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Japanese Convenience Store Lawson Sells French Fry-Topped Bread

Photo: Lawson

Ready for a new way to carbo load? Then feast your eyes on this flatbread that’s topped with French fries, the latest coming out of Japanese convenience store, Lawson.

According to SoraNews24, the perfectly named “Before Saying Anything, Please Try It Just Once! French Fry Bread” is being sold at Lawson locations in Japan for 150 yen (US $1.36). It features a flatbread that’s topped with ketchup and curry powder-dusted French fries.

This veritable lord of starch looks like a quick and convenient fix for any carb cravings, so if you’re in Japan and find yourself in need, hit up the local Lawson convenience store.


This Awesome Themed Packaging for DBZ Super Saiyan French Fries Looks Exactly How You’d Think


Super Saiyans are real. Well, at least their food is. Kind of.

Throughout the month of March and into the start of April, Japanese convenience chain Lawson will be offering a line of Dragon Ball Z-themed menu items to promote the new movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods, out March 30.

Included among remarkably extensive offerings are Dragon Pizza Balls, Super Saiyan French Fries, a green Vegeta Salad — (get it? Vegeta, Vegetables?) — and a slightly sketchy looking Majin Buu Milk Pudding. Plus some other things that aren’t nearly as cool, like Krillin bread.





dbzfood6      dbzfood12



As neat a promotion as this is, however, Lawson’s DBZ-inspired menu is far from perfect. I mean, no senzu beans on the salad, guys? Really? How else am I supposed to achieve Super Saiyan 3, by sheer willpower? Puh-leazeee.

H/T  + PicThx Anime News Network, Saiyan Island