Deep Fried Pumpkin Spice Latte Proves Pumpkin Season Is Out of Control


It’s finally starting to feel like fall and it seems like this season’s trendiest accessory is a Pumpkin Spice Latte. But just when we thought these PSLs were getting too basic in both their hot and iced forms, someone decides to turn everything we know and love upside down.

Say it with me. Deep Fried Pumpkin Spice Latte. Yup, it’s not just a figment of our imaginations, it’s real, and you can make it at home thanks to the geniuses over at Oh, Bite It! It seems like something out of our wildest dreams, but it’s actually simple to make with just a few ingredients.

Similar to their Deep Fried Tequila Shots, you soak some of your favorite pound or angel food cake in some PSL, pop ’em in some hot oil, dust your fried cubes o’ goodness with some cinnamon sugar, and serve with a healthy dollop of whipped cream.

Now you can enjoy your Pumpkin Spice Latte while snacking on them in fried, nom-able form…Pumpkin Spice Latte-ception.

Get the full recipe for Deep Fried Pumpkin Spice Latte at Oh, Bite It!

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Coffee Artist Makes Internet Memes in Lattes, Includes Dramatic Gopher and Lil Bub


Michael Breach has a unique talent for coffee art. Specifcally if it involves creating famous internet memes from the foam. Among these creations are the dramatic chipmunk, the adorable Boo the Pomeranian, Lil Bub and even the disgustingly popular poo emoji. Breach, in an exclusive with Fast Company, shows how he creates each one via video.

Breach began making coffee art during his time as a barista. Now, he owns his own coffee shop in Brooklyn and creates latte art as a profession, including ads and commercials. It’s gotta be great taking a talent you enjoy and turning it into a professional business. Especially in this coffee-addicted, meme-obsessed era we live in.

Check out the video below to see Breach’s process of bringing the internet phenomenons to caffeinated life.




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DICK FROTH: Barista Trolls Customer with Brilliantly Inappropriate Latte Art [NSFW]


Sometimes you’ll find a barista so talented you can’t help but order more coffee just to see their works of art. This was the case of Redditor KingPimpCommander. While kicking it at a Scottish cafe, he couldn’t help but notice how cool his lattes were coming out.

Naturally, he returned again and again asking for more beautiful, frothy drinks. Every time he would order something. He’d receive a creative work of latte art.

Then things took a pretty left turn. Either they started getting annoyed with his constant requests, or they got too comfortable with their returning customer as the drinks went from G to NC-17 pretty quick. Needless to say, things got pretty graphic hilarious quick.

Hopefully he left a pretty nice tip.











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Starbucks To Raise Prices Starting Tuesday


Start loading up your Starbucks cards because the coffee chain is increasing its prices starting Tuesday. The move comes the same week Starbucks announced their college tuition program, but before you get all whipped up, CEO Howard Schultz denies the two are related.

The price increase will affect coffee, lattes, and mocha drinks, your precious iced coffees, teas, and cafe foods are safe, for now. Coffee prices will increase 10-15 cents while mocha and latte drinkers will have to fork over 15-20 cents more, all increases only affect grande and venti sized beverages. Besides drinks, Starbucks will also increase the price of its bagged coffee by $1 starting July 24, regardless if you purchase your coffee beans at their locations or at your local grocer.

A drought in Brazil earlier this year is to blame for coffee prices increasing, though Starbucks is late to join the price hike party other chains, such as Dunkin’ Donuts, are still on the fence about raising their prices.

The price hike won’t make your already overpriced lattes significantly more expensive but it might just make you rethink your Starbucks addiction, but probably not.

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Starbucks Turning More Desserts Into Drinks, Tests Tiramisu Lattes


Just over a week after they debuted the Caramel Flan Latte, Starbucks has begun testing Tiramisu Lattes in select markets. In keeping with the theme of transforming sweet desserts into even sweeter drinks the coffee chain is asking customers in St. Louis, MO and Jacksonville, FL to sample their latest creation. Reception so far via Twitter has been mostly positive.

The drink is described as “our signature espresso with hints of creamy mascarpone flavor and a delicate dusting of rich cocoa espresso powder.” As always, the drink is avalable hot, iced or as a Frappuccino. Considering coffee paired with tiramisu is a traditionally delicious duo, we’re guessing we’ll see Tiramisu Lattes on Starbucks menus soon.

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Caramel Flan Latte Available for a Limited Time at Starbucks


2014 may have just begun but Starbucks isn’t wasting any time debuting new drinks for the New Year. For a limited time the coffee chain is offering Caramel Flan Lattes. The drink was previously tested last year in select markets with a fairly positive response.

The new drink is available hot, iced or in frapp form and is described by Starbucks as “espresso with steamed milk and caramel flavors of creamy flan. Topped with caramel-infused whipped cream and caramel flan drizzle.” Just for reference, flan is a custard dessert with a soft caramel layer.

Side note, flan is pretty similar to crème brûlée which was also a flavor offered on Starbucks holiday menu. They’re both custard based desserts topped with caramel. Based on Starbucks’ official description of both drinks it’s probably safe to say that the new Caramel Flan Latte and holiday offered Caramel Brûlée are pretty much the same drink just fancied up to make it menu friendly year round.

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Hugh Jackman: ‘Now THAT’S a barista’


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Fast Food

Tim Hortons Releases New Pumpkin Spice Menu


Tim Hortons has released its 2013 Fall Pumpkin menu, because everyone’s doing it. The chain now offers a selection of pumpkin-flavored drinks and snacks for a limited time. The seasonal menu includes a new Pumpkin Pie White Mocha, Pumpkin Pie Hot Chocolate, and the inevitable Pumpkin Pie Latte.

The new fall grub includes a Pumpkin Spice Muffin, Pumpkin Spice Doughnut, and Pumpkin Spice Timbits (Canadian speak for doughnut holes). It seems that even up North, there’s no escaping the pumpkin reign.

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