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16 Unique Coffee Mugs You Need In Your Mornings

The best part of waking up is coffee. Maybe not any coffee, and probably not Folgers, but this nectar of the gods is the life force for many of us. Why bother throwing such an important beverage into a boring mug? We brewed up a few mugs to fix that.

1. Lego My Coffee


Because Lego’s are the foundation of any nutritious breakfast.

2. Taste The Rainbow


Drink coffee and poke your enemies eyes out. Plus rainbows. So, basically all your favorite things.

3. Pipe Dreams


Perfect for mushroom tea.

4. Schroedinger’s Coffee


The only problem is that the coffee is both cold and hot until you sip it…

5. Who Needs A Plastic Surgeon?


My other nose is a fucking disaster.

6. C Is For Coffee


Addictive behavior is hilarious…

7. The Call of Coffee


Cthulhu Coffee: Perfect for kicking your morning into beast mode.

8. Put Your Donuts Where Your Mouth Is


Because 8 AM is simply too early to talk your way into a sexual harassment suit.

9. Flush Once For Caffeine


Get it? Cause I have a potty mouth? And everything else about me is horrible.

10. Quali-tea



Mostly confusing, because this is a coffee mug with a tea pun on it. And vestigial arms.

11. The Sunday Morning Mug


A classy way of saying what we could already smell coming out of your pores, Linda.

12. Early Morning Accomplishment


Wanted a medal, got a mug :\

13. All The Rage


He’ll probably be really angry when he actually tries to crumple it.

14. Emotional Little Sith


I’m guessing you take it… dark?

15. I Can See Clearly Now


The only time it’s acceptable for your lens to be steamy.

16.  Snooze Button Managed


Who needs a wand when you have coffee?


LEGO Announces Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart Set That’ll Make You Come Again


Long-time fans of the animated series The Simpsons will know that the fictional convenience store, the Kwik-E-Mart, is one of the more prominently featured landmarks of the show. Now, it looks like the establishment will be making its way into the LEGO family, set to hit stores in early May.

A few noteworthy items in this detail-packed play-set include miniature donuts, a Squishie machine, heat lamp hot dogs, and tons of other snacks and beverages found throughout the show’s long-running history.

Featuring 2,179 pieces, the Kwik-E-Mart will also come with a few familiar faces of the famed show. This includes proprietor Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, articulate outlaw Snake Jailbird, police chief Clancy Wiggum, Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson and Bort Bart Simpson.

As with all LEGO products, expect your wallet to take a pretty decent hit. The suggested retail price of the Kwik-E-Mart set will run about $199 US.


Needless to say, it’s definitely on our next Christmas list.


Edible Chocolate Lego Bricks Designed by Akihiro Mizuuchi

Chocolate Lego

Japanese designer Akihiro Mizuuchi was able to make the ultimate childhood toy — LEGO — even better by turning them into chocolate. Oh, yes.

Sure there have already been measly attempts at creating edible Lego, like those hard candy versions you can find at the corner store. But Mizuuchi’s chocolate variety makes for an even tastier building block.

Chocolate Lego


Chocolate Lego

Although chocolate might melt fairly easily, it seems as though the choco-LEGO still fit together like the standard versions. Still, worst case scenario if they do get messy?  You’d have a pile of chocolate waiting to be eaten. Man, that would stink.

Picthx Behance


Lego Shot Glasses Worth Stubbing Your Foot For


There’s a reason they give Legos to children, and not drunken adults. Sure, both are highly irresponsible and likely to lose the tiny, colorful building blocks, or try to eat them, or use them in any fashion other than the recommended play. But at least children are resilient. If they hurt themselves stepping barefoot on a Lego, they’ll be able to bounce back. If a drunken adult does it, well, have you ever wondered what it might feel like to be hungover in your head and your foot?

Not like that’ll stop us from using these Lego shot glasses though. New from Think Geek, these Build-On Brick Shot Glasses are perfectly compatible with regular Lego pieces, allowing kidults everywhere to indulge in as much Lego-themed debauchery as they please. (Think: sticking little Lego men on the side of the glass or trying to build a whole city in under an hour.) Especially crafty drinkers might even attempt to build flat Lego slippers to guard against the inevitable plastic shrapnel that’ll wind up in their carpets the next morning. For everyone else, it was nice knowing your feet?


Build on Brick Shot Glasses: set of 4 for $20 @ Think Geek

H/T Design Taxi


A Kit Kat x Lego Set You Can Actually Break Apart


Kit Kat, current kingpins of the catchy candy commercial scene, have just given us a new reason to play with our food — a Kit Kat-inspired Lego playset, featuring authentic details from the actual candy.

According to Lego blog The Brick Fan, the Kit Kat team designed the set during one of their “occupational breaks.” Dubbed #LegoKITKAT, the concept comes complete with a bright red, international Kit Kat packaging outer “wrapper,” four layered “chocolate wafer” sticks, and a set number (27325). Judging by the promotional images, you could also use the set to create a Kit Kat bald eagle, Kit Kat tyrannosaurus, and a Kit Kat fighter plane.


Unfortunately, the set is just a mock-up for now, but that’s no reason we shouldn’t all try to recreate the thing ourselves. Break Time, Any Time.

H/T + Picthx Nerdalicious


These Lego Dishes are Deliciously Adorkable


These Lego dishes look good enough to eat, but don’t because you might crack a tooth.

Lego Brick Artist, Sachiko Akinaga, uses your average Lego assortment sets and builds incredible pieces, but her food creations are what has us drooling.

It’s hard enough to build a freaking Lego set that comes with the instructions but Akinaga has managed to recreate dishes such as a waffle dripping in syrup, a hamburger topped with all the fix-ins, an assortment of sushi and even a banana that you can peel open. A Lego banana. That. Peels. Open. Are you kidding me?


Akinaga competes in Lego building competitions and has been a Lego Artist for over ten years. Check out more of her delicious pieces below:



H/T + PicThx LivBit, Let’s Brick


This is a Bacon Weave Salad Bowl


This may be premature, but it feels like bacon is making a comeback, folks – not (or not just) for being delicious, but for basically being the Legos of the cooking world.

From bacon weave grilled cheese sandwiches, to bacon weave pizzas and even bacon weave breakfast burritos, these salty, crispy, scrumptious strips of fried pork fat seem to know no transformative bounds.

Boys and girls, meet your new favorite way to eat salad: The bacon weave tostada bowl.

H/T + Picthx 9GAG


Here’s What A Bowl of Lego Ramen Soup Looks Like

Winter really is the most wonderful time of the year for this food blogger; not because of the parties for hosting, nor marshmallows for roasting, nor the caroling out in the snow (as if we ever get snow down in Southern California). No, winter means it’s the perfect time to enjoy a nice piping-hot bowl of soul-soothing ramen noodle soup. Of course, nobody is more aware of that fact than the nation of Japan, where the University of Tokyo has offered up this creative iteration of one of the nation’s most celebrated ramen establishments using Legos.

The display was part of the school’s 63rd Komaba Festival which hosts more than 100,000 people and is one of Tokyo’s largest festivals. The exhibition piece was inspired by Ramen Jiro, a tokyo-based ramen shop that is renown throughout the country and has even made The Guardian’s 50 Best Things to Eat in the World. The ramen shop is known for its thick and hearty pork bone, or tonkotsu broth piled high with a mountain of green onions, beansprouts, cabbage and pork belly slices, or chashu. That might explain why this particular Lego bowl looks like someone sneezed a random assortment of building blocks on top of it. Here’s a glimpse of what the real deal looks like:

via Rocketnews24/ photo courtesy of Rameniac