Starbucks Japan Whips Up Lemon-Flavored Latte That Tastes Like ‘Cheesecake’


Lemon is what you squeeze into tea and water, not coffee right? But what if you’re craving some good zest with your morning pick-me-up, because reasons? It’s a good thing Starbucks drinks tend to be more dessert than coffee, huh?

In its Japanese locations, which seem to get at least five new flavors for our every one, Starbucks just introduced a new “Creamy Vanilla Latte with Lemony Swirl.” According to Brand Eating, this entails a vanilla and lemon curd latte base topped with lemon peel-flavored white chocolate, bits of dried lemon peel, lemon vanilla sauce, and whipped cream; also available as a Frappuccino.


Reviews on the Starbucks Japan Facebook suggest the drink tastes “refreshing” and a bit like “cheesecake.” According to reddit, the name is also “f–king annoying to say in Japanese.”

Cravings Sweets

Kiwi Lemon Mousse

A handsomely crafted dessert from our friend Dorothy, combining some cream, lemon curd, kiwi and angel food cake. Light and airy meat dense and rich in this rather sensual dessert, while it seems like it may play a perfect summer-meal pairing, I can definitely see myself indulging in this dish during the upcoming holiday season. Stay hungry!