The Laughing Cow Launches Portion-Controlled Cream Cheese Spread

To pass the time at my old office, I would constantly raid the communal fridge and pop Mini Babybels, one after the other, like a wired dairy fiend, piling the red plastic shells on top of each other in a cheesy little heap. Imagine my delight, then, upon hearing the news that The Laughing Cow has extended their product brand to encompass cream cheese spread, packaged, of course, in their signature individual-sized portions.

The Laughing Cow Smooth Sensations Cream Cheese Spread is now available in 5 flavors: Classic, Strawberries & Cream, Garden Vegetable, Cinnamon Cream (all 1/3 less fat), and of course, the full-flavored Classic Cream. The small cream cheese wedges range from 45-55 calories per serving, which means they fit right in with the rest of The Laughing Cow’s low-calorie, health-conscious product portfolio.


Craving: The Laughing Cow

That red cow isn’t laughing cause someone just gave him some laughing gas to pull a tooth! He is laughing cause he makes some pretty good cheese! If you spread one of cheese wedges on a piece of toast or some pita bread, its pretty much game over, victory to tastebuds. (PicThx matikawang)