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That Pumpkin Spice Latte In Your Hand Almost Never Happened


It turns out that the Pumpkin Spice Latte, arguably the most beloved of cool-weather drinks, almost never existed. Ten years ago, as coffee gurus and execs at Starbucks were testing fall drink ideas, pumpkin spice quickly fell into the “meh” category, sinking behind flavors like chocolate caramel and cinnamon spice. But Peter Dukes, the espresso brand manager for the coffee giant, knew that the drink was a winner. He refused to scrap the idea, and now, the Pumpkin Spice Latte is one of Starbuck’s most popular seasonal drinks, developing a cult following similar to the Shamrock Shake or the Cronut.

The development of the sauce that makes the drink so popular came from months of testing and eating  many pumpkin pies: homemade, store bought, and even with a shot of espresso poured over the top. Now, the blend of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, steamed milk, espresso, whipped cream, and a pumpkin spice topping signals cooler weather to coffee drinkers across the country.

This season, the Pumpkin Spice Latte celebrates its tenth anniversary. Check out the #PSL tweets to see how people are celebrating the milestone and sharing their latte happiness.

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Gratuitous Drink Porn: Coffee Edition


We’re not such total snobs that we don’t appreciate a good latte. Black, brown, half tea, half sugar, Frappuccino or Americano, coffee is one of nature’s little, underrated blessings which has the unique quality of tasting great almost no matter how you spin it. During the week, we can tend to take coffee for granted, sucking it down indiscriminately between long pretending-to-work sessions. But this week, let’s kick things off the right way, right out of the gate. So sit back, relax and sip up with this special coffee edition of Gratutious Food Drink Porn.

(Beware: inordinate amounts of mason jars ahead.)


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Iced Coffee with Whipped Cream and Chopped Peanuts


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Sailor Moon Latte Art Finally Exists


You wish your latte was this cool.

We’re definitely wishing we could get our caffeine fix with a latte adorned with our favorite Sailor Scout. (Sailor Mars ftw!)

Handcrafted by an artist known as “Nowtoo Sugi,” this vibrant latte art breaks the norm by using colored syrups. Mixing the syrups with steamed milk foam allows Sugi to add the finishing details to his work, bringing his caffeine characters to life.

Besides Sailor Scouts, Sugi also features movie, video game and other anime characters:

Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.

It’s a me, Mario!

For more of Sugi’s creations follow him on Instagram and check out his tutorial below:

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Good Luck Understanding this Coffee Flow Chart


For most of us, a cup of coffee is just that: A cup of coffee. Maybe some milk and sugar mixed in. Or maybe you’ve got some espresso, steamed milk, and melted chocolate. Or maybe you’ve got coffee concentrate, a few ice cubes, and some cold water. The point is no matter how simple (or not so simple) you think your caffeine fix is, this chart is about to make it a whole lot more complicated.

Sure, maybe you know how you brewed your espresso this morning. But do you know how coarse the dry grind was? And do you know what “grinding apparatus” was used to grind it? And do you know what you’ll have if you add whipped cream instead of a shot of steamed milk?

If you’re willing to set aside a few minutes every morning to sorting out this flow chart (another coffee-based win from Pop Chart Lab), you’ll be an expert in no time, identifying red eyes and black eyes with just a whiff from your super refined nose.

Let us know when you’ve got it figured out. All those lines sort of confuse us.

[click image to enlarge]

The Compendious Coffee Chart $27 @ Pop Chart Lab

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This Robot Paints Your Face On Your Latte (For the Secret Narcissist in You)

 latte art

Looking for a way to fuel your caffeine addiction and your inner narcissist at the same time? Well then this is your lucky day. The ‘Barista Bot’, brought to you by a collaboration of Hypersonic,  Rock Paper Robot, Jamie Zigelbaum and Kyle McDonald, uses real time data analysis of facial characteristics to draw the customer’s face on their latte.

This coffee-portrait machine made its debut as a marketing stunt for General Electric at this year’s SXSW. New York City design studio, Hypersonic, wanted to bring something “light-hearted and unexpected” to SXSW 2013 by making a common experience more interactive.

Now, instead of finding their names misspelled on the side of a Starbucks cup, coffee consumers can potentially look forward to finding their face staring up at them from the foam of their grande soy latte. Thank you technology for finally putting an end to the age old question, “Would this taste better if my face was on it?

H/T + PicThx Design Taxi


This Grumpy Cat 3D Latte is Grumpier Than Grumpy Cat


So normally we’d be super stoked to see yet another food product based off of the famous Grumpy Cat meme, and who could blame us? There’s something ridiculously satisfying about munching on the Grumpy Cat’s perpetual look of hateful misery, especially when that misery comes in the form of a cookie. But this 3D Grumpy Cat latte looks less grumpy and more like the unfortunate offspring of the Wicked Witch of the West and a particularly sad panda. We love you, Grumpy Cat. Just . . . not like this.

H/T Incredible Things


Latte Art is Kind of Like Balloon Animals for Your Coffee

Japanese drink artist Kazuki Yamamoto must be the most centered guy in the world. If I had the ability to make these amazing latte creations, I don’t think I could tolerate their quick destruction after the customer’s first sip. The images on his Twitter account form a veritable art gallery of his wonderful creations, with a predictable bent towards Japanese animation characters. My favorite is his rendition of my childhood hero – Thomas the Tank Engine – that hits me right at the nostalgia bone.

I do wonder what the hot, steamy deaths of these cute characters look like. Does Thomas’s smile become a face of terror as he is stirred away?

Does this cute lamb bleat in alarm as the teaspoon descends?

Most disturbingly, how could you even finish your drink when all that’s left of happy Sally below is her feet on the lip of the cup? Let’s just say I hope she gets to enjoy her lollipop before passing into the frothy ether.

via Kotaku/photos courtesy of Kazuki Yamamoto on PhotoZou