Pillsbury Rolls Out S’mores and Molten Lava Cake-Stuffed Cookies


Dessert stuffed cookies are nice in theory, until you try them yourself and end up with undercooked insides and burnt outsides worthy of the worst of the worst Pinterest fails round-up. Thankfully, Pillsbury feels our #nailedit pain, and has just released an easy, ready-to-bake line of cookies with the nifty dessert filling already inside.

There are two offerings in the current line-up: S’more Sensation, which is a graham cracker cookie stuffed with melted marshmallow and chocolate chips and covered in chocolate drizzle, and Molten Fudge Cake, a chocolate cookie stuffed and drizzled with even more chocolate.


Minus a lackluster graham cracker flavor and running chocolate icing, theimpulsivebuy reports the s’more cookies are “a worthy addition to the ever-growing array of campfire-inspired sweets that arrive this time each year,” with “a more enjoyable crust than the ubiquitous S’mores Pop-Tart and a fresher, more authentic s’mores flavor than cereal or prepackaged cookies.”

Best of all, “you might even be able to pass them off as homemade*.”

*assuming you don’t somehow burn down the house of course


Peanut Butter Chocolate Lava Cake

Is it a problem if every time I hear the word “lava” I think about a tasty melting cake and not the deadly magma erupting from a volcano? If it is, I think I can attribute my problem to this Peanut Butter Chocolate Lava Cake. This unique cake is made with peanut flour which is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Alongside peanut flour this lava cake also contains unsweetened cocoa powder, Greek yogurt, milk and peanut butter. As you can tell from the picture, from the first bite this cake oozes out a pudding-like batter that has been laced with melted peanut butter! Hungry yet? (Thx HealthyFoodForLiving)