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Take An Irresistible Tour Through Lawry’s, The Legacy Restaurant Built On Perfect Prime Rib

Sure it’s always a rush to be one of the first to check out the latest restaurant opening or to try the newest Instagram-worthy dish that’s set to take over our feeds for the next cycle of social media fame. That need to up our social currency these days seems to take precedence over simply sitting down at a spot that offers impeccable food and doting service, without the gimmicks or trendy bells and whistles.

However, such a mentality turns a blind eye to the legacy restaurants, the ones that have built themselves up to be culinary institutions over the years through a kind of quality that endures decades and trends. Such a restaurant, in specific, can be found in the house that prime rib built, also known as, Lawry’s.

Existing in a space seemingly unaffected by likes and follows, the tradition of Lawry’s prime rib, along with their signature side dishes and thorough tableside service, is one that’s been a mainstay and institution in Los Angeles for the past eight decades.

In this latest episode of Taste the Details, we explore the tried and true traditions Lawry’s has to offer, whether it be in their peerless prime rib, their overstated ambience and heritage, or their meticulous and complete brand of service. It’s an establishment in every sense of the word, really, a true foundation for Los Angeles’ diverse and now esteemed dining scene that’s deserving of the reverence bestowed upon it by any and all astute food lovers for 80 years and counting.


The 23 Most Ridiculous Food Lyrics from Kanye West


Kanye West has been called a genius numerous times. Granted, it’s usually just him saying it, but it does takes a special kind of artist to put together so many food references in his lyrics throughout the years. He’s at a point in his career where anything he says can be turned into an inspirational quote worthy of Pinterest/Tumblr/Instagram. That’s how genius works, right? From his affinity for Klondike bars to the nostalgic description of his mother’s chicken soup, Kanye finds masterful ways to incorporate food into his beautiful music.

Maybe he writes some of his best stuff in his kitchen, or at a restaurant, regardless, here’s 23 of Kanye West’s tastiest food references.



In 2008 Kanye teamed up With Lil Wayne for the Lollipop remix and graced us with this double entendre that almost solidified his genius with one verse alone. Nacho cheese has never felt so complex.



Kanye didn’t stop there. The very next line in the Lollipop remix gave us another chip classic, this time using Fritos.



Kanye showed his versatility in this one as he dropped some French on us. Not only did he tap into our food fantasies, but dropped a literature reference. Some said it couldn’t be done, but Kanye can do anything.



Keeping with the French theme, Kanye jumped on the Alors on Danse remix and talked about filet mignon. Unnecessary? Maybe. Awesome? Always.


Kanye is known to ask the hard-hitting life questions. He’s somewhat of a philosopher in his own right, kind of. In this verse, he put a spin on the age-old Klondike question.



In this verse, Kanye kind of answered his own question from the last quote. He’d do anything.



In this one, Yeezy showed one of his innovative uses for Cool Whip.



In one of his more serious songs, this one really showed a nostalgic West as he honored his mom’s home cooking.



Yeezus showed some pretty classic foodie alternatives to jewelry in this one.



This one was in retaliation to a classic South Park episode where Yeezy was compared to a “gay fish.”



Yeezus has hundreds of libation references in his music, as most rap artists do, but here he displayed a special ability to rhyme, “vodka” with “blocka, blocka, blocka, blocka.”


This one is a bit painful if you’re a fan of cake. Having to leave a party early before the cake is cut is brutal, twice as brutal if there’s Rocky Road ice cream served with it.



Yeezus showed his God-like rhyming as he let out his wrath on a lowly French server in this one.



A tribute to one of the most dominant duos in basketball history. Unfortunately, he brought up the break up portion of the duo’s relationship.



This verse is probably close to Kanye’s heart, as he talked about it being one of the lines that got him noticed as a rapper and not just a producer. The power of food.



‘Ye took Lawry’s to the mainstream with this one and started a rap style that took off with rappers like Drake and Lil Wayne.



This is one of the simpler workout tips Kanye gives in this song.



Kanye teamed up with Jay-Z in this song and asked him these rhetorical questions that he clearly knew the answers to.



It takes true genius to to care about lowering your cholesterol.


Yeezy sure does know what to do with those extra sweet and sour packets that McDonald’s… oh wait, they never give anyone enough sweet and sour sauce.



We get three food references in this one as Kanye sadly describes the time in his life he broke his jaw in an accident and couldn’t enjoy food. If you’ve had braces, you can feel his pain. Sort of.



Wait, KFC has a buffet?



Yeah. This is Kanye’s music in a nutshell.


So there you have it. If you don’t feel inspired to eat something delicious after this, there’s something wrong with you. Go bake yourself a cake and call it genius.

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Maple Prosciutto Donuts, Bacon Fat Salads & More from Porktoberfest


I missed out on Oktoberfest this year, so it was a gift from above that fellow Foodbeast Brian and I were invited to the Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar, Calif., for their 2nd-annual Porktoberfest. If there was a Mecca for pork, this would be it. An old-school pub vibe, Five Crowns opened their restaurant to pork lovers alike. Live music, costume contests and good eats made this night a pretty damn good food adventure.

The event featured craft beers provided by Firestone Walker among the pork dishes. Between the community table and mingling on the patio area, the food was on point. Check out all the porktastic eats below.


Pork Rillette on Endive Spear with Pickled Red Onion


Super savory and light, it was a great way to kick off the tasting.


Beer Braised Pulled Pork Sliders with Traditional Coleslaw


The braise on the pork was perfect. There was a heat that was great but not overwhelming. The coleslaw also added a sweet crunch to the sliders.


Beer Braised Mini Carnitas Tacos with Guacamole, Onions and Cilantro


Though I wish I could have tasted more of the meat in the tacos, I figured it was intended to be light in anticipation for the main meal. The house-made guacamole was delicious though, as you can see in the picture, I was most definitely licking my fingers afterwards.


Baby Spinach with Stilton Blue Crumbles, Apple, Pancetta, Crispy Shallots, Candied Walnuts, Warm Bacon Vinaigrette


When I heard the phrase “Warm Bacon Vinaigrette” I was intrigued. When the salad arrived, I realized it was pretty much seasoned bacon fat. And, you know what? It worked.


Roasted Pig



The crown jewel of the dinner, since it was Porktoberfest after all, was the roasted pig (crispy skin and all). There’s nothing more satisfying than feeling that crunch of fatty skin when biting down. Just wish there was some sauce to go with it.


Buttermilk Biscuits with Ham Hock Gravy



I was sold on the biscuits as soon as I first bit into them. Awesome glaze that made them sweet and salty at the same time. Then the waiter brought out the gravy. Heaven.


Maple Glazed Donuts with Crispy Prosciutto Bits


The final item of the night, the donuts where a much welcome dessert to compliment the pork-heavy menu. Sweet and flavorful with a hint of saltiness from the prosciutto. Absolutely had more than one.


Photos taken by Brian Yamamoto