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Pepsi-Chicken Flavored Lay’s Potato Chips Hit China

If you take a walk down the chip aisle, you’ll quickly notice that Lay’s enjoys messing around with different flavored potato chips like its BLT flavor and Spicy Ketchup, to name a few.

Folks in China will have a chance to try the newest flavor consisting of Pepsi-Cola and Chicken. Yes, you read that right, both flavors mixed into one.

The concept of Pepsi and chicken isn’t exactly new as cola seems to be commonly used in Chinese cooking, so the chip flavor makes sense in that perspective.

As far as the brand fusion between Pepsi-Cola and Lay’s potato chips, it’s all in the family of PepsiCo, so there’s no surprise there either.

Lay’s launches a new flavor every year and Pepsi Chicken appeared to be its biggest one in China so far.

Adage described the flavor as, “Similar to barbecue with a sugary aftertaste.” They also said there’s very little Pepsi taste other than a hint of fizzed out soda. Sounds like Pepsi to me! #TeamCoke.

PepsiCo has been making a big push in China, as in 2010 it made a three-year, $2.5 billion investment.

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Here’s How to Make Chocolate Pop Rocks Potato Chips, For a Fireworks Show of Flavor in Your Mouth

I’m not sure which is more upsetting, the fact that I didn’t know Chocolate Pop Rocks existed, or the fact that last time I visited instructable user lmnopeas‘s page, I somehow managed to completely miss this recipe.

In any case, here’s the brilliant step-by-step, with my sincerest apologies to the world for making you all wait so long to see it.

Because “the salt and crunch from the chip, mixed with the exploding popping candy creates a fireworks-show of flavor in your mouth!”

Chocolate Pop Rock Potato Chips


  • 1 Bar of Special Dark Chocolate or Chocolate Bar of Choice
  • 1 Container of Lays Stax Potato Chips or Chips of Choice
  • 3 Bags of Chocolate Pop Rocks


  • Baking sheet lined with wax paper
  • Double Boiler to melt chocolate

Step 1: Melt Chocolate

To melt the chocolate, place a heavy bottomed sauce pan filled half way with water on the stove. Turn stove on to medium-low heat. In the meantime, unwrap chocolate bar and chop it into small pieces.

Once the water begins to simmer, turn heat to low and place a heat-proof bowl on top. Place chopped chocolate inside bowl and stir slowly until chocolate melts.

Remove bowl from heat.

Step 2: Make the Chocolate Pop Rock Potato Chips

Place potato chips on a plate and pop rocks in a bowl. Using a spatula or silicone brush, gently brush a coat of the chocolate onto the potato chip. Then sprinkle the potato chip with pop rocks. You only need a couple of pop rocks per potato chip. Place chips on a wax sheet lined baking sheet.

Repeat until all of the pop rocks are gone. You may have a small amount of chocolate left over.

Place baking sheet in refrigerator for no longer than 3-4 minutes. You just need the chocolate to firm up a little. Remove from the refrigerator and enjoy!

[Photo and recipe credit: Lisa Trifiro]

Packaged Food

Lay’s Releases Classic BLT-flavored Potato Chips

Lay’s, one of America’s leading potato chip companies has just introduced Lay’s Classic BLT-flavored Potato Chips. The chips aim to celebrate one of America’s favorite sandwiches — the bacon, lettuce and tomato (BLT). The new flavor will start to arrive on store shelves nationwide this month.

Through some miracle of flavor-technology, the Lay’s Brand has somehow incorporated the tastes of “crispy bacon, refreshing lettuce and a sliver of tomato in every crunch.”

The bags will come in three sizes: a 1.9 oz. bag for a suggested retail price of $1.09; a 2.9 oz. bag for a suggested retail price of $1.49; and a 10 oz. bag for a suggested retail price of $4.29.