels like” 25mg of whatever regular CBD is considered to be.

Now, I’m no scientist, but as a reader of words, my eyebrows were firmly raised. Doing some preliminary research, the effects of myrcene are murky

So, naturally, it was time to try these guys out. My editor, Reach Guinto, and I popped open the slickly designed glass bottles (he the Strawberry Sunshine and I the Mellow Mango) and glugged away, hoping for the best. 

Taste-wise, I was a fan of mine. Mellow Mango also comes with a hit of ginger which gives it a needed zing that keeps you coming back for another drink. Reach, on the other hand, was not a fan of his drink’s taste, but kept it pushing for the content. It takes a warrior’s mindset to be a Foodbeast.

He was, however, a fan of his drink’s effect.

“I feel pretty relaxed right now, man.” he went on to tell me a while later. 

As did I. It might not have removed my anxieties (nothing short of a meteor striking the Earth and physically removing these worries would do that), but I felt relaxed and a calm mindset come over me post-drink.

Who knows if it feels like 25mg of “regular CBD,” the bottom line is the drink does, in fact, have some effect, and is a marijuana-based product that’s available for the public. You’ll see no complaints here. 

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Two Birds Just Debuted A Pineapple Glazed Chicken Sandwich

Andrew Gruel, founder of Slapfish, Two Birds, and Butterleaf, is constantly working to expanding his culinary empire. Gruel is known for pushing food boundaries in the best way possible – and his reinvention of fried chicken in the form of this “Inside Out” Pineapple Glazed Chicken Sandwich is just one example.

This masterpiece comes straight out of the Two Birds kitchen – a well-known Orange County eatery that uses only organic, free-range Jidori chicken.

pineapple glazed chicken sandwich

In celebration of National Lemonade Day on August 20, Two Birds teamed up with Hubert’s Lemonade to bring you this exclusive pineapple glazed chicken sandwich. Starting with two perfectly fried pieces of Jidori chicken as the bun (yes, you heard us), this sandwich only gets more intense with every layer.

pineapple glazed chicken sandwich

Some consider Jidori to be the Kobe beef of chicken, thanks in part to a strictly organic raising process, which gives the meat an extremely robust flavor. If you’ve never experienced Jidori chicken, it’s about time you did.  

To top it off, this inside out masterpiece is stuffed with grilled pineapple, braised pork shoulder, and shredded carrots, and is then smothered in a Hubert’s Pineapple and Ginger Lemonade Glaze for a sweet and savory finish.  

pineapple glazed chicken sandwich

If you’re looking to celebrate National Lemonade Day the Two Birds way, mark your calendars now, because this sandwich will phase out on September 3.

See you there!

Photos by Peter Pham

Created in partnership with Hubert’s Lemonade

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You Can Find Mermaid Churros Glistening At This California Dessert Parlor

Nestled in the heart Orange County, California is a magical place filled with mermaids and churros. No, seriously.

The Loop: Handcrafted Churros, located in Garden Grove, just created a mystical dessert that could potentially draw sailors to their bittersweet doom: Mermaid Churros.

A golden fried churro is brushed with a smooth blueberry glaze and topped with mermaid sparkle crystals. Then, a cup of vanilla soft-serve is topped with chocolate pearls and, like the dessert’s mythical namesake, it even features a chocolate mermaid’s tail.

Those two components combined will sing you a hauntingly beautiful siren song of sweetness.

The dessert parlor is also pairing their Mermaid Churros with a hypnotic new Mermaid Lemonade. The drink features a blend of blue raspberry lemonade and butterfly pea flower tea. Once you shake it, the lemonade creates an otherworldly reaction akin to the shimmering sea at sunset.

If you’re in the Orange County area, make sure to get in line for this dessert as soon as The Loop opens at noon. The lemonade sells out pretty quickly.

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This Strawberry Lemonade Ice Cream Rose Is The Perfect Dessert For Summer

Santa Ana-based liquid nitrogen ice cream maker, Cauldron Ice Cream, has inspired ice cream-lovers across the nation with its innovative approach to formulating imaginative flavors, like this strawberry lemonade ice cream flavor.

In celebration of National Lemonade Day on August 20, Cauldron teamed up with Hubert’s Lemonade to create a never-before-seen — or tasted — flavor to further expand the boundaries of liquid nitrogen ice cream.

strawberry lemonade ice cream

This treat starts with Cauldron’s signature “Puffle Cone,” inspired by Hong Kong’s famous egg waffle, which has become the soft, chewy vase for Cauldron’s bouquet of edible creations, and one of the fastest growing ice cream trends around the world.

strawberry lemonade ice cream

Using Cauldron’s signature ice cream base and Hubert’s Strawberry Lemonade, this amalgamation of flavors and freezing cold gaseous elements create a delicate rose of originality and sweetness.

strawberry lemonade ice cream

The Cauldron X Hubert’s Lemonade Rose — served in a classic puffle cone, sugar cone, or cup — will only be available until September 3 at Cauldron Ice Cream in Orange County, California.

Photos by Peter Pham

Created in partnership with Hubert’s Lemonade

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Strawberry Lemonade Cookie Shots Are The Dessert You Never Saw Coming

If there’s one treat that could serve as the poster child of snack food pairings, milk and cookies would easily be the leading candidate. With that in mind and National Lemonade Day on August 20 on the horizon, The Dirty Cookie decided to bake up something even sweeter.

The Dirty Cookie, located in Tustin, California, has managed to pioneer the simple concept of milk and cookies into one of the most unique and tasty dessert trends of the year — shot glass shaped cookies, served with milk inside.

Taking inspiration from their classic cookie shot glass, The Dirty Cookie and Hubert’s Lemonade have teamed up to create the Strawberry Lemonade Cookie Shot, made with Hubert’s Strawberry Lemonade.

Using red cookie dough, lemon zest, Hubert’s Strawberry Lemonade, and the Dirty Cookie shot glass template, this partnership has created an imaginative and mouth-watering delicacy you can only find in Southern California.   

Served with a thin layer of white chocolate on the inside of the shot glass, the Strawberry Lemonade Cookie Shot might be the best thing invented since OG milk and cookies.

Hurry in to The Dirty Cookie, because this after school special will end on September 3.

Created in partnership with Hubert’s Lemonade


For The First Time Ever, Mountain Dew Is Offering SPIKED Lemonade

We’ve seen tons of Mountain Dew variations over the years, from their most recent Black Label all the way back to the early days of Taco Bell’s exclusive Baja Blast. Let’s also not forget the Moonshine version a few years back.

In their latest iteration of product, Mountain Dew just announced the release of a brand new line of beverages from the PepsiCo brand where it includes their first foray into the world of spiked lemonade.

The two new Mtn Dew Spiked Lemonade drinks are primarily made with crushed lemons, sugar, and a shot of prickly pear cactus juice. It will also be available in two flavors: lemonade and raspberry.

Sadly, they’re non-alcoholic. However, the whimsical design on the can gave us quite the chuckle as to why a non-alcoholic drink is called Spiked Lemonade. It features a cactus spine, or spike, going through a lemon. Thus creating “spiked” lemonade. Oh and remember the aforementioned prickly pear cactus juice? Yeah, that’s part of the spiked gimmick as well. Nice one, guys.

Joining the two new lemonade drinks will be Mtn Dew Green Label and Mtn Dew White Label which will feature citrus and apple kiwi flavors, respectively. The new line of Mtn Dew beverages are available nationwide at participating grocery retailers.

All this Mountain Dew talk suddenly has us craving Taco Bell.


The Shocking Origins Behind Pink Lemonade


On a scorching day, the sight of a bright-pink glass of lemonade can be a godsend for the thirsty. The combination of sweet and sour accents excites your tongue as the pink aesthetic attracts your eyes.

Pink lemonade has been everywhere in our lives, from fast food restaurants to bottles on grocery store shelves. We went nuts as a kid seeing a self-serve container of pink lemonade at our local In-N-Out. Even years later, it’s the only fast food spot we can find that serves the option readily.

Have you ever wondered, however, where the beverage came from and gives it its distinctive pink hue?

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There have been two major accounts of how the light-crimson beverage came to be, states the Huffington Post. Both origins, if you can believe it, left us a little less enchanted with the drink. At least, until the next 100-degree Californian day.

How the Hot Dog Found Its Bun,” a book by author Josh Chetwynd, claims that there are two alleged inventors of pink lemonade.

The first was a salesman named Pete Conklin, who sold concessions at Jerry Mabie show, which was the equivalent of Coachella for circuses, back in 1857. One day, he ran out of water to make lemonade with. Instead of closing up shop until he replenished his supplies, he went over to the dressing room of one of the circus’ bareback riders. The woman had just washed her pink tights in a water vat, leaving the liquid with a pink color.

Conklin took the vat of pink water, threw in some tantric acid and pieces of lemons and decided to rebrand the water as “fine strawberry lemonade,” doubling his business and creating a new drink as he did so.

Conklin’s story was also confirmed in Joe Nickell’s book “Secrets of the Sideshows.”


Pink Lemonade’s second origin, accounts Smithsonian Mag, churns our stomachs a little less.

A New York Times article from 1912 spotlights circus promoter and saloon keeper Henry E. Allott as the inventor of the beverage.

While Allot was mixing a batch of lemonade, he accidentally dropped some red cinnamon candies into the liquid. A unique rose tint resulted from the incident, creating a beverage that sold surprisingly well.

Because Allott said he created this as a teenager, it places his claim about 20 years after Conklin’s tale of used underwear.

Though there’s no way of telling which story, if either, is the definitive birth of the popular drink. We can assume, according to Chetwynd, that the drink was either created or at least popularized by the circus.

Today, in a time of fewer circus folk and more FDA regulations, pink lemonade is made a little differently. The beverage is colored with more natural ingredients like cranberry juice, raspberry juice, crushed strawberries, or red food dye.

Thankfully, no nasty underwear water.

A hundred years from now, while humanity sits on porches strewn across one of the TRAPPIST-1 planets, we’ll be sippin’ on lemonade squeezed fresh from genetically-modified pink lemons. Until then, we’re more than happy with our present addition of strawberries and food coloring in our pink lemonade.

Celebrity Grub

Almost 4,000 ‘Arnold Palmers’ To Be Served At Arnold Palmer’s Memorial

Golfing legend Arnold Palmer passed away Sept. 25, at 87 years old. Palmer will be publicly memorialized at his hometown of Latrobe, PA on Tuesday, at 11 a.m. ET, as the masses will fill Saint Vincent College to pay their last respects.

Water bottles at memorial services aren’t unusual, but with Palmer having a drink aptly named after him, it only makes sense that those in attendance enjoy the iced tea/lemonade mixture in his honor.

ESPN financial analyst Darren Rovell tweeted out a photo showing cases upon cases of Arnold Palmers, saying, “3,900 bottles of Arnold Palmers just arrived in Latrobe, Pa. for Tuesday’s Arnold Palmer memorial.”

There’s no better tribute for those in his hometown to mourn his death, but partaking in the beverage is an appropriate way to still celebrate his memory.

Tuesday will mark the official end of an era, but we will remember him with every Arnold Palmer we order at a bar or restaurant.