CLICK BAIT: Leaked Video of the iPhone 6 Shows All Delicious New Features


In the weeks and days leading up to Apple’s Sept. 9 press conference, there has been much speculation on the look and feel of the upcoming iPhone 6. Your boy Doldo411 recently posted an exclusive video appropriately titled “Is this the new iPhone 6?” In it, he thoroughly examines what could possibly be the new iPhone.

There’s been tons of YouTube uploads on supposed early leaks for the iPhone 6 design leading up to Sept. 9. This by far is the best one out there, not only in possible validity but also in the quality of tests he runs the model through compared to the previous design. Real intensive stuff.

We’re not going to ruin the experience for you, but you can see for yourselves if this is the real deal. Since the official Apple announcement is happening in a day, we’ll find out soon enough.

H/T Phone Arena