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Black Fried Chicken From Japan Looks Hauntingly Delicious

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This was a pretty big year for the humble fried chicken: Troves of restaurants began creating their variations of Nashville Hot Chicken, we saw fried chicken ramen, and even fried chicken apparel. We also discovered that the beloved dish was the key to unlocking social media success.

Well, as the year draws to a close, we discover the haunting beauty of black fried chicken.

SoraNews reports that convenience store chain Lawson in Japan has created a unique fried chicken item. Known best for their Karaage-kun, bite-sized fried chicken, Lawsons recently introduced a new flavor to their stores: black hole.

It seems the new flavor is thanks to a promotion with a popular anime/manga called Space Brothers, hence the black hole branding.

The fried chicken itself comes in boneless, bite-sized pieces that feature a jet-black exterior. This was achieved through a combination of bamboo charcoal, squid ink, and black pepper.

Despite looking kind of sus, SoraNews reports that the fried snack actually tastes really good. Unfortunately, it will only be in Japan for a limited time. Fried chicken aficionados who happen to be in the country this time of the year, be sure to give it a shot.

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