Lemon Lime Cake & Lime Whipped Cream

This Lemon Lime Cake & Lime Whipped Cream contains just enough butter and sugar to hit your sweet tooth, but not enough to be overbearing and rot your stomach! It also houses vanilla, lime & lemon zest, and the juices of from both types of citrus. The freshly made Lime Whipped Cream follows a similar note being played by the batter it sits on, also containing lime zest and vanilla extract. This seems like a killer cake that won’t make you feel like a balloon after one bite! (Thx HowSweetItIs)


Taco Bell: New Margarita Frutista Freeze

Taco drops another new drink for you to sip on during the hot summer months. A smooth, frozen margarita-flavored drink topped with a fresh lime wedge. It comes in two different sizes, a 16 or 20oz. cup. If only they could add tequila, and add a chicken quesadilla and a taco with no lettuce and life would be complete.


Vitamin Water: Charge (Lemon-Lime)

“I’m sure our old friend Sun-Tzu would have something fierce to say about preparation and one-upping your opponent, but the bottom line is that when it’s time to kick some you-know-what, you best be ready (you know, hydrated). So next time you try riding into battle on a yorkshire terrier, make sure you grab an electrolyte-packed charge. It’ll add a little bite to your bark”. (Thx Vitaminwater)