A Homophobic Cake Is The Center of Two Whole Foods Lawsuits

In a back-and-forth legal battle, Whole Foods Market is now countersuing a man who claimed a cake he purchased from a Whole Foods bakery was purposely tarnished with offensive and homophobic language to cause him emotional harm.

Pastor Jordan Brown said he asked for the phrase, “Love Wins,” to be written on his cake, but he later discovered the word “fag” had been deliberately added to his requested inscription.

A video below was uploaded to the YouTube channel of Kaplan Law Firm, an employment and civil right attorney representing Brown.

Now, in a twist of legal events, Whole Foods filed a defamation counter-lawsuit, Tuesday. Whole Foods also released a statement on the Newsroom section of their website.

Whole Foods Cake

Whole Foods has also posted a video that appears to show Brown purchasing the defaced pastry on. There are now questions surrounding the location of the scannable UPC label, which appears to be on box top during the time of purchase, but seem to move in Brown’s video.

Whole Foods is requesting a trial — so the whole truth to this fiasco could be far from over.

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This Tweet Got A Chipotle Employee Fired, Here’s How He Fought Back

After taking into consideration all of the crazy shit that Chipotle has been in the news for lately, it’s a bit baffling to me that they continue to flex their consistently deflating muscle. After all, you would think that spreading the norovirus, dealing with an E. Coli outbreak and allowing salmonella to take root in the food would be enough to keep the Chipotle powers at bay. One employee, however, was not spared the rod.

James Kennedy, 38, was fired from Chipotle last year after his superiors caught wind of a questionable tweet he tweeted. In fact, Kennedy’s comments were actually just a response to another member of the twitterverse claiming they received a free meal. Kennedy responded by saying, “@ChipotleTweets, nothing is free, only cheap #labor. Crew members make only $8.50hr how much is that steak bowl really?”

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 1.57.14 PM

According to Matt Stone from Law Newz, Kennedy was initially warned about the tweet and was asked to take it down. He ended up getting fired two weeks later after circulating a petition claiming that Chipotle’s employees don’t get breaks. Chipotle representatives have been claiming the two issues are separate and were judged as so, yet anyone can see that it’s quite likely that Kennedy was fired thanks to a combination of the two. Kennedy felt as though he was wrongly terminated, and after Judge Susan Flynn ruled in his favor and pointed out what Chipotle did wrong, it was easy to see that he was right.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 1.59.55 PM

Judge Flynn determined that Kennedy’s comments were not to be considered “disparaging, false” comments, as Kennedy was initially told by his supervisor. Rather, she decided that Chipotle’s rules on posting to social media violated federal labor laws, resulting in her verdict ordering the massive fast food chain to give him his job back, pay him for lost wages and to start posting signs clarifying the employee policies.

“You cannot deny that their food is delicious, but their labor policies were atrocious,” said Kennedy shortly after Judge Flynn made her ruling.



Photo Credit: CNBC, Wilx, Philly


Starbucks Gets Sued For Shortening Lattes


Looks like Starbucks is in some hot water with a couple of latte enthusisats. Two Californian coffee lovers are suing the company for under-filling their lattes, according to Law 360.

Apparently, the foam that reaches the brim of the cup should not count towards being coffee.

Siera Strumlauf and Benjamin Robles claim that regardless of cup size, their lattes are lacking actual latte by at least 25 percent every time they order.

According to the suit, while the milk goes to the rim sometimes:

In the food science community, as well as in the weights and measures community, foam is not measured on a volumetric basis.

They blame Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz for cutting costs and reducing the milk that goes into the hot beverage.Looks like he’s got a latte explain’ to do.

Strumlauf and Robles are currently seeking an unspecified amount of damages.

Photo: Starbucks Facebook, h/t Law 360

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McDonald’s Is Getting Sued Over ‘Fake Cheese’ In Mozz Sticks

It’s been a few years since the McDonald’s pink slime footage made its way into the public eye, and left people wondering, ‘that’s real food?’ Well, the proof may be in the pudding — er ah, mozzarella sticks.


McDonald’s Corp. could be at the center of another lawsuit, allegedly due to making false advertising claims on the naturalness of the cheese found in their mozzarella sticks.

Apparently, a customer, Chris Howe, brought fourth the lawsuit citing the $1.29 item did not contain 100 percent real cheese. Howe claims the mozzarella sticks are made with a “filler” containing starch, which, according to the FDA is a big no-no.

McDonald’s Corp. claims it is following federal regulations and the cheese used for the mozzarella sticks is, in fact, real. Well, if cheese happens to be found inside the mozzarella sticks at all.

form thh/t: (grubstreet, CBS LA)


Drunk Taco Bell Exec Who Attacked an Uber Driver is Now Suing Him For $5 Million


The Taco Bell executive who violently attacked an Uber driver last year is reportedly suing his victim for $5 million for recording the incident. To add insult to injury, the plaintiff stated that the driver himself is to blame for any injuries he suffered during the incident.

The suit was filed just a month after Benjamin Golden issued a statement saying that he “never should have slapped Uber driver Edward Caban” and had “deep regret” for his conduct.

The court filing, which CNBC obtained from the Orange County Superior Court, made little mention of the previous case.


The unfortunate encounter in Oct. 30 saw the helpless Caban being continuously slapped on the head by Golden, who was arrested and then fired after the video of the attack went viral.

The video showed Golden’s violent assault on Caban after he is told to get out of the car for being too intoxicated. Golden was arrested after the incident and charged with assault and battery. He was then fired by Taco Bell where he worked as a marketing manager days later. Caban, on the other hand, quit Uber and filed a case against Golden for “assault and infliction of emotional distress.”

In Golden’s new legal filings, he asserts that Caban recorded him without Golden’s consent and cites the California penal code, which states a person cannot intentionally record a conversation with someone else “without the consent of all parties.”

Golden’s claim for $5 million in damages from Caban is in direct contrast to his lawyers Courtney Pilchman and Anita Kay earlier having said that Golden wanted to “sincerely apologize” to the driver for the incident and that he was “extremely remorseful.

Written by Ryan General, NextShark


Trader Joe’s Catching Heat For Allegedly Under-filling Tuna Cans


A class-action lawsuit was filed against Trader Joe’s that claims the chain isn’t filling its tuna cans enough to meet federal standards.

These allegations specifically fall on the Albacore Tuna in Water Half Salt and Albacore Tuna in Olive Oil Salt Added. So the cans of tuna are five ounces in size. However, they’re only required by law to have at least 3 ounces of fish in them.

Allegedly, Trader Joe’s Tuna in Water Half Salt only average 2.43 ounces per can and its Tuna in Olive Oil Salt Added averaged 2.87. Neither of those averages meet the 3-ounce federal standard. While those numbers don’t seem like much, consumers are getting about 25 and 11 percent less fish than they’re expecting.

According to the lawsuit, every can of Trader Joe’s tuna the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration tested didn’t meet the fill requirement and was shy of 3 ounces.

Photo: Google Maps

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Angry Mother Gets The Ball Rolling With First Chipotle Norovirus Lawsuit


Earlier this month, Boston became ground zero for a massive norovirus outbreak originating from a Chipotle near the campus of Boston University. With about 150 cases reported, the first lawsuit is underway.

The mother of a 16-year-old kid who ate a burrito and caught the norovirus sued the chain for damages her son suffered through, the Globe reports.

Currently, their attorney Bill Marler has represented a fair amount of Chipotle customer lawsuits. His credentials include those who got sick recently from the E. coli outbreak in the West Coast.

Marler spoke to the Globe and told them he’s also been speaking with students from Boston College who also got sick from Chipotle.

The restaurant was inspected by Health officials and was cited for three major violations which included failure to cook chicken and beef at the proper temperature and an employee being sick while on the job.

Currently, the restaurant location remains closed.

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1,000 McDonald’s Customers Exposed To Hepatitis A, You Bet There’s A Lawsuit Brewing


Scary news in the world of fast food. A McDonald’s operator of a Waterloo, NY, franchise was sued by a customer after one of the restaurant’s employees exposed patrons to hepatitis A, Reuters reports. The virus is known for causing contagious liver infections which causes the liver to inflame and might affect function.

The Seneca County Health Department confirmed the case of hepatitis A on Nov. 13 in the fast food employee. Filed in New York City, the lawsuit seeks class-action status for anyone who could be potentially affected. The number of patrons is believed to be 1,000 or more.

By not washing his or her hands, the worker with the virus can contaminate food, dishes, utensils and even drinks.

While public health officials says that diners had a low risk of contracting Hep A, they still urge anyone who ate food at the McDonald’s locations on Nov. 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8 to get treatment if they had not been vaccinated for Hep A.