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Chipotle Is Being Sued For Allegedly Faking Burrito Calorie Count


It seems Chipotle is once again facing the anger of its patrons.

MyNewsLA reports that the quick service restaurant company is getting sued yet again. This time, it’s for allegedly lying to customers about their burritos’ calorie content.

After multiple customers took a photo of Chipotle’s store menu, they pointed out something a little peculiar about one of the burritos offered. ScottWeier posted this image on his Twitter.

As you can see, the recently introduced Chorizo burrito boasted only 300 calories. Another Twitter user quickly pointed out there’s no way that was possible. 

Thanks to this display of calorie confusion, three customers are filing a class action lawsuit against Chipotle claiming that they were mislead into believing the burritos were healthier than they actually were.

Grubstreet did the math and ballparked the fast casual restaurant’s chorizo burrito at about 950 calories, more than three times the amount displayed.

A spokesperson for the brand said that the calories were solely meant for the meat itself. Confusing, right?

Sure, it could be argued that the customers should have known better. How could something so large and meaty be so few in calories. However, it’s also a huge error in Chipotle’s end not correctly labeling their item.

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Jared Fogle’s Ex-Wife Sues Subway For Not Letting Her Know He Was A Pedophile


As soon as scumbag Jared Fogle plead guilty to being a sick f*ck who not only watched child porn, but had sex with minors, his wife Katie McLaughlin divorced him. Now she’s pissed that Subway allegedly knew about Fogle’s unsavory lifestyle and didn’t do anything about it.

McLaughlin is suing Subway, according to CNN Money, saying that if Subway had outed Fogle as soon as they knew, she would have never married and started a family with him back in 2010.

“A responsible corporation would take immediate action when hearing of this behavior, even if it was only allegations,” the lawsuit said. “Subway failed every test of corporate responsibility in its response to each of these complaints.”

It hasn’t been proven in court that Subway knew about Fogle, but there have been recent allegations, by former Subway workers, saying they told higher ups about creepy encounters with Jared, as far back as 2004, and the franchise did nothing.

McLaughlin said she and her children have suffered through emotional distress, and more than anything, she wants Subway to answer why they didn’t act sooner, if in fact, they did know.

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This Is How Two Juice Bottles Cost Dollar General Store $250,000 In A Lawsuit


Two small juice bottles were the subject of a $250,000 lawsuit at Dollar General.

Linda Akins, a cashier at the major dollar retail chain, had taken two bottles of $1.69 orange juice from the cooler at her Tennessee store to help alleviate her diabetic shock, reports KTLA News. She had later paid for the drinks, but the company had let her go because she failed to do so before opening the bottles, per their company policy.

Akins said she asked if she could keep her own juice at her register, though a supervisor denied her request due to a zero food and drink policy at the cashier station. What no one explained to her was that Dollar General had a policy that medical exceptions could be made.

On Akins’ behalf, the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission sued Dollar General for $250,000.

Dollar General said that Akins already had accommodations for her where she could keep juice bottles in her apron, hidden under her register (out of camera sight), or in the break room.

Akins was awarded $27,565 in back pay and $250,000 total in damages. Dollar General, disappointed with the ruling, is currently appealing for a new trial.

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Bakery Fires Head Baker After He Refused To Use Bug-Infested Flour


An artisan bakery in Queens fired their head baker for doing what universally anyone else would deem noble. The employee refused to make dough from flour that he discovered had contained bugs, according to a lawsuit.

Stefan Fischer, a baker with 30 years experience, was immediately terminated after he spoke up about the insects found in the Bakery of New York’s flour silo.

Fischer had sent his employer a photograph showing insects in the flour with the intent of throwing the 3000-pounds of infested flour out, along with suggesting that the Long Island City-based silo be professionally cleaned.

The baker was told to use the tainted ingredient, even with the bugs apparent, for “multigrain” dough since the insects could be concealed in crunchy bread. When Fischer refused, he was let go from his duties at the bakery.

Fischer’s suit also says he witnessed other health violations during his time working for the bakery including dirt on the floors, uncovered trash containers, and open dairy containers.

The NY Post reached out to Fischer’s lawyer who declined to comment on whether the tainted flour was ever used.

Think we’re gonna steer clear of the bakery anyways, just to be safe. We don’t need the extra protein THAT badly.

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Chipotle Allegedly Threw ‘Parties’ Where Off-The-Clock Workers Cleaned For Free

Last week we learned of a lawsuit against Chipotle claiming that almost 10,000 current and former employees across the country were forced to work unpaid hours for the pseudo-Mexican chain.

Now there are some bizarre specifics to that alleged free work, as one of those involved in the lawsuit emphasized that Chipotle held “cleaning parties,” where employees came in on their off days and helped clean the store, while off the clock, according to CNN Money.

Araceli Gutierrez was a manager at Chipotle and said she was a part of these parties. At the time, she thought she was getting paid for those off-day store cleanings, but later found out she wasn’t getting a dime for her troubles.

Gutierrez also stated that at times, she’d get calls from her higher-ups, asking her to send people home, or make them clock out because labor costs were “high right now,” according to her CNN interview.

A lot of these stories keep trickling in, even from our own Foodbeast readers, as a former Chipotle staffer named Kimmy Barber commented on a previous article of ours:

“I used to work there, and if you were working close, no matter how late you stayed you HAD to punch out at midnight. Wish I had answered the letters from lawyers asking if I had wanted a piece, damn. …They didn’t hold a gun to my head, [but] they made it very clear that I was required to do so. At the time I was not aware of my rights and did not question it because I like being employed.”


Chipotle said that these stories aren’t consistent with their company guidelines and were probably led by a few “rogue managers.”

Only time will tell how far this massive dispute goes, but the accusations are many, and Chipotle‘s downward spiral seems to continue.

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Almost 10,000 Workers Are Suing Chipotle For Making Them Work For Free


Between E. Coli outbreaks and a drop in sales, Chipotle can’t wait to start jotting down their 2017 New Year’s resolutions and try to forget that 2016 even happened.

Now, just to finish off the year as disappointingly as it started, Chipotle’s getting hit with a lawsuit from 9,961 current and former employees claiming that they were not properly paid for their hours worked, according to CNN Money.

The lawsuit cites that Chipotle asked employees to continue working after they’d clocked out, meaning they were working for free. The practice was alleged to be primarily during closing shifts, when staff were unable to finish their work after the midnight closing time.

“Wage theft” is what it’s called, and 1/6 of the company’s 59,300 employees have jumped onto the Turner vs. Chipotle lawsuit, as they say it’s been a very common practice used by various Chipotle locations.


Leah Turner, a former Chipotle manager is spearheading this lawsuit, saying that the chain’s budget goals required she not only work after clocking out, but was asked to make other employees do so, as well.

Chipotle’s denying the whole thing, saying that it was a few managers that didn’t follow protocol, but that’s a hell of a lot of employees fighting back, claiming that it has happened across the country, giving the Williams Law Firm representing the employees reason to believe that it’s a, “Systematic problem at Chipotle.”

If the allegations turn out to be true, Chipotle might as well just start over and change their name to ‘Cheap’otle to properly describe not only their worker treatment, but careless handling of food.

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Judge Rules Starbucks Can Fill Cups With As Much Ice As They Please


One of Starbucks’ recent lawsuits claimed that the massive coffee chain used too much ice in their beverages so customers would not get as much of the actual drink as they should.

The suit claimed Starbucks was committing fraud, according to GrubStreet.

Not so much, according to Judge Percy Anderson. The judge said Friday that if kids can see that throwing ice in a cup can decrease the amount of liquid served, then it stands to reason that adults will be able to do that same.

So in other words, not fraud.

Anderson also said that Starbucks’ drink cups are clear enough for customers to see the ice and the company has nowhere said drink sizes are supposed to be measured exclusively in ounces of pure liquid.

It could be argued, if ice is too much of a problem, that you can just request your barista to go easy on the cubes.

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Lawsuit Claims Chipotle Execs Manipulated Stocks To Make Millions


Following the E. Coli scare Chipotle faced supoenas, lawsuits, empty stores and drops in sales. Now the company is at the center of yet another lawsuit.

Chipotle shareholders have filed a lawsuit accusing executives and board of directors of using insider knowledge for financial gain. The suit claims the executives, including Co-CEOs Steve Ells and Montgomery Moran, and CFO Jack Hartung, “dealt themselves excessive compensation worth hundreds of millions of dollars through a corrupt stock incentive plan.”

The lawsuit argues that the executives “materially misstated information to keep the stock price inflated.” It says during that time Ells sold 119,057 shares and made $78 million by taking advantage of the “artificially inflated” stock prices. Moran is accused of making over $107 million and Hartung $28 million.

chipotle unwrapped

The lawsuit also claims that top directors directed the company to repurchase stock at inflated prices of more than $84 million more than it was worth. The shareholders filed a shareholder derivative suit which means they are taking action against the executives for Chipotle itself. The suit also includes the accusation that the executives had a duty to inform customers and shareholders of the subpar food safety standards so the price of common stock would be truthful.

Current shareholders are still taking a hit following the E. Coli scare. Chipotle stock plummeted to the lowest level in three years last week.

Shareholders previously filed a separate lawsuit in January following the E. Coli scare accusing executives of concealing the facts that protocols on quality were not adequate. They argued that withholding this information meant shareholders didn’t know to drop their stock before it plummeted.

This suit is still pending.