New Oreo Hack Series Spawns Oreo Nachos, Oreo-Crusted Chicken Tenders, and Lemon Oreo Cocktails


You can dip them in milk, eat them cookies or creme filling first, or even dump peanut butter all over them. But what if you could do Oreos the way an expert chef would do Oreos? For its ongoing “Snack Hack” series, Oreo asked celebrated L.A. chefs Roy Choi, Michael Voltaggio, and Nguyen Tran to create some simple, innovative, and of course, Oreo-based hack recipes, with pretty freaking spectacular results.


Each recipe in the series is meant to be quick, simple, and reflective of the chef who concocted it. Choi’s “Midnight Hack,” for example, draws on late night food truck munchies to create a Golden Oreo cookie and panko-breaded chicken tender served with banana ketchup. Voltaggio’s sports fanatic-driven oeuvre pairs crushed Oreo nachos with shandies made from strained Lemon Oreos.


Tran’s creation draws from impulsiveness. His video demonstrates how a quick trip to the convenience store eventually turns into an Oreo bread pudding made from diet cherry soda and a pound cake.


Check out all the videos below for the simultaneously most stoner-friendly and bougiest Oreo recipes you will ever see. All text recipes can be found on the individual video pages, along with several more fan-submitted recipes on the official Oreo tumblr. 

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The Latest Unnecessary Oreo Flavor: Lemon


Isn’t lemon, like, an old person flavor?

For reasons still incomprehensible to us, Oreo continues to release blasé after blasé special-edition cookies, the latest of which reminds us vaguely of weekend trips to grandma’s house and being forced to watch her cats. Impulsive Buy reports the new Lemon Oreos may be similar to Oreo’s previous limited edition “Lemon Twist” cookies, though presumably with at least 50% more lemony-fresh flavor. At least.

Ahem, anyone for a spot of afternoon tea?

H/T Consumerist + Picthx Impulsive Buy